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Just a quick post to point out something I forgot to address in another post: the Asker in this question talks about “a leaked pic of mewni guards carrying Marcos friends”. I had already heard something about it months ago, but forgot to investigate about it.

After the initial “WHAT?” and confusion, I found out that these rumors were likely referring to this Periscope Adam did in August 2015:

And that the supposed scene about Mewni guards carrying Ferg and Al were just very blurred scenes from Interdimensional Field Trip. Maybe people, at the time, mistook Skullnick for a Mewni soldier.

So no scene from season 2, just a wrong rumor. After all in August 2015 season two was still being voiced in animatics form, they didn’t have animated footage yet.


I thought that I loved you but we weren’t in love

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What I carry day to day, at work or at play. Reference the knives - I would leave behind the Kershaw Chill if it was inappropriate (according to UK Law). Spyderco Grasshopper is good to go anywhere, anytime.

There was yelling about MZ being the World’s Best Goober Dad, and then my hand slipped…