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I don't think Jimin is taller than 5'8". I'm pretty comfortable with guessing he's between 5'7"-5'8" if he's grown any taller since debut. I'm pretty short so it's hard to find guys shorter than me but I've liked guys my height at least and taller but I agree, height doesn't really matter. If they make you feel good, they make you feel good.

Idols aren’t the only people who lie about their height.  I’ve known more than one man who flat out lied on their driver’s license about their height because they were embarrassed to make their real height public.  A lot of men have anxiety about their height because society demands that men be noticeably taller than their female partners.  Tall men are considered more sexually desirable, more “manly”, in general.  Women don’t think twice about saying “I only like tall guys” out loud or brag about how tiny they are in comparison to particular men.  Attraction is what it is, but I think there’s room to be a little more open minded about the qualities that make a good man and little less vocal about our prejudices.

I agree with what you said, “if they make you feel good, they make you feel good.”

And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

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List 3 facts about your favorite sims couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who have some of the most adorable couples.

Aaaah! I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get around to answering this, I’ve just been caught up with getting other things finished! Anyway, since I did Sabrina and Ben before, I’ll do Snow and Jesse this time! Ty Savannah! I love doing these things!

1. Snow makes noise all the time. Whenever she’s occupied with doing something, like cleaning up after the boys, writing an article for work or putting her makeup on, she’ll be humming or whistling some little tune. And although Jesse does like peace and quiet, whenever he hears her a smile immediately spreads across his face, which soon led to Snow adopting the nickname ‘my songbird’. And whenever Jesse calls her by it she whistles or hums a little louder and her smile just widens.

2. Jesse is not a very confident guy, and any form of overly showing affection in public makes his insides turn to mush. So instead of sharing a kiss or a passionate embrace, occasionally, as they’re walking along, Snow will take his hand and give it a little squeeze. And to save them having to even say ‘I love you’ in the company of others, they will just scrunch their noses at each other and grin a little bigger, which is more than enough to convey exactly the same to the other. It’s like their own little secret, romantic code.

3. Jesse is never without a book. He takes one with him everywhere he goes. He doesn’t really mind them getting bent and crumpled; it’s happened so often now that it’s stopped bothering him. But what does annoy him is that he always loses his bookmarks. Luckily, Snow is there to save the day and has a little secret stash of them in her handbag. She buys him a new one everywhere she goes, and will happily produce one when she finds him searching under couch cushions, or will surprise him with one if he’s had a bit of a down day. They just like to brighten each other’s days like that.

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name: Fran

nickname: That is my nickname!

zodiac: Virgo

height: 5′2″

orientation: bi/panromantic demi/asexual? idek y’all, labels are hard.

nationality: American

favourite fruit: Peaches and cherries. Stone fruits are the best fruits.

favourite season: Fall. No other season even comes close. Perfect weather! Leaves turning! Hallo-fucking-ween! 

favourite book: Carry On 💛💙

favourite flower: Hydrangeas 

favourite scent: I’ve said the main ones before (new books, bread) so have the weird ones: permanent markers & gasoline.

favourite colour: Teal

favourite animal: I can’t even think of one! All animals are really, really good.

coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Tea!

average hours of sleep: 6

cat or dog person: I have a dog and love him to bits but I’m honestly more of a cat person? Sorry bud…

favourite fictional character: Trying to think of an alternate answer to Baz because I always say Baz but nope it’s Baz.

number of blankets you usually sleep with: Usually one sheet and one comforter in the summer and a sheet, two blankets, and a comforter in the winter (plus a space heater and flannel pjs). I want one of those gravity blankets, I need to feel physically oppressed by my bedding to sleep well.

dream trip: I really want to take a train across Europe (and lowkey solve a murder mystery while I’m on it).

blog created: December 2015

followers: 4.7k (getting close to the 5k giveaway!!!)


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

Something that happened in one of my classes
  • Teacher: Raise your hands all those who read at least once every other day.
  • *Several students raise their hand*
  • Student 1, whispering to student two: I don't think fanfiction counts...
  • Student 2: *Lowers their hand in shame*

Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high


If anyone reads this when I have passed to the big bad beyond, I shall be posthumorously embarrassed. I shall spend my entire afterlife blushing.

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