carrie and lucas


So I only just now got to see a version of the 40th anniversary panel that has Billie’s whole speech — ASDHJGASGKL;J wow. This is absolutely beautiful. 

“She taught me by her own example, that the most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction - they are both the strongest and the most vulnerable person in the room. And that was her. That is Leia.”

  • George Lucas: if you make gay stuff about my characters I'll sue you
  • *3 decades later*
  • George Lucas: *sells Star Wars*
  • Oscar Isaac: Poe is in love with Finn
  • Carrie Fisher: Obi-Wan Kenobi is bisexual
  • Mark Hamill: Luke's sexuality is never addressed in the movies, also he could be trans and even if he isn't he supports trans people because all Jedi do

~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot


Grab some tissues. This is hella emotional. But….it’s so beautiful.