fucken watch cleverman ey

  • such an australian show and i am such theatre trash i literally recognise half these actors SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN TV THAT’S NOT REALITY TV
  • many good and fleshed out indignous characters?? i’ve never seen the like
  • there’s a shitty mp who we’re primed to hate it’s almost like THEY KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE
  • shot of the city COVERED IN CRANES aces that’s the sydney i know
  • you know it’s sydney bc they name checked the fucking criterion and really it’s not even subtle THE ZONE IS REDFERN that’s FUCKING CARRIAGEWORKS where those BEATINGS ARE HAPPENING i love this show
  • is this what it’s like to live in new york??? where all the movies are set???
  • the fashion is good?? slightly futurey without being a dick about it. the tech is a bit dickish but whatreyagonnado?
  • there are some gratuitous tits (LOUD SIGH) (BUT AT LEAST THE TITS HAVE THAT PERF AUS REPORTER ACCENT LIKE SANDRA SULLY HAS this is like being from new york)
  • it’s very violent but the violence is very accurate
  • ah good now i’m crying
  • watch the show