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Dressed like a daydream

Characters: Hoseok & OC

Setting: Royalty au, Cinderella au

Genre: adventure, fluff, romance, humour

Words: 10354

Prompt: Cinderella did not come to the party to enjoy it, but is instead an assassin tasked to kill the prince. (cr.) / I  snuck into the castle to kill you, but wow you’re good with a sword, and I quite like your eyes…

Summary: When the Crown Princess’ best friend agrees to go to the ball instead of her, to kill Prince Hoseok and save her from an arranged marriage, that’s definitely not how she planned this.

Written for @bangtan-bookclub’s May Theme Challenge: Royalty AU

For the sake of the story let’s just accept that all the big Korean cities are autonomous kingdoms, Incheon people are famous for their blonde hair, their style is similar to Disney royalties instead of traditional Korean dressing and wars, assassins, arrange marriages are common things.

Each part’s title is lyrics of Blood, sweat and tears.

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The Royal Family of Gwangju invites you to the Annual Masquerade Ball in celebration of the Prince’s birthday.

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Best Birthday Ever

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Natasha, Thor. Tony and Bruce (mentioned)

Summary: The Reader recalls her best birthday ever.

Prompt:  “I bet this isn’t what you thought you’d be doing on your birthday when you woke up this morning.”

Word Count: 1,868

Warnings: A little bit of angst that ends in fluffy goodness.

Tags: @oneshot-shit, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (My beta)

A/N: #Kinza’s 17th Writing Challenge using the above prompt.

*GIFs used are not mine*

June 1st, 2017

“Natasha, it’s fine. I know that you and Steve have been planning this date for months. No, go ahead and we’ll do something tomorrow afternoon okay? Now go before Cap has a fit that you aren’t there on time, like usual. Love you too sweets.” Y/N hangs up her phone with a sigh and takes a moment to gather her thoughts together.  She felt bad for lying to Natasha but she didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was cancelling on her birthday dinner.  She hates to make a big deal about it but this is the first time in years that she hasn’t had someone to celebrate with, be it family, friends, or a special someone.  

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Alt Chapter 9 of LHM

a/n: hi so i said i was gonna write a version of chapter 9 of LHM by @midnightokieriete where everyone is completely happy and alive and i may or may not have lied about the happy part sorry #yikes

also! some of the writing is NOT mine and is @midnightokieriete which is the beginning until the “change” and john’s letter

word count: 2,119 words

“That’s nice to hear.” He mumbled, looking down at the pizza, “I like you, Y/N. You are very different. You are unique, and I enjoy every moment that I have with you.”

You grinned. You were going to say something, but you heard a yell. You turned, seeing John running towards the two of you. You frowned, upset that he was out of the apartment.

But then you heard a loud horn. You turned, seeing a truck speeding towards John. John didn’t notice the trunk yet, still smiling at the two of you. Your heart dropped. You only had a few seconds, and he was going to get hit.

“John, look out!” He raised his eyebrow in confusion. Lafayette dropped the pizza, realizing what was happening.

“Laurens!” He yelled, panicked, “The carriage!” John turned, finally seeing the truck.

The truck swerved and John jumped out of the way, barely dodging the truck. His body landed hard on the asphalt while you and Lafayette sprinted over to him.

“Oh my god! John?! John are you alright?” You questioned him as you knelt down and grabbed his face.

He chuckled and looked up at you. You gasped when you saw scratches littered over his beautiful freckles. John reached up and grabbed your hand resting on your cheek, “I’m better now that you’re here, sweetheart.”

You smacked his chest and jumped into his arms, sobbing into his neck.

“You-you could have died! I w-wouldn’t have ever s-seen you again!” You barely managed to get out.

John shushed you and wrapped his arms around you to try to comfort you.

The three of you were quite a sight, as you and John were practically cuddling in the middle of the street while Lafayette was still cussing at the “carriage” driver who didn’t even bother to stop.

“Shh (Y/N) I am alright,” John said as he rubbed your back. “Now let’s get you inside.”

You were still clinging onto him so Laurens had no other choice than to carry you.  Luckily, you were only a block or two away from the apartment. The whole way there John rubbed your back comfortingly while Lafayette looked at you worried but still silent.

When you finally got to your front door, Lafayette opened it to allow the two of you in. The boys turned to you to yell in excitement at your arrival but immediately quietened down when they saw being carried in Laurens’s arms, leaving nothing but the sound of your sobbing in the air.

John headed straight towards your bedroom and didn’t even bother to greet his friends, leading the boys to turn to Lafayette to question what was going on. He just shook his head and threw the pizza on the counter, but nobody dared to touch it.

Meanwhile, in your bedroom, your sobs slowly changed to quiet whimpers. Your hands were still clutched to John’s shirt and your heard was still in the crook of his neck. His fingers were laced into your hair and his other hand was rubbing circles into your back. This went on for the longest time, or the shortest. You couldn’t tell. Your mind was still etched with the memory of John about to get hit by that truck, about to die, about to be ripped away from you forever.

“Why,” you sniffled into his neck. “Why did you run out into the road?”

John stayed silent and eyes were focused head, not daring to look at you.

“Why Johnny?” You whimpered.

After hearing the nickname he couldn’t keep ignoring you and realized he had to tell you the truth. He took a big, shaky breath.

“I-” His voice cracked. “I was going to deliver you a letter.”

He spoke softly which was a drastic difference to his normal loud and easily recognizable voice.

You furrowed your eyebrows and lifted your head away from John’s neck, deciding to just sit in his lap.

“A letter? From who?” You asked curiously.

John took another shaky breath and pulled away from you to take something out of his pocket.

“I wasn’t gonna give it to you,” He told you truthfully. “But I changed my mind after I nearly died.” He chuckled dryly.

You didn’t laugh but instead took the crinkled up letter from him. You unfolded it carefully and was about to read when John put his hands on yours.

“Can I ask you of just one thing?” He asked.

You nodded to him, still confused about the whole situation.

“Please don’t think of me any different.” He whispered while staring directly into your eyes.

You nodded again but more slowly this time and began to read.

My Dearest, (Y/N),

When you’re in this constant state of, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, it’s hard, it’s terrifying to try and stop thinking that way. I mean, we’re here. Under the most extreme and strange circumstances, we are here. We are here, with you, Y/N. And you are taking care of us. You are making sure we are fine, we are able to live another day. You are making sure that I’m okay. Every time you look at me, I, I don’t know how to react. Do I pretend like I’m fine?

Or do I tell you, that I get this unknown feeling in my chest, and every time i look into your eyes, I see the stars align? The world is whispering to me, and it’s telling me your name. It’s telling me that you are the one, the one I’ve been looking for all along. Is that why I’m here? Is that why we came three hundred years in the future, to meet you? My first instinct was to run away, to ignore the thumping in my chest cavity and live life without you knowing how I feel.

Your eyes widened at this. Surely it cannot mean what you think it does.

Did he…?

Is he..?

That’s why I’m writing this down. You, Y/N, you made me into this. I’m a complete mess. When you smile at me, I am undone. I am attached to your every breath, to your every gaze. But the others, the others, I see what’s happening. They are realizing that they care for you too. It hurts, to see them hold your hand, or touch you. Do they value you as much as I? Do they think of your smile, hours after it’s gone?

He does. And apparently some of the other boys too. But oh does your heart sigh whenever you are with John and you are completely undone when he smiles as he is with you. You want to throw the letter down and kiss him, but you ignore that feeling and force yourself to keep reading.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t send this letter to you. In fact, I will hide it. This is the only way I can express how I feel about you, to let it out.

I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. With every grin, with every word, with every breath, with every blink, with every movement of mine, I am yours.

Even with him describing how he felt around your presence, seeing how he truly feels about you in ink makes your heart pound and hands clammy. You fight the urge again but you know you must read the entire letter before deciding on to do something.

Oh how in every waking moment of mine, I wish for you to be mine. To wake up next to you, to drink that coffee with you, to walk you to your school, to meet everyone who has had the pleasure to meet you. I want to know you, I want to see you at your most vulnerable, to see you at your best and worst. I want to experience life. With you.

But now, I have this question ringing in my head. Do you consider me yours? Or am I just a nuisance, a man that you treat like a child? Is John Laurens, the man far from his time, worth the time of day?

You start tearing at this. Both because you too want to be with him and because you are still sorry about calling him a child and it hurts you at how much it had affected him.

As I am writing this, I think I know the answer. But I still need to know. I need to hear it from you.

Am I, Miss Y/N, a man you could love? Someone that you could see a future with, someone that is desperately in love with you? Could, you possibly…

Sorry, I am rambling on. You were gone for a while, and I am on my way to see you outside. I hope Lafayette and you had a nice time together.

You wished you knew what he was going to write, you were desperate for it.

Why am I still writing?

Lafayette loves you, you know. I’m not quite sure if he knows it yet, but I see the way he looks at you. The way his smile widens every time you waltz into the room, gracing us with your presence. It hurts, because, you smile. Oh, your smile to him, it’s different. It’s more special. More intimate.

Your heart stops at this when you realized why Lafayette was acting so weird on your pizza run.

Do you like Lafayette? And do you smile differently at him? You could not answer these questions and kept reading

Why can’t you see me? I am right here, I am waiting for you. Just look at me, see me for who I am, see me.

See me.

Ah, it is my time to place down this pen. I will see you soon.

Time to eat that deadly slice of pizza.

You almost giggle at the ending of his intimate letter to you but you remembered what he said.

He loves you. John loves you. Your mind was still reeling at the confession.

Sensing that you finished the letter, John tensed up and started shifting around the bed nervously. You looked up and saw that his scratched up, freckled face was bright red.


“You don’t have to say anything.” He cut you off. “I-I know that you probably don’t lo-like me back and, well, Lafayette likes you so-”

You realize in that moment that you have made your decision. This man opened up his heart to you and his words made you feel completely and utterly helpless. You want to prove to him that you do not think of him as a child but as someone who you believe you want to be by your side.

You realize in that moment, where you are sitting in his lap looking like an utter mess while he is wringing his hands and still looking at you like you have galaxies in your eyes and stardust in your hair, that you love him too.

You realize in that moment you could have lost him. Your chest tightens when your mind replayed the memory of the bright lights outlining John’s silhouette.

In that moment you push you body up against John’s and cut off his ramblings with a desperate and hard kiss. John grunts in surprise but surges his hand to your back, desperate to have you closer to him after being denied for so long.

You reach up and cup his face. Underneath his freckles you feel the scratches and you tense up. John senses this and pulls away.

“I’m fine, (Y/N) I swear.” He cranes his neck down and pecks a couple kisses on your neck. “I’m better now that you’re here, sweetheart.”

Even though it was the same words John said to you before, they somehow held a different meaning behind them, causing you to shudder in his arms.

You gasped when John kissed a particularly sensitive part of your neck and you reached up to pull his face up to yours, wanting a taste of his lips again.

The kiss was a lot softer than the first one but still possessed the same kind of longing underneath it. John pulled away and looked down at you, smiling. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind you ear and then kissed your head.

“I think it’s time to go to sleep, sweetheart.” He said as you already started drifting off in his arms. “We had a long day today.”

John wrapped a blanket around both of you and soon you were out like a light.

In the other room, the boys sensed that whatever happened had been resolved and started messing around again on Mario Kart.

Lafayette, however, stayed behind in the kitchen, already knowing what happened in the bedroom between you and John. He knew that he would never find a woman as exquisite as you. He sighed and looked around the empty kitchen before finally taking a bite of the cold pizza.

carry your throne - bts hyung line (sneak peak)

member(s): bts hyung line
genre: royalty au
rating: mature (will contain lots of smut)
summary:  as a queen, your first priority is your country. however, with the recent death of your husband, the king, and enemies ready to strike, your best option is to remarry to form stronger alliances. it is when you meet a certain prince and his court it becomes apparent that won’t be such an easy task.

(moodboard made by me)

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 3

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Summary: Your arrival in the kingdom has certainly drawn a lot of attention.

Word count:5183

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (In later parts)

     Jaebum paced around the library. Today was the day. The princess was arriving today. He had only just returned from patrolling the wall, hopeful that his father would have decided against marrying him to a princess, but unfortunately no. His father had come back from the Wind Kingdom beaming, excited to inform Jaebum that he had chosen a wife for him.

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Summer Swim - Adam/Belle

Title: Summer Swim

Pairing: Adam/Belle

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1,270

Prompt: Nursemz87 Requested:  ‘ Adam panicking about Belle being out on the road by herself on horseback after he’s told the carriage broke down at the village and her not being directly back at the castle. Him going out into the woods on horseback himself only to find her at a stream nearby cooling off from the hot summer air. Cue some quality alone time. (Entirely up to you on rating level but I’m thinking more M than Teen)’

(This is G rated - there is no smut of any kind because of my own restrictions)

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Cogsworth thumbs his pocket-watch open and checks the time. He snaps it shut again and stuffs it back into his breast pocket, looking over his shoulder back to the opened front door of the palace. Lumiere stands beside him, arms folded over his chest. “How does one lose a princess?” he directs at the head of the house-staff. The withering look he gets from his friend should be enough to make him laugh, but with the severity of the situation looming over his head, he doesn’t even crack a smile.

“The carriage should have been back almost ten minutes ago,” Cogsworth mutters. “Alfred is one of our best carriage drivers: he’s never late!”

Lumiere huffs. “We’ll have to send someone out. I’ll tell someone to get one of the horses saddled-”

“-Thinking of going on a ride Lumiere?” a voice sounds from behind the two men. They both spin around to see the prince stepping down on to the cobblestone courtyard. He gestures to the sun perched high in the clear sky. “It’s a beautiful day for it.”

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The Prince's Ball {Hercules Mulligan}

Prompt: Day two of @helplessforbroadway ’s write-a-thon. // Disney AU

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: None

**Im posting this from my phone so please stick with me through the flashbacks ♥️♥️

“Have you heard?” Claire gasped, “The Prince is going house to house in each village looking for his ‘princess’.” She dreamily sighed,

“I heard he’s fitting girls with a shoe.” Amanda cut in, “What are the odds the shoe would fit us?” Claire rolled her eyes and slapped Amanda’s shoulder.

“I’m sure one of us can fit the shoe, and after that no matter, we’ll be set for life.” I giggled,

“What’s so funny?” I looked up at Amanda from my spot on the floor,


“Wait! I don’t even know your name.” Prince Hercules called after me. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and he seemed miles away at the top of the stairs. I stood frozen in my place, the clock threatening to strike midnight. “Just stay!” He jogged down a few of he stairs and I walked backward as he did. “Please!” His voice was strained,

I looked around, and then down at my feet, “This is a special shoe, made to only fit me.” I slipped off the glass slipper and sat it down on the bottom step. “Find me and then I’ll know-”

“There are thousands of girls in this kingdom-”

“Find me and then I’ll know, we’re meant to be.”


“Nothing Amanda, just a cough.” I tried, covering it with a small cough.

“Better be.” Claire scoffed.

“Children, Y/N, calm down.” My stepmother smiled at she walked into the room, sitting at the table. I stood and poured her a cup of tea as well as refilled Claire’s and Amanda’s. “Now, what were you three in here talking about?”

“The Prince mother,”

“It’s rumored he’s going door to door looking for the girl he danced at the ball with.”

“You mean the one who showed up late, and still managed to steal the show?”

“If that’s how you must put it mother, then yes. The show stealer!”


“Thank you!” I cried at the carriage driver, who just nodded and instructed the horses to trot away. I looked up at the castle, I could hear the music, the band booming and I could hear the laughter. To say I was late would be an understatement, I had most definitely missed the introduction of the royal family. I started up the stairs, breathless by the time I reached the top step. The doors were still open, I walked in. I had hoped I would slip in unnoticed but as soon as so entered all eyes were on me, I smiled shyly and waved, walking through the crowd of whispering maidens.

“You’re late.” I whipped around the Prince standing in front of me,

“I-I-just-I am so sorry your majesty.” I bowed, and he chuckled, grabbing my arm as I stood up.

“No need to be sorry. No matter, I’m just glad you made it. The whole kingdom deserves to be blessed with such beauty.”


“And how he danced with her all night!”

“Maybe he enjoyed her company.” I defended,

“No one is talking to you.” My stepmother harshly whispered, her sharp tongue cutting the thick air.

“No mother let her speak. If you know everything, why’d she ditch him? Why would anyone leave behind a future king?”

“Maybe she had to leave, before the clock struck twelve. Maybe she wanted to stay with all her heart but she had to leave because she couldn’t let him see the real her.”

“She’s still stupid.” Claire rolled her eyes,

“Yeah, she’s a dumbass.”

“But her dress and those shoes, she looked stunning as much as I hate to admit it.” My stepmother gagged,

“Not better than us right mother?”

“Way better,”


“Y/N?” A soft voice called out to me in my dark room. I lifted my head, gasping at the woman in the corner of my room. She lit up that corner and that corner alone. She wore a golden gown, and a simple diamond tiara. Nothing like the gassed up fairy godmothers.

“Let me guess you’re my fairy godmother?” She nodded and walked toward my makeshift bed, “Here to help me get to the ball?” I questioned, wiping my tears. Eyebrows raised,

“Yes, I am here to help you get to the ball, in fact. A personal favor called in.”


“Yes, your mother.” She smiled softly and I gasped,

“Well, if you manage to get me to that ball without a dress and a carriage, I will owe you for the rest of my life.”

“First if all you won’t owe me a thing, as I said, a personal favor was called in. Also, I didn’t think I’d have to explain the fairy godmother get up, I can get you a dress, slippers, and a carriage. Don’t worry, I will get you to that ball.”



“What dear? I cannot lie.” I hid my face as I silently giggled, apparently I looked the best at the ball, and they were jealous. Jealous of little ole me.

“Well-” There was a sharp knock at the door, all of our attentions turned toward the door.

“It’s the Prince!”

“The Prince? Y/N, go! Hide! Don’t come out until I tell you too.” I was pushed into my bedroom.

I listened and nervously chewed on my bottom lip as the Prince talked, fitting the shoe on each of their foots.

“I just stubbed my toe, it’s swollen, I’m sure the shoe would fit otherwise! Take me now Prince.” Claire tried,

“Sorry. May I?”

“I’m sure we could make it fit! Just shove a little harder!” Amanda grunted and I could see the look of fear on the Prince’s face.

“Is there any other maiden in the house?”


“No, miss, I meant any other younger maidens?” It was now or never, I stepped out of my room and my stepmother gasped.

“Y/N I told you to hide until I told you otherwise.”

“I’m sorry mother but I am here.” I sat in the chair and nodded at the Prince, he kneeled and slipped the shoe onto my foot,

“So I guess you know now?” He smiled,

“Know what?” Claire scoff, huffing, crossing her arms.

“That we’re meant to be.” Prince Hercules smiled, taking the shoe from my foot and handing it to his help.

“How many girls tried to fit my special shoe?” I teased as he grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet.

“This is impossible, she never went to the ball.” My stepmother protested.

“But she did and she won the heart of the Prince.” Prince Hercules smiled, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a maiden to make into a princess.”

Rain Before the Rainbow [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 5863 words

Genre: Fluff [No angst this time!]

AU: HamilTime

TW: None

“Kiss me.”  

You stared at the man in front of you. Your eyes were locked in his gaze. His wide brown eyes looking at you with such intensity, it made your blood flow faster. Your eyes wandered through his features- his beautiful dark skin, his long nose, his full lips, and the facial hair that rested on the bottom half of his face. God, any other man could have the same features, but how did this man look like those features were created to be on his face? Everything was so perfect, you couldn’t help but stare. How did it come to this? How did this happen? How did you end up in the front step of Thomas Jefferson’s estate, having the most intense staring competition in the history of time? 

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anonymous asked:

I hope Maurice or Père Robert picked up Belle's yellow gown after she rode back to the castle, and that she got it back later. I felt so sorry for the dress when I saw it lying on the ground.

LOL right?!? (Was anyone else concerned that an animal was going to come along and trample that gown? Don’t hurt that beautiful creation!)

You know Madame de Garderobe spent HOURS making sure everything was perfectly elegant and appropriate for dancing but also suited Belle’s taste. The dress certainly deserved more than to end up in the dirt, so for my own sanity let’s just assume that what you say is correct. I like the idea of Père Robert taking care of the dress, since we saw him helping her with the laundry at the beginning. (Plus, Maurice was a little preoccupied distracting the carriage driver at the time.) I can definitely see Père Robert taking the time to treat the dress with dignity, making sure it’s all nicely folded in such a way as to prevent creases. And then when he returns it to her, he kindly remarks, “Seems you’ve been running off on quite the adventure. I borrowed this for a bit, just for safekeeping, but I believe it belongs to you.” 

I’d also like to imagine this kind of behavior happens a lot during married life, that after a particularly long day playing princess and host to a hundred guests, Belle just rips off her party dress and tosses it on the ground in a fuss. And then of course her dear prince walks in, horrified at the mistreatment of first-rate fashion. “Belle, darling, I love you, but please have a bit of respect!”

Leave pt. 2

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: part two of this post 

Words: 604



        “I SAID LEAVE!”

                “I SAID LEAVE!”

It haunted your dreams. The last thing that Alex said to you. It’s been a month, but these dreams still haunt you.

You don’t know how he’s doing, if he’s taking care of himself. You wanted to write to him, you just didn’t know what to say. A half finished letter sat on your desk.

My dearest Alexander,

I am very sorry that I left without telling you. I’m even more sorry that I wasn’t able to help you that day before I left. I hope that you aren’t doing anything reckless, and that you are taking care of yourself. I care for you a whole lot, probably more than I should. I wish to see you again, to continue in our conversations, and our walks in the park.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this but I think you should know, Alexander, that…

And it stopped there. You wanted to tell him that you loved him, but you didn’t know the exact words. You could just be blunt, but you wanted to sound poetic. It was conflicting.

You loved him.


Alexander was conflicted. He wanted to send you the letters that he has been writing, but he also wanted to tell you in person. He wanted to travel all the way to Williamsburg and gather you in his arms, and give you a passionate kiss.

He wanted to throw himself on his knees and beg for your forgiveness. He just wanted to hear your voice one more time.

“Alex pleas-”

    “Alex pleas-”

        “Alex pleas-”

Was all that he heard in his dreams. The last words that he ever heard from your mouth. It was to much.

Before he knew it he had packed a bag and vaulted himself into a carriage. He told the driver to go straight to Williamsburg. He had no idea where you were but he would find you if it was the last thing he ever did.


It took weeks to travel to you, but he didn’t regret it. Now all he had to do was find where you live. Which was a difficult task, but then again, nothing was going to keep you from him.


You were still upset about everything that had happened. You still hadn’t finished your letter, and you were losing hope that you would ever finish at all.

Your parents were worried about you. You didn’t want to see a lot of people, you didn’t want to go out. They tried helping you make new friends and introduce you to eligible bachelors, but none of them set off a spark in you.

Today was unlike any other, you just sat and stared at the letter that you had been trying to write.

“Miss? You have a visitor. He says it’s urgent,” a maid said to you.

You got up and walked downstairs.



He had done it. He had finally found your new home. He was shaking so much, he could barely knock on the door. A maid let him in and went to fetch you.

“Alex?” It was you. You were here, right in front of him. Finally.

He grabbed you.

“I’m so very sorry for what I said to you. I didn’t mean it. I never wanted you to leave!” he started rambling.

You didn’t know what to say. So you didn’t say anything. Instead you kissed him. Right on the mouth.

He stopped for a second, and you were about to pull away, before he kissed you back, pressing your body against his.

You broke away.

“Please don’t ever leave me Y/N.”


jefferson and hamilton meeting for the first time
  • Washington: Don't worry, we'll take care of it.
  • Carriage driver: Okay, that'll be $57.28.
  • Madison: What the fuck?
  • Washington: Holy shit!
  • Hamilton: Don't worry, I've got this.
  • Jefferson: What the fuck was that?
  • Hamilton: It was me, Alexander Hamilton.
  • Jefferson: Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?
  • Hamilton: No. I'm the Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Jefferson: Whatever, just no one feed that fucking thing after midnight.
Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Five

A/N:  With apologies to Laurie R. King and her book “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice”, from which I have shamelessly stolen the idea of traveling in a Vardo in pursuit of the bad guys.  I’m not completely happy with this, but I’ve run out of time and something is better than nothing, yes?  Also, still unbeta’d because hahaha who needs words to make sense?  Will go up on and Ao3 tomorrow.

ALSO - this is sort of a sequel to last year’s Sherlolly Appreciation Week fic “A Letter to Mary”.  You probably don’t need to read that one to figure out what is going on in this one, though.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 – Day Five (Canon Compliant – The Abominable Bride)

Another Letter to Mary

My Dearest Mary,

I do not know when this letter will reach you.  Holmes has forbidden me from posting any missives home for the time being. We are traveling incognito; and he does not wish to offer any indication to overly curious eyes that we are in any way connected to the well-known detective stories.  If ever there was a wife who would understand the need for such discretion, it is you, my love.  

As you are aware, Holmes, Hooper and I are on the trail of a small band of murderous men. Another corpse was located in a small hamlet less than half-a-day’s ride from the initial murder.  Holmes suspects the man was in league with the thieves and was deemed a liability for one reason or another.  He thinks the men have begun to turn on one another.  

Speed and stealth are paramount, for Holmes feels more deaths are imminent if the blackguards become aware of our pursuit.  He believes they will be going to ground until such time as it will be safe to fence the item.    

As such, we have abandoned our conspicuous carriage and driver.  Holmes has managed to procure a Vardo—a sort of traveling wagon—from a Romani gentleman, as well as a horse to pull it, and three sets of simple clothing in exchange for a hefty sum.  They have made arrangements for the return of the wagon once our current mission has been fulfilled.  In addition, the man advised Holmes as to the best roads to travel upon and what small villages would be the most accepting of three strange men passing through.    

When next we set off, we were disguised as a set of brothers in route to visit our dear mother some far distance away.

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I honestly feel like if Scanlan had a private conversation with Percy, he would be terrified. He’s a human, and not as scary as Grog could be, but he was still the person with the demon in him, he was still the person who made the guns and he was the person who went fucking insane and hurt an innocent carriage driver. 

There might not be any private conversations with these two because Percy honestly terrifies Scanlan, unless Percy is the one to pull him away, which might scare him shitless even more. 


I actually enjoyed writing this very much, so I hope you like it!

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Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Prompt: “Just leave me alone to die” (#27) and “Just leave. Everybody else does” (#35)

Setting: Hamiltime

Warnings: cheating, brief description of sex, swearing

Word count: 1721

You entered the house in which you lived with your husband, Lafayette, after with few days visit at a childhood friend who had moved far away. You didn’t bother calling out for him, as he had told you he would be away on a business trip. Longing to put on something more comfortable, you made your way for the bedroom upstairs.

Right before you pulled the handle, you heard someone inside the room. Your body froze from fear. At first you thought someone has broken in, but then you recognised Lafayette’s voice. But he wasn’t supposed to be home. Curious, you opened the door, and you could never have imagined what you saw before you.

Lafayette wasn’t alone. He was with a woman. In bed. Naked. He jumped off her quickly, and reached for you, but you backed away.

“I didn’t think you could be so cruel”, you whispered, shaking with anger.

“Please, [Y/N], just let me explain!” he pleaded desperately while putting his clothes on, and started rambling in French like he always did when stressed.

“Explain what? How you ‘accidentally’ ended up in our bed naked with a woman that isn’t me? That this was a mistake and it won’t happen again? Oh, wait, I got it! She seduced you! Face it, Lafayette; there’s no explaining this, you cheated on me. Fuck you”, you angrily said to him, raising your voice a bit at the beginning, but calming down as you said his name.

He seemed taken back by your words, but not for the reason one might think at first. You hadn’t called him ‘Lafayette’ since you met him all those years ago. No matter how big the fight, you always called him by his nickname, ‘Laf’, and the fact that you reverted back to his actual name made him realise just how angry you were.

“You didn’t tell me you were married. I would never have done this if I knew”, the woman in you had caught him with said as she exited the room, clothes in her hands, and you didn’t see more of her.

“And you lied to her about me? How did you explain all the things here that obviously don’t belong to you?” you questioned him, trying to stay calm, even though your insides were burning with anger, disappointment, heartbreak and misery.

“I-I told her you were my sister”, he mumbled, obviously embarrassed. You scoffed, careful not to let a single tear spill.

“I can’t believe you. I thought you were the one, but you’re just a mistake. I’m leaving”, you gritted through your teeth. Lafayette looked distressed now, and tried to take hold of you, but once again, you yanked yourself away from him.

“[Y/N], please. I can’t be without you”, he begged, but you stood your ground.

“From what I just witnessed, you obviously can, Lafayette”, you said coldly, and headed for the door.

“Fine. Just leave. Everybody else does”, he sighed, trying to make you stay, but this just made you even angrier.

“Don’t you dare try to make me feel guilty. This is only your fault, not mine!” you yelled, not being able to control your emotions anymore. Running for the door, you let all your tears run down your face. Just as you touched the handle, he grabbed your hand. This time you didn’t pull away. You knew you’d miss him, and let yourself have this final moment with him.

His body was shaking with sobs, and he bent down, and kissed the back of your hand tenderly, just like he did the first time you met. Your heart shattered once again, but you couldn’t give in to him.

You held your head high. No words were exchanged between you, but you looked into his eyes, and saw the man you once had fallen in love with. For a few seconds you stood completely still, but then you turned your back to him and walked towards your carriage.

Even though you didn’t see him, you heard Lafayette collapse to his knees and started to sob hysterically. You called for the carriage driver. Not once did you look back at Lafayette. Not while waiting for the driver. Not while getting into the carriage. Not as you drove away. Because you knew if you saw him in his broken state, you would most certainly not be able to leave him.

“Take me to Elizabeth Schuyler’s house, but with a long detour. I need some time to think”, you ordered, and the carriage increased in speed. You leaned back, and closed your eyes, trying to stop thinking about him for just a second, but you couldn’t. He was the love of your life, and he ruined it all, you didn’t think you couldn’t go on from here.

“We’re here now”, the carriage driver said softly with pity in his eyes. You thanked him quietly, before getting out. Slowly, you approached the door of the Schuyler-Hamilton residence.

You took a shaky breath before knocking. In a matter of seconds, a rather dishevelled Eliza opened the door for you. Your face expressed confusion, she usually never looked like this, but before you could ask her about it, she spoke up with a fake smile.

“Hello, [Y/N], what brings you here?”

“I need to talk to you”, you said, and she took your hand, bringing you into the sitting room. She went to get you some of your favourite tea. When she got back, she sat down next to you, taking your hands in hers.

“What’s wrong, dear?” she asked you, her eyes kind, but distant. You decided it was best to just say it as it was, straight out.

“Lafayette cheated on me”, you told her, your heart breaking even more at the thought of what he had done. She gasped horrified, and pulled you into an embrace when she saw your eyes water.

She wondered how this could happen. Just a few hours ago she had gotten her hands on a copy of ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet”, and had learned of her husband’s adultery, and now she was holding her crying best friend who had been cheated on too.

Safe for just a little while in Eliza’s embrace, you didn’t notice someone enter the house, and neither did she.

It was Lafayette who had entered, seeking help from his friend, Alexander Hamilton. The door was open, so he let himself in. Just as he was about to call out for Alexander, he spotted you and Eliza, and kept quiet, wanting to know what you would say.

“I just don’t understand how he could do that? I don’t think he knows how much I love, and how much it actually hurt me”, you sniffled as you pulled away. Eliza just looked at you with eyes sadder than you had ever seen them, but she didn’t say anything.

It took everything Lafayette had in him to stay quiet, and not break into sobs. He had hurt you so much, and you didn’t deserve that.

“He broke my heart. How am I supposed to keep going? I can’t live without him. I can’t. Just leave me alone to die”, you cried, and let her see your vulnerability. Usually being one who always knew the right thing to say, Eliza was still unnervingly quiet, and you began to wonder whether something was wrong with her.

“Has something happened to you, Eliza?” you asked, shifting the focus over on her. Signalling for you to wait, she got up to get something, and returned with ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet’.

At first you didn’t understand what it was, but you caught on as soon as you had read parts of it. You were now fuming with anger.

“I can’t believe him. At least Lafayette didn’t let the whole world know in the process, I’m so sorry Eliza. He doesn’t deserve you”, you told her firmly, pushing your own heartbreak aside for her sake. She looked grateful, before pulling you into yet an embrace, and you both just cried.

That’s when Alexander arrived. He was not at all expecting what met him in his home. A crying, regretful Lafayette standing close to the sitting room, his wife and you crying on each other’s shoulders.

“What’s going on here?” he wondered. He understood why Eliza was crying, and he felt so bad, but he had no idea as to why you and Lafayette were in his home.

You and Eliza got up; both of you furious, and were startled by the sight of Lafayette who had been standing there, listening to your conversation. You were about to scold Alexander for being so inconsiderate, but shifted your focus over to Lafayette.

“Why are you here?” you asked him bluntly, taking him back a little. He stumbled on his words before answering.

“I was upset, and came looking for Alexander, and the door was open, so I went in, and I saw you and wanted to hear how you felt because I know you wouldn’t tell me”, he rambled on and on and on until you stopped him.

“I suppose you heard everything I said, but I’ll say it to your face. You broke me, I don’t know how to go on, are you happy now?” Then you turned to Alexander. “And you. How could you hurt the kindest and most trusting person in the world? How could you tell everything to everyone in an attempt to save your career when you knew it would ruined Eliza’s life?”

None of the men said anything, but you could tell Lafayette was disgusted by what Alexander had done. Not only that, he was also disgusted by himself, and the fact that he had ruined you.

“Let’s go home”, you said to Lafayette.


“I said we’re going home. I need to speak with you in private”, you demanded as calmly as you could. This made him feel hopeful; you were willing to talk. But he didn’t know about what.

The carriage ride back was painfully quiet, and you walked directly to your bedroom when you got back, Lafayette right behind you.

“I was going to tell you something when you got back, and I was so excited”, you said, almost out of the blue.

“Tell me what?” he questioned, not sure where this was going.

“I’m pregnant.”