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so to follow that up... top 10 one-shots to make you smile like a fool?

Fluff ahead!

Of Weddings, Gowns and Promises By: LoveBugOC - K, one-shot - Mere moments before she walks down the aisle, Hermione Granger gets a visit from the person she least expected. One-shot. Dramione. Enjoy!

The Valentine’s Auction By: Rumaan - K+, one-shot - One-shot: As one of the ‘lucky’ lots of Hogwarts’ Valentine’s Day auction, Hermione finds herself won by Draco Malfoy, of all people. Can they forget their past and enjoy a romantic carriage ride?

Road Buddy By: luckei1 - T, one-shot - I was walking along, minding my business, when out of the orange-coloured sky… Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Wonderful you came by…

Propositioned by dormiensa - M, one-shot - CO-WRITTEN WITH WITHDRAWNRED! Hermione teases Draco about how his silver tongue got all tied up during his botched proposal.

Secret Romantic by Captainraychill - T, one-shot - … Not that Draco Malfoy would ever admit to such romantic thoughts.

Crawl Across This World By: Anime Girl23 - T, one-shot - Everyone makes choices. During the war, Hermione said goodbye to her parents and sent them off without any memories of her. After the war, Draco left and made a life for himself in a world he didn’t understand. Then, a married couple walked into a book store in Australia and Draco had a choice to make. Draco/Hermione

Brightly Shone the Stars By: Kyra4 - T, one-shot - Cute Christmas oneshot! Rather fluffier than my usual style. Rated T only to be safe. In which Draco slips out of a Christmas party for some fresh air and runs afoul of a garden gnome…

Hermione’s Bad Day By: Geeky-DMHG-Fan - T, one-shot - Hermione has a bad day. Will anything make it better? DMHG, EWE, one-shot

How Did You Know You Were In Love? by ashleyfanfic  - K, one-shot - Hermione is working on an article for Witch Weekly in which she enlists her friends help.

Compliments By: ThePrincessBride14 - T, one-shot - Draco lists down reasons why he loves Hermione.

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People commonly think of ghosts and apparitions manifesting in human form. However, it seems there is also a global phenomenon of ghostly transportation. Ghostly horse riders, horse-drawn carriages, ships, road vehicles, aircraft and trains have been reported across the world.

  • The St. Louis Ghost Train, better known as the St. Louis Light, is visible at night along an old abandoned rail line in between Prince Albert and St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Two local students won an award for investigating and eventually duplicating the phenomenon, which they determined to be caused by the diffraction of distant vehicle lights.

The first eastern national park, Acadia’s rugged coast has beckoned visitors for ages. Today people from all over the world come to Acadia National Park in Maine to hike granite peaks, bike historic carriage roads, or relax and enjoy the scenery. Photo of the Bubbles from Jordan Pond by Kristi Rugg, National Park Service.

Texas Gothic

•You go outside into the blistering sun. It is around 70 degrees out. You go back inside, it is unbearably, brain-numbingly cold, it is around 70 degrees there too. It is always around 70 degrees no matter where you go.

•You take a trip downtown, suddenly you’re in a horse driven carriage on a brick road in the 1800’s yet nothing has changed, everything returns to normal down the next street flickering back into modern day.

•There’s a whataburger a couple blocks away, there always is, even in the life barren wastes of the desert you see an orange and white restaurant in the distance, you look behind you and there is another, they are closing in on you.

•There are people speaking and writing Spanish everywhere, some parts of town are entirely in Spanish, your uncle speaks Spanish, sometimes you speak Spanish, you have forgotten the difference between the english and Spanish languages and now there is only words you can understand and words you sometimes cannot.

•A foreigner walks into town and utters the words “You all” everyone is staring at them now in anger and disbelief, everyone falls silent around them now giving them nothing but glares and looks of utter confusion. No one has said such words like that in Texas in thousands of years.

•Your friend brings some candy back from their trip to Mexico, the writing on the wrapper appears to be a collection of ancient ruins, the candy itself resembles crystallized darkness pulsating with the damned souls of a hundred conquistadors, maybe they used to put cocaine in it.

•They say “Everything is bigger in Texas” and they are right, everything is so so massive, you cannot reach the seat of your chair, your iced tea towers over you, you live in fear of your cat.

file name “concubine/cat lady mcs” should be called WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE

This is how Jingyan meets Mei Changsu:

He’s riding home with his men when he passes a gazebo Xiao Shu had been fond of, and he looks over half-accidentally, and sees a tall figure standing there, and his heart gives a single hard thump – but it can’t be, and it isn’t, it’s a man standing there to look out over the view while his retainers swear over his carriage on the side of the road. The carriage looks like it belongs to someone from a good family, so Jingyan sends some men to see if they can help and goes up to the gazebo to speak to the man.

The man is dressed in white, not quite like a spirit, and has his hair bound by a white jade hairpiece. He looks like a strong wind would blow him away, but he turns his face into the wind blowing through the gazebo, like he enjoys it.

“Sir,” says Jingyan, bowing slightly. “This is a lonely area to be by oneself.”

The man turns and looks at him, with a faint smile, and bows in return. “I’m not worried,” he says.

“I don’t mean to alarm you, sir,” says Jingyan, because now that he looks at  him, he’s very obviously a scholar of good breeding and frail health. “But bandits are known to be in this area. Surely a man like yourself should have a bodyguard, at the very least.”

“I have a most reliable one,” says the gentleman, smiling faintly.

Jingyan draws his brows together, but before he can ask where the bodyguard is, if he’s swearing at the carriage with the other servants instead of attending to his duties, a tiny whiskery face appears from beneath the gentleman’s cloak and lets out an equally tiny trill of a meow.

Jingyan blinks.

The gentleman laughs at him, not out loud, but with his eyes, as he strokes a finger down the calico fur of the cat’s nose. “As you can see, my lord.”


It was the first day of the celibreation of the newly appointed king and his queen. The city of Rome was up in arms they had had an emperor again no more senate but a true ruler appointed by god. King Cesarean and his queen Latavia were making an apperance at the stadium for the games in their homor. As the royal persession approached the towns people stood in the roads tossing clowns at the carriage as one man road a black horse behind.

It was the Queens son Ricardo the third prince, he wasn’t known but he was occasionally seen his chocolate skin shone. As the carriage went by a man stood in the crowd watching and walking behind. There was a small wolf being yelled at by a human. Hearing this above all of the roaring of the masses made the man walked over asking what was the issue and was warmly greed as the shop owner berated the lycan. “ I will pay for the pups mistake allow him to leave and I will handle it “the man accepted the offer raising his foot to the lycan one last time. The tanned stranger needed grasping the foot and pushing it up before kicking his other leg. ” you are safe little one”