.so apparently america needs a crash course on caribbean culture…first they slander rihanna and now nicki… for the record this is not appropriation. this is their culture.

.as a little jamaican girl i find this to be beyond annoying. every time there is some foolishness in the mediaalong the lines of: why is nicki minaj appropriating indian culture…….

.first off there is several things wrong with that statement.

-firstly, why are americans still calling native american people indian.?. india is in india. native americans HAVE names for their nations [not tribles, nations]. Navajo, Black Foot, Cherokee to name a few. fix yourselves.

-secondly native american head dresses are way different than carnival head dresses. also the head dresses are reserved for specific people within their nation for specific purposes. they also have a VERY distinct style to them that are different from carnival head dress.

-thirdly how do you NOT know about carnival.?. the caribbean isnt the only place in the world that there is carnival. carnival happens in several different countries. hell, even in new orleans… in america. but you want to play dumb now because its nicki and rihanna.?.  

.we are carrib indian people. caribbean people look like this. caribbean people dress like this. when we have carnival we HAVE carnival. during caribbean carnival everyone is expected to dress the part to participate. people will don themselves in the most elaborate, often handmade costumes. how can you appropriate your own culture people.?. educate yourselves. stop your foolishness.

.but you cannot because you are too busy columbusting cultures and claiming it for yourself, right.?. because you’re edgy, right.?. because marc jacobs created mini buns but not bantu knots. and rows are new, but african hair braiding and cornrows are not.?. and gelled baby hair is new.?. right.?. okay. so we’re ignoring all the white indie coachella attendees, eh.?.

.this is why black people drink tea.

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OK this is not Hamilton but there's an artist on Instagram who made ocs based off recent/possible natural disasters that killed/or could kill many people. What do you think of that?

theyre gross & ugly! Im a carrib and most of the ppl in the carribean/south east are either poor and/or poc and making “sonas” of shit like that is ugly. Like you can compare it to “making the sun a persona” but the sun isn’t a natural disaster that ruin’s peoples lives and murders innocent people. Just… its bad

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