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hELLO WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK ABOUT ALLERO BC APPEARANTLY IT IS??? A RARESHIP???? lmao it was my first DGM ship so it has a special place in my heart. How Road's interactions with him change each time is really interesing and lovely because they start at stabbing eye and end with Road taking a unch for him and aaaahhh feels

IKR it’s so sad *sobs*

I really adore the idea that AlleRo originited from 35 years ago, Allen as 15-16 and Road as 13-14! 

I like the idea that basically Allen picked up Road and looked after her and their relationship slowly turned into romantic (as romantic as the era allowed: walking together, holding Road’s hand longer than necessary when she stepped out of a carriage, dance with only each other).

For Allen, Road was a precious ally against Neah’s mishaps, especially when Mana was dragged into his mess. For Road, Allen was a pillar of safety and love. Neither of them knew their birth parents (or they were shit parents they wanted to forget) so they understood each other the best, and carved each other’s presence - because they both knew what it felt like to be unwanted.

Allen staid by her side as she awoke as a Noah and afterwards together they took care of Mana and Neah when it was their turn.

It is unknown what happened to Allen and Road recieved a heavy memory damage that made her forget about Allen completely and she only had fragments of Neah too - probably the doing of Apocryphos.

By seeing Allen, her suppressed memories are coming to the surface. That’s why she wanted to get involved with him. That’s why she felt the urge to kiss him. That’s why she’s so protective of him. Because even if she still can’t completely remember, she didn’t forget her feelings for him.

I like to headcanon that currently Road is taking long with recovering because she realised she had missing memories that she is relinquishing and absorbing. Seeing as she came back even into that fluff form, I think I’m not off the mark with a lot with saying that Allen is a trigger to her memories.


Bloodborne fanart, Bloodborne Tarot Cards - Part 1.

  • 0 - The Fool - The Good Hunter
  • I - The Magician - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • II - The High Priestess - Vicar Amelia
  • III - The Empress - Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
  • IV - The Emperor - Martyr Logarius
  • V - The Hierophant - Laurence, the First Vicar
  • VI - The Lovers - Father Gascoigne & Viola
  • VII - The Chariot - Cainhurst Carriage
  • VIII - Strength - Eileen the Crow
  • IX - The Hermit - Provost Willem
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune - Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

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Ch126: wrong carriage, wrong gun

An anon pointed out that the carriage that arrives at the manor looks more like Undertaker’s carriage than the earl’s….

To add to this, here is the earl’s carriage in ch126:

The carriage that arrives at the manor in ch126 (that even looks like Undertaker’s hat on the driver)… and the gun aimed at Soma:

Here’s Undertaker’s carriage in ch82 and the earl’s gun at the Midnight Tea Party

These are obviously different guns…. The one aimed at Soma is labeled as a “BULLPUP” model, but it’s actually a Nagant-style revolver, like the M1895. It was designed in 1886 but not put into production until 1895, hence the name. These were used by the Russian Empire from 1895 throughout the 1950′s….

Whereas the earl’s gun of choice is an early semi-automatic pocket pistol, like this Colt (an American company. Recall that Bardroy special-orders firearms from America….):