Incospicuous stakeout, part 1

Background:Party member had a daliance with a tavern wench. Tavern wench started making some pointed questions about things that had happened, raising suspicions. Party decides the matter warrants further investigation and heads to the tavern she works.

Carric (OC that had slept with her): I look around for her. Do I see her?

GM: You look around and see her exiting the kitchen, carrying a tray of food to another table.

Carric: I head over to her to say hi.

GM: She looks at you and says, “Go ahead and take a seat. I’ll be over in a moment to take your order.” She doesn’t seem to recognize you.

Carric: Ok… I go back to our table and inform everyone.

GM: The tavern wench comes over to take your order.

The party proceeds to ask a couple of questions, and it becomes obvious that the tavern wench doesn’t recognize the PC.

Elorana (other PC): (ooc) Does she seem honest? (insight)

GM: You notice that her pupils dilate a bit, as if remembering something. She starts stattering her words and excuses herself, heading for the kitchen to get your order.

Brendon (Rogue PC): I will follow her, unseen. I use my armor to turn invisible.

GM: Ok, the tavern is packed though, you run the risk of colliding with people as you try to make your way to the kitchen. Roll Stealth and Acrobatics.

PC aces Stealth but fails Acrobatics.

Noone hears your steps as you move, but halfway to teh kitchen one of teh patrons swings his arm, holding  a mug of ale. The mug smashes in your face. You take 4 damage and teh patron is looking at the broken mug and the ale pouring over your invisible form. His nostrils flare and his face grows red.

Brendon: Shiving him in the neck would probably not be good. So I smash a vial of darkness to make a smoke screen and try to hide again.

GM: The vial smashes creating a cloud of impenetrable smoke. The patrons panic, start yelling and ruch towards the exit, in a stampede.

Everyone: That didn’t work.