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I have an idea for an AU! How about one where the RFA members + (V&Saeran) were royalty? What kind of rulers would they be? How would they meet their s/o's and such! Love you <3

hello dear💛 sorry this is late, but it sounds like fun! 

Hope you like it( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

[ A.N. - I looked up some things about Korean nobility, but I don’t 100% trust those websites I looked at so to save myself from royally(hah, puns) messing up, the RFA+ are going by prince(ss) ]


  • ok, hear me out. you know prince zuko? kind of like that
  • like…he’s an exiled prince. because he was a troublemaker and his parents thought he gave the kingdom a bad reputation 
  • his whole route in this au would be helping him get back to the throne wow
  • when he comes back, he’s a pretty benevolent ruler
  • but he keeps people working! doesn’t like it when people slack off
  • zen donates a lot of his wealth to his people 
  • the people love him for that. but also because he regularly visits them and helps them with his work
  • throws parties too - where he sings! you can find him in the local theater a lot. it’s also how he got his stage name! 
  • basically, he’s very involved with his kingdom 
  • how he met mc was actually at the local theater! 
  • their family was settling into the kingdom after moving and he brought them up on stage as a part in the act
  • zen really couldn’t get them out of his head after that
  • so he finds them while he was visiting all of the other townspeople
  • and they start talking. it’s the talk of the town
  • everyone is actually really happy when they get together. his mother isn’t that happy - mc’s a commoner. this isn’t a cinderella story, hyun 
  • but he never thought it was like that. and even if it was, he feels like he would be cinderella, not mc (get it? the phone call?)
  • it takes a while, a long while, but they eventually get married


  • a devoted prince
  • everyone loves him and he works really hard for the kingdom!
  • loves visiting the hospital and even townspeople’s houses from time to time
  • but…a relative of his passed and prince yoosung shut himself down
  • spent more time inside the castle than going out. 
  • things felt…gloomier. they were all worried about him
  • but nothing they did, even their visits to the castle, seemed to help for long
  • he was still nice, of course, but something was off
  • the queen had to force him outside one day - a bit of fresh air, at least
  • which was where they ran into this dog, who pushed him down and started licking his face
  • yoosung laughed while a person ran and grabbed the dog away from him
  • he told them it was okay and actually really wanted to play with the dog
  • so they talked for a while. which is how he and mc met
  • the two of them walked around town and some whispers of the prince dating sprung up
  • mc was so embarrassed, but they were really honored that the prince wanted to talk to them 
  • they ended up hanging out more often. and slowly, slowly..yoosung started getting happier again. and started working harder
  • he asked mc to date him on one of their walks around town with their dog. there was actual applause from the eavesdropping towns people 


  • actually a kind of sad princess
  • the old adviser to the king took over when the king died because she was too young
  • and now…well no one thinks she can do it
  • heck, she doesn’t even think she could do it
  • so she follows instructions. she does the work. even stays up later than any other of the castle staff
  • goes out to visit the townspeople sometimes. they like her, but thinks she really overworks herself…
  • the people in the cafe see her the most. she gives them great business
  • never actively sought out a husband, but some people thought she at least had a crush on this actor that stops by every now and then
  • she didn’t though, really. love just..wasn’t for her
  • until the adviser-now-ruler took her to one of their foreign relations meetings
  • another person was their along with a king and they sent the two of them to just talk while they talked business
  • jaehee learned that their name was mc…and that jaehee was intrigued
  • they ended up talking for much longer than the meeting went 
  • and the two kingdoms had really good relations
  • jaehee confided in mc, asking if they thought she was a worthy ruler
  • mc really helped boost jaehee’s confidence. 
  • so when the ruler of jaehee’s kingdom passed and jaehee was crowded queen, she was ready
  • that was also the day mc kissed her


  • the model prince 
  • studies and works hard to make sure he rules his kingdom well though sometimes he scares the townspeople, they like him
  • a lot of other royalty from other towns admire him, but he turns them all down
  • sick of the king always having an affair with someone in the castle
  • the townspeople don’t keep track of who the queen is anymore
  • usually keeps himself locked in the castle. that’s why a bunch of rumors start
  • the most recent one was something about him and the carriage driver???
  • whatever, he didn’t care. 
  • that is, until the king brought in someone for him to marry
  • jumin was in an arranged marriage to princess Sarah of a pretty far away kingdom and he…didnt want that
  • Sarah was annoying and clearly in it for their wealth
  • so he did something he normally never did. he snuck out. for days.
  • visited a winery in town and met mc
  • they talked a lot. and jumin didnt know why. but he really liked this winery owner
  • invited them back to the castle to ‘talk over him buying the winery’ but they stayed the night and was caught by sarah
  • he and mc worked together to end the arranged marriage and show the king that sarah was only in it for wealth
  • and he proposed to them during that announcement too. right in front of all the townspeople

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • the prince that hates his status and dresses as a commoner all the time
  • mainly because he hates the king
  • no one in the kingdom even knows he’s the prince
  • he stays inside a lot. hates going out 
  • the kingdom knows there’s a “prince saeyoung” but when he does go out, he’s “707″ 
  • also secretly works for an agency that helps protect the kingdom 
  • its a pain and they make him work too hard
  • there are things that he’s done and gave up that he regrets
  • but it’s also actually how he met mc
  • they were a bystander in this one mission of his
  • or that’s what he thought. mc ended up really helping out
  • and they even managed to talk after that! he was immediately taken with them
  • so he was motivated to work harder. he had a whole checklist.
  • quit the agency, overthrow the king, reveal himself as saeyoung.
  • it took forever but he did it. mc found out his real name and status when he told them a while back
  • they helped him overthrow the king
  • when he was crowned, he was a very nice ruler - goofy and loved, but also feared because he knew what he was doing
  • it unfortunately came with many enemies;; 

v / jihyun

  • an actual nature prince. might as well be a disney prince.
  • took a side hobby with photography, but he rules really well
  • all the townspeople love him and he’s actually the official photographer for town events
  • he’s very loyal, but also very secretive. the kingdom knows him as Prince V
  • they know he has one friend. and an ex fiance. something….went wrong
  • he hasn’t really been the same after the ex situation. and out of nowhere he announced that something was wrong with his eyes
  • the townspeople tried to help him, but he locked himself away. he said he wasn’t worth it
  • V spent more and more of his time in the forest too
  • which is where he met mc, a runaway heir from their kingdom
  • something was wrong..and they really wanted out
  • so he snuck them into the castle. no one knew for months.
  • they talked a lot in the castle. mc spilled their troubles, v spilled his secrets 
  • its like..they found someone to really listen. and who would help them work though the situations. like how v helped mc get letters to their kingdom
  •  when v strolled through town now, they noticed a change in his attitude
  • and..was the kingdom brighter these days or was it just them?
  • the kingdom didn’t even know about mc until they announced their engagement 
  • and that prince V - no, jihyun - was getting the surgery


  • the lost prince..kind of like rapunzel. doesn’t know he was the prince
  • but he did always feel like something was missing. he even only knew himself as ‘Unknown’. no real name
  • and yeah, he thought it was a little weird that there were only certain places he could go
  • or that he had to study this one thing
  • so…he was going through his rebellious phase and….bye bye~
  • actually chilled out in the woods for awhile 
  • until he decided to stop by a kingdom. he’s never been here before
  • mc was actually the first person he met in the town
  • they took care of him for the first couple days, helping him learn about the town and such
  • one time, they brought up how he looked like their prince, but with bleached hair. weird
  • and as a little celebration to their new friendship, mc took him to the festival! i promise im not actually trying to copy rapunzel agdod
  • the prince made an appearance and it was weird, but Unknown instantly recognized him
  • maybe in a dream…
  • saeyoung saw him though and immediately ran towards him, yelling the name ‘Saeran’ and hugging him
  • and he realized. this prince was his brother. his twin brother
  • turns out the prince was looking for his twin since he could walk
  • saeran agreed to go with him to the castle, but only if mc could go with him
“Coronation” Part Twelve

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, it’ll all be over soon

Word Count: 741

A/N: We are close. I’m guessing four or five more parts to this. Maybe I’ll open requests up again after this. I am going to put together a list of rules and people I am willing to write for. So, look for that. Please leave feedback. It is really appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

Coronation Masterlist

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She could hear the quiet murmur of voices outside of her cell. her wrists were raw and bleeding. she could smell it on the chains. It was so dark. She had never experienced a darkness like this before. She could feel the death emanating from every corner of the room.

The footsteps were like beating drums. They were the loudest things she had ever heard. it was like steel crashing onto concrete, it was deafening. She shrunk back when the doors were pulled open with a loud creak, but there wasn’t any place for her to go.

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Dressed like a daydream

Characters: Hoseok & OC

Setting: Royalty au, Cinderella au

Genre: adventure, fluff, romance, humour

Words: 10354

Prompt: Cinderella did not come to the party to enjoy it, but is instead an assassin tasked to kill the prince. (cr.) / I  snuck into the castle to kill you, but wow you’re good with a sword, and I quite like your eyes…

Summary: When the Crown Princess’ best friend agrees to go to the ball instead of her, to kill Prince Hoseok and save her from an arranged marriage, that’s definitely not how she planned this.

Written for @bangtan-bookclub’s May Theme Challenge: Royalty AU

For the sake of the story let’s just accept that all the big Korean cities are autonomous kingdoms, Incheon people are famous for their blonde hair, their style is similar to Disney royalties instead of traditional Korean dressing and wars, assassins, arrange marriages are common things.

Each part’s title is lyrics of Blood, sweat and tears.

For more fairytale aus, check my Once upon a fairytale masterpost.

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

The Royal Family of Gwangju invites you to the Annual Masquerade Ball in celebration of the Prince’s birthday.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 3

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9, Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: Your arrival in the kingdom has certainly drawn a lot of attention.

Word count:5183

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (In later parts)

     Jaebum paced around the library. Today was the day. The princess was arriving today. He had only just returned from patrolling the wall, hopeful that his father would have decided against marrying him to a princess, but unfortunately no. His father had come back from the Wind Kingdom beaming, excited to inform Jaebum that he had chosen a wife for him.

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Twinkling Lights

A/N: First fic for Christmas Countdown! This one is a companion fic to Can I Have This Dance? which is a human AU where Logan is a tech manager and Roman is in The Nutcracker. I decided to write one of their dates amidst their busy schedules. hope you enjoy! 

{Edit} Today, kids, we learn to 1) not to try and edit drafts on Tumblr mobile because it’s confusing as anything, 2) be patient with posting fics no matter how excited you are about it when you have to go out and feeling sick, or 3) put a god forsaken title on the fanfic before you save it so you can safely post it from your phone.  

Warnings: kissing

Pairing: Logince

Read on Ao3

Tag list: @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

“Roman, where are we going?” Logan asks.

Roman looks over at his boyfriend and smirks. “I told you, it’s a surprise!”

“I do not think that the wise thing to do tonight would be to go out. You are supposed to be resting so that you will be able to perform,” Logan says matter-of-factly.

Sighing, Roman takes Logan’s hand from where he sat behind the wheel. “I know how to take care of myself Lo,” he says, squeezing his hand. “This is the first night off we’ve had in a month. I want to do something special before this performance takes over our lives.”

Logan goes quiet at that, but he entwins their fingers together. Roman smiles, not being able to help another glance at the man next to him. It had been a few weeks since they’d started dating, and they’d barely had any time together. With their schedules, it made even getting a few moments alone together hard. They always went to the small café by the theater where they both spent most of their time after work, but lately they’d both been too exhausted with the performance ahead of them.

So when Roman found out that they both had this one day off together, he was determined to make it special. They had spent all day together, cuddled up in Roman’s apartment, watching Christmas movies and munching on Christmas cookies. It had been the most relaxing day either of them had had in a while.

For their evening, however, Roman had a plan. One that Logan knew nothing about, which was probably the real reason he was currently silently sulking in his seat. Logan liked to know everything that was going on his life at all times. He didn’t become the head of an entire tech crew for nothing. The very fact that he was trusting Roman with their plans for the night was enough to make Roman feel giddy.

The light was fading by the time they pulled into a crowded parking lot. Families were getting out of their cars and children were running around excitedly, bundled up in their warmest winter coats. Logan leaned forward, a small frown on his face.

“Does that sign say something about lights?”

Roman grinned and parked, hopping out of the car, probably looking as excited as the little kids passing them. he rushed to the other side of the car before Logan could even open the door in order to open it for him and help him out. “You know we can’t do a lot of walking…”

“Logan,” Roman says, cutting his boyfriend off. “Trust me okay?”

Logan bit his lip, but he nodded. Roman smiled before ducking back into the car and grabbing their jackets, scarves, earmuffs, and gloves. “this is going to be great,” he promises, gently wrapping Logan’s scarf around his neck, not caring if his hands lingered a bit on Logan’s neck. Then he couldn’t help but press Logan against the car and kiss him, only because he could.

When they pulled away, Logan had a dazed and dreamy look in his eyes, a look he always had whenever they kissed. It was one of the many, many things Roman adored about him. It was made even better that it was Roman, of all people, who got to make Logan look that way—like his mind was scrambled and he forgot about the world for a moment.

Grinning, Roman takes Logan’s hand and starts dragging him to the entrance. Logan, smiling at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm, follows.

The main area was filled with families, mostly those with young kids. Booths were set up for selling ginger bread, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and other goodies. There was a huge section roped off with a big throne-like chair in the middle of it. Children and their parents waited in a long line, clearly waiting for Santa to make an appearance. Further away there was a stage, where performers were singing Christmas songs or were acting out different Christmas stories.

All around them the booths were starting to light up with their decorations. Candy cane lights lit up the paths and multicolored lights shone on the signs pointing to each event.

Logan and Roman walked slowly down the path, hand in hand. It was a cold night, though neither of them seemed to mind. All around them families laughed with each other, children cried out in delight when they saw a new attraction come to light.

Roman smiled at it all, at the happy atmosphere. He held sympathy for the workers, who were probably freezing, though they all smiled through it.

“Roman, what is all of this? This seems more like a family event,” Logan says curiously.

“Perhaps, my dear,” Roman says, pulling him a little closer both for the warmth and because he just liked Logan being close. “However the night is still young.”

Logan gave him a suspicious look that Roman pretended not to see. They walked around for a while, looking at all the different things going on. They both rather enjoyed the slight armature retelling of The Night Before Christmas. The children around them had been enraptured, though, which had been a sight to see in itself.

As the sky turned to black, Roman led Logan down a slightly less crowded path. As they walked away from the festivities, it grew quieter around them.

“Where are we going?” Logan asks, for maybe the third or fourth time.

Roman chuckles, wrapping his arm around Logan’s waist. “You’ll see soon, my dear,” he says, kissing Logan’s temple. The other boy frowned, but he let Roman lead him down the path.

As they neared the end, Roman tightened his grip on Logan’s hand, speeding up their pace. He was too excited for this, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on Logan’s face.

Logan stopped when they reached the end of the path, his jaw going slack slightly. “you…arranged for a carriage ride?” he asks.

Roman was bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Yes! A romantic carriage ride with my sweet, hot chocolate in our hands, and cuddled as we watch the show.”

Logan raises his eyebrows. “Show?”

Roman only grinned and hopped into the carriage, the driver smiling back a them. Roman extended a hand to Logan to help him up. “There are more surprises yet to come.”

Giving Roman an exasperated but loving look, he takes Roman’s hand.

Once they were on their way, Roman draped the blanket provided to them over their laps and sat back. “It is the perfect night,” he says, smiling up at the stars.

Logan chuckles and cuddles closer to him, much to Roman’s delight. They were silent for a few moments, enjoying each other’s company, until a big glowing archway appeared. Logan sat up a little, looking up at the lights.

“Christmas lights,” he says as they pass under the archway into a whole new world of color.

On either side of them were different animals portrayed doing various hobbies. Penguins throwing snowballs, polar bears sledding, monkeys decorating a tree. Multiple set ups made the animals look like they were moving, following the carriage as they passed.

Roman looked over at Logan, who was staring at the display with wide eyes. The light reflected off of his glasses, but Roman could see the wonder in Logan’s eyes. For a moment, Roman could imagine how Logan had looked as a child, first discovering his talent for lighting and coding and everything Roman couldn’t fully understand himself.

Roman smiled, pleased with himself, as he settled in to watch the story. Oh yes, there was a story, complete with music. Logan looked on in wonder, a slight bit of calculation in his eyes, no doubt trying to figure out everything that it took to put on a display like this.

Eventually, Roman couldn’t help himself. He put his arm around Logan and pulled him in close. Logan lowered his eyes to turn to Roman, that wonderment never leaving his gaze. “Merry Christmas,” Roman whispers.

Logan smiled, his hand coming up to cup Roman’s cheek. Just as he was leaning in, a new song came on, one they both knew all to well at that point. They both froze and looked over at the lights, where, sure enough, a nutcracker and a ballerina were moving and dancing together, fighting the Mice King. For a moment, they just look at each other before they both burst out laughing. Logan wrapped his arms around him and pulled Roman into a long, sweet kiss. “You’re such an overdramatic mess, you know that?” Logan says when they pull away, a teasing note to his voice.

Roman laughed at that, leaning his head on Logan’s shoulder. Logan pressed a kiss to Roman’s head before turning back to the lights.

{edit} send me prompts for more Christmas Sides fun! It’ll really help if you put a Christmas song to it, but a prompt in itself is helpful :) 

Sinbad no Bouken 164

A Long rant by me ^^ I tried to be more careful but i’m still at work and doing this as a side task, so beware of the usual things ( missreads, typos, i tried to not miss any stuff ) i will check it later and reblog it when i’m at home!  

This is only a fan translation, don’t forget to support the official releases of Snb and the MangaOne app if you can, and ►[Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!]◄


Update: Revised ^^

Night 164 “The godsent child of Destiny”

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BNHARAREPAIRWEEK DAY 3, Ghost Hunting Todomomo

  • Shouto is a college student, who got dragged up to an old mansion in the woods by his friends Mina, Kiri, and Kaminari (they chose him because they wanted to drive up there in a car with the right look, and Shouto’s sister’s SUV was exactly what they wanted so they convinced him to come and drive them in his sisters car)
  • When they get there, Kaminari is sick from car sickness and bad leftovers he ate the night before, so he has to stay in the car
  • The planned to split up between the four of them, and Kiri and Kaminari go one way while Shouto and Mina go the other, but since Kaminari’s sick they can’t do it anymore
  • Instead, Shouto goes off on his own while Mina and Kiri team up
  • About 2 hours later, Shouto’s just been wandering the house aimlessly, just looking at things and being rather bored
  • He then notices, that underneath a wall, is a sliver of light
  • After looking at the map on his phone and finding out there’s no room there, he starts trying to see what is behind it
  • He finally finds the secret lever, and steps into the hidden library behind the swinging wall
  • The light is coming from an eerily burning candle, placed on an antique candleholder rusted with age, sitting on a splintered oak table across the room from him
  • Cautiously stepping in, Shouto shines his flashlight about and finds an oddly colored bit of carpet… and it looks a little like dried old blood
  • Deciding not to go near the possible blood spot, Shouto instead scans the dusty books on the shelves, leaning in close to try and discern the old fading letters in the binding
  • He scans through at least two bookshelves, when one particularly interesting book catches his eye
  • Unbenknownst to him, the seconds are slowly ticking down, and the numbers on his watch moving forward, until, just as he’s about to touch the spine-
  • A female voice cries out, and Shouto retracts his hand on instinct, whirling about to see who had shouted at him
  • His vision is obscured however, as dust is swirling around the room along with discarded pages, clouding his vision and inabeling him to see
  • Finally, the dust settles, and Shouto lowers his hands- and eyes widen, as they look upon a newly furnished, not a speck of dust around- library
  • With a woman, standing where the blood had been
  • Shouto’s immediate thought is that she’s beautiful, with long black hair, and mature onyx eyes with lashes long and delicate- but the thoughts of her beauty where quickly whisked away and replaced with complete and utter confusion.
  • The woman tentatively steps forward, an apology on her lips for shouting, and Shouto can only nod in acceptance, his mind still trying to figure out what was going on
  • He finally moves, as the woman, smiling at him pleasantly, sits down at a plush chair that was new
  • He looks out the secret wall back into the hall, where he sees with a jolt that it’s still wrecked and old, while the library is now new and bright
  • The woman starts talking to him, her voice rather excited as she asks him who he is and how he got here
  • Her language is rather old, and her accent a little off, but the most peculiar thing about her is how she just appeared
  • Shouto pinched himself, making sure he wasn’t dreaming- and then he stepped forward cautiously and asked her who she was
  • She hesitated, before telling him her name was Momo, and then she switched it back to him
  • She beckoned him forward, gesturing towards the other seat across from her eagerly
  • “Please sit, I only have an hour to talk and I have so many questions!”
  • An hour?
  • “Why only an hour?” Shouto asks, sitting cautiously and she smiles mornfully at him
  • “Because that’s the only time I can be corporeal.”
  • And then she went and explained to Shouto how she died
  • She died right here in the library, exactly where the blood spot had been and where she had first appeared
  • And Shouto realizes, rather calmly, that he’s talking to a ghost
  • His brain strangely accepts that fact easily, and he only nods and then starts answering her questions about what had changed since she died
  • He explained cars, and tv’s, and he let her hold his flashlight so she could examine it
  • An hour passes quickly, and four o'clock is almost upon them when Shouto finally notices the time and tells her
  • Momo grows sad, her eyes falling as Shouto tells her he better be leaving to
  • She tells him goodbye, and thanks him for telling her- he’s been the first alive person she’s seen in 90 years
  • As Shouto’s leaving- and the dust is starting to pick up again- Momo calls for him to wait
  • She pulls out the book he had been about to touch- and hands it to him gently, a warm smile on her face as she thanks him again for talking to her
  • Four strikes- and Momo disappears in dust, leaving Shouto alone- holding a book that still is as freshly pressed as when she handed it to him
  • He finds his way back to the car- meeting up with Kiri and Mina along the way
  • And he can only shrug as they ask him why he looks so strange (the book feeling heavy in his pack)
  • They drive back home- and Shouto sleeps the entire night and day away
  • His dreams filled with carriages and a strange, yet familiar voice, laughing with joy as music played- and the carriage driver beckoning someone to sit with them
  • He awoke for classes feeling unusual, and he put the book Momo had given him carefully on his bedside, before leaving
  • Shouto came back later, after all his classes were finished and the sun was setting
  • He was tired. Sleeping for so long had not ridden him of the weird feeling in his chest, and the day had been torture with how out of it he felt
  • He had a strong desire however, to go back that night and see Momo again, but he pushed that idea away. It was to illogical, he was starting to believe that he had fallen asleep, and everything with Momo had all been a very realistic dream
  • Yes, that had to be it. And the book currently sitting on his side table was probably one his sister gave him that he had left in his pack
  • His brain satisfied with that answer- Shouto unlocked his front door and walked in-
  • -To the sight of Momo floating above his bed, reading the book
jefferson and hamilton meeting for the first time
  • Washington: Don't worry, we'll take care of it.
  • Carriage driver: Okay, that'll be $57.28.
  • Madison: What the fuck?
  • Washington: Holy shit!
  • Hamilton: Don't worry, I've got this.
  • Jefferson: What the fuck was that?
  • Hamilton: It was me, Alexander Hamilton.
  • Jefferson: Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?
  • Hamilton: No. I'm the Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Jefferson: Whatever, just no one feed that fucking thing after midnight.

Ok So

I recently had a dream about receiving a preview of a future Kuroshitsuji arc, where Sebastian and Ciel were going somewhere in a carriage. However, a storm hit, the carriage crashed, and the driver was nowhere to be found. While they were looking for him, they came across a young man with pale hair who introduced himself as “the Navigator”. He offered to take them where they were headed to, but they’d have to share Navigator’s carriage with two other passengers. Those two passengers were a married couple, nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, it was at this time that Ciel made an insane fourth wall break XD

It was getting dark and the couple were already asleep, and Sebastian asked Ciel if he was tired. Ciel reluctantly said yes, but then said..

“If this is where something bad happens, I’m going to need to have a word with our author.”

Leave pt. 2

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: part two of this post 

Words: 604



        “I SAID LEAVE!”

                “I SAID LEAVE!”

It haunted your dreams. The last thing that Alex said to you. It’s been a month, but these dreams still haunt you.

You don’t know how he’s doing, if he’s taking care of himself. You wanted to write to him, you just didn’t know what to say. A half finished letter sat on your desk.

My dearest Alexander,

I am very sorry that I left without telling you. I’m even more sorry that I wasn’t able to help you that day before I left. I hope that you aren’t doing anything reckless, and that you are taking care of yourself. I care for you a whole lot, probably more than I should. I wish to see you again, to continue in our conversations, and our walks in the park.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this but I think you should know, Alexander, that…

And it stopped there. You wanted to tell him that you loved him, but you didn’t know the exact words. You could just be blunt, but you wanted to sound poetic. It was conflicting.

You loved him.


Alexander was conflicted. He wanted to send you the letters that he has been writing, but he also wanted to tell you in person. He wanted to travel all the way to Williamsburg and gather you in his arms, and give you a passionate kiss.

He wanted to throw himself on his knees and beg for your forgiveness. He just wanted to hear your voice one more time.

“Alex pleas-”

    “Alex pleas-”

        “Alex pleas-”

Was all that he heard in his dreams. The last words that he ever heard from your mouth. It was to much.

Before he knew it he had packed a bag and vaulted himself into a carriage. He told the driver to go straight to Williamsburg. He had no idea where you were but he would find you if it was the last thing he ever did.


It took weeks to travel to you, but he didn’t regret it. Now all he had to do was find where you live. Which was a difficult task, but then again, nothing was going to keep you from him.


You were still upset about everything that had happened. You still hadn’t finished your letter, and you were losing hope that you would ever finish at all.

Your parents were worried about you. You didn’t want to see a lot of people, you didn’t want to go out. They tried helping you make new friends and introduce you to eligible bachelors, but none of them set off a spark in you.

Today was unlike any other, you just sat and stared at the letter that you had been trying to write.

“Miss? You have a visitor. He says it’s urgent,” a maid said to you.

You got up and walked downstairs.



He had done it. He had finally found your new home. He was shaking so much, he could barely knock on the door. A maid let him in and went to fetch you.

“Alex?” It was you. You were here, right in front of him. Finally.

He grabbed you.

“I’m so very sorry for what I said to you. I didn’t mean it. I never wanted you to leave!” he started rambling.

You didn’t know what to say. So you didn’t say anything. Instead you kissed him. Right on the mouth.

He stopped for a second, and you were about to pull away, before he kissed you back, pressing your body against his.

You broke away.

“Please don’t ever leave me Y/N.”


Best Birthday Ever

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Natasha, Thor. Tony and Bruce (mentioned)

Summary: The Reader recalls her best birthday ever.

Prompt:  “I bet this isn’t what you thought you’d be doing on your birthday when you woke up this morning.”

Word Count: 1,868

Warnings: A little bit of angst that ends in fluffy goodness.

Tags: @oneshot-shit, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (My beta)

A/N: #Kinza’s 17th Writing Challenge using the above prompt.

*GIFs used are not mine*

June 1st, 2017

“Natasha, it’s fine. I know that you and Steve have been planning this date for months. No, go ahead and we’ll do something tomorrow afternoon okay? Now go before Cap has a fit that you aren’t there on time, like usual. Love you too sweets.” Y/N hangs up her phone with a sigh and takes a moment to gather her thoughts together.  She felt bad for lying to Natasha but she didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was cancelling on her birthday dinner.  She hates to make a big deal about it but this is the first time in years that she hasn’t had someone to celebrate with, be it family, friends, or a special someone.  

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The Case of the Phantom Part 1

 A/N: Here you go guys. I received more likes than I thought. So I upload the first part. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Also Ereena Valenza is an OC of a friend of mine and besides the known characters of Sherlock every other perso mentioned in it is imagined by me.

Word count: 2140 (sorry for mistakes you may find)
Warnings: None (I think)

(Y/N) (Y/L/N)  = Your Name Your Last Name
(Y/H/S) = Your Hair Style
(Y/H/L) = Your Hair Legnth
(Y/H/C) = Your Hair Color
(Y/E/C) = Your Eye Color



A cold wind blew in the air of Paris. It was in the early evening of October 1929. Cars were driving in the muddy roads of the French city, a few horses here and there were also seen, rare in this time when you had the money for one of this useful vehicles.

One of these vehicles drove near the old Opera House, which held an auction of all the reminding items in the old building. Out came a Lady in her 40‘s with blond hair that already had a few little grey strands in it. She wore a green coat that ended by hear knees and had brown fur at the end of it. Together with a Nurse she helped an elder men out of the car and helped him into a Wheelchair. „Thank you love.“ the man said in a gruff voice. The blond Lady smiled to the man. „But of course Father. It is time for me to return what you gave me all your life.“ With that the Woman walked first to the Opera followed by the nurse who pulled the wheelchair.

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Rain Before the Rainbow [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 5863 words

Genre: Fluff [No angst this time!]

AU: HamilTime

TW: None

“Kiss me.”  

You stared at the man in front of you. Your eyes were locked in his gaze. His wide brown eyes looking at you with such intensity, it made your blood flow faster. Your eyes wandered through his features- his beautiful dark skin, his long nose, his full lips, and the facial hair that rested on the bottom half of his face. God, any other man could have the same features, but how did this man look like those features were created to be on his face? Everything was so perfect, you couldn’t help but stare. How did it come to this? How did this happen? How did you end up in the front step of Thomas Jefferson’s estate, having the most intense staring competition in the history of time? 

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Theirin Blood Dragon-Born

Makers Breath that smarts!” Alistair winced. He reached to rub the throbbing pain on the back of his skull and realized his hands were bound in front of him. Last time he had been knocked out he woke up in Fort Drakon’s Dungeon. Luckily this time he had more than just his smalls on.

“Ah, you’re finally awake?”

The deep voice brought his gaze up from his hands to a blonde haired man sitting in the carriage across from him.

“You were trying to cross the border right? And walked into that imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there.” He motioned to the man in tattered clothing next to him.

“Damn you Stormcloaks. Everything was fine until you showed up.” The thief grumbled as he fiddled with his bindings. He glanced over to Alistair. “You and I shouldn’t be here. It’s these Stormcloaks the Empire wants.”

The blonde man’s lips curled into a smile. “We are all brothers and sisters in binds now horsethief.”

The thief clenched fists. “Piss off.” He spat returning his attention to the rope bindings.

Alistair looked at the man sitting beside him in the carriage. The same style of armor as the blonde man, he assumed a common ‘Stormcloak’ garb from the previous conversation. His hands were also bound but unlike the others, a thick cloth was tied around the man’s head to keep him from speaking. His piercing green eyes shot a glare which sent chills up Alistair’s spine.

“What’s your problem Stormcloak filth?” The thief defended Alistair. The man turned his icy glare towards the threat.

“Watch your tongue! You’re speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the true High King!” The blonde man shouted angrily.

“Ulfric? The Jarl of Windhelm? But you’re- you’re the leader of the rebellion! If they captured you-? By the gods! Where are they taking us?!” The thief’s hard exterior shattered like glass and he frantically yanked at his bindings.

Beyond frustrated, Alistair interrupted their banter. “Alright I must have missed something?” Alistair raised his brow in confusion.

The three turned their attention to him eyes wide in surprise.

“What in the Maker’s name is going on here? What is a Stormcloak? Who is Ulfric of Windhelm? And what’s this rebellion you speak of?”

The stormcloacks shared a confused glance before the blonde spoke again. “You’re not from around here are you stranger? The name’s Ralof.”

“Alistair, and no-I’m not. I’m from Ferelden and arrived at port only three days ago. In that time I’ve heard a man from my room at the inn that appeared quite touched shouting all night long about something called a Talos, half-cat and half-lizard people serving ale and wares, a man shot in the knee with an arrow. I mean who does something like that? And now, I’ve been knocked in the head, captured and ride in a carriage to an almost certain and untimely death. Holy Andraste! And I thought the Orlesians had odd customs!” His exasperated sigh ended his rant.

“Quiet down back there!” The carriage driver hollered over his shoulder.

“And we get the humorless carriage driver. Next time I’m taking the happy carriage of death.” Alistair groaned slouching back in his seat, pouted and gently tugged on the rope bindings testing their strength.

After a moment of silence the horsethief again threatened the stormcloaks. Their bickering continued while Alistair seemingly sat defeated on the bench next to Ulfric. Little did they know the warden was much more cunning than he let on. Taking note of the number of men guarding them; horses, gear, strengths, weaknesses and overall morale of their captors, Alistair began formulating a plan.

His blade was tucked in a nearby guardsman’s belt and his shield strapped to another’s back. The number of prisoners could be distracting enough for him to overpower one or two of his captors. He could go for his sword first as it was faster to retrieve and far closer, but he wouldn’t be able to take them all before he was subdued again or even killed. For now he would wait and pray the Maker provided a more opportune moment of escape.

The carriage ride seemed to take forever and Alistair’s head pounded with each bounce of the rickety wagon. His thumb and forefinger fiddled with his wedding band luckily still concealed beneath his leather glove.The simple fixation grounded his thoughts and allowed him to focus on the task. The taint. It was the sole reason he made the month long trip overseas, to seek out a cure for both his wife, and for himself.

Anastasia- he could still remember the warmth of her body pressed against him their last night together. The way gentle dark curls fell across her face. How the sunlight danced over her skin the next morning as she lay asleep on his chest. Her soft lips and the well of tears in sapphire eyes when they parted chasing rumors to free them both from a Warden’s fate. Leaving her side would be for naught if he died here.

The carriage entered through a stone archway and into a quaint town. Alistair overheard to the hushed whispers and curses as people coddled their children whilst shooting harden glares in their direction when they passed.

“General Tullius, sir! The headsman is waiting!” A soldier spoke to a man on horseback wearing quality steel armor decorated with golden flourishes. That was about the time the thief completely lost it. Crying out to a number of gods he had never heard Alistair ignored the mad ramblings and turned towards Ralof.

“Where exactly are we?” Alistair asked quietly.

“Helglen. That man on horseback is General Tullius, the Military Governor, and looks like the Thalmor are with him. Damn elves. I bet they had something to do with this.” He spat.

“Whoa!” The driver bellowed deep and the wagon came to a jutting halt.

“End of the line.” Ulfric grumbled under his breath. A soldier ordered them out of the carriage and towards the twin square. The thief refused to follow of his own free will. Ralof mumbled cruel forms of encouragement as the man was forcibly drug kicking and screaming to the line of prisoners.

“Silence!” A female soldier's’ hard gruff voice had forced all eyes on her intimidating form. “When we call your name step forward!” Her tone was fierce, her posture straight and her commanding presence reminded him of how Ana commanded the Wardens.

“Yes Captain Drusilla! Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm.” The soldier next to her read off the paper he held. The uneasiness he emitted was undeniable; his stance was weak, his hands trembled, his voice wavered and his eyes wandered. The soldier wasn’t comfortable with the situation he found himself in and with all eyes on him his courage was quickly crumbling.

Alistair watched as Ulfric stepped forward. The Jarl of Windhelm stood proud and fearlessness as he followed the simple directions given him.

The Warden’s gaze wandered from Ulfric to the hooded man nearby, then to the man’s large ax, and down to a wooden block on the ground at his feet. A chill worked its way up his spine and he rolled his wrists inconspicuously.

He leaned toward Ralof standing stiffly beside him. “Uh it’s not Tuesday is it? Maker’s Breath please tell me it’s not Tuesday?” The Stormcloak looked confused but paid little mind to Alistair’s humor. The call of Ralof’s name pulled the one sensible man Alistair had met so far away from him.

“Lokir of Rorikstead.”

Suddenly the thief panicked, and shrugged free of the loose grip on his shoulder. “No! I’m no rebel! I don’t want to die!” He practically sobbed sprinting across the courtyard.

“Stop! Archers!” Captain Drusilla bellowed.

A single arrow pierced the back of Lokir’s head with such force he was propelled forward. His body fell like a sack of flour to the ground. Gasps and murmurs traveled through the line. Alistair looked away and clenched his fists trying to keep his anger in check.

“Anyone else feel like running?!” The Captain dared. When silence fell over the prisoners the man continued reading the list of names until Alistair was the last one left.

“Guess that means I wasn’t invited to the party.” The warden mocked. Captain Drusilla scoffed at his humor and ordered him to step forward. The soldier asked for a name and fumbled through his paper nervously when it didn’t match any on his list.

“The list doesn’t matter anymore. He goes to the block.” Drusilla stated. The soldier’s eyes widened. His mouth opened but closed without uttering a word. He looked at Alistair. A silent apology in his eyes. The warden joined the rest of the prisoners near the headsman. There wasn’t much time.

He stood listening to General Tullius insult Ulfric. Much of the accusations made little sense. He mentioned that Ulfric used the ‘Voice’ to murder his king. And he had started the war. That what they were about to do would help restore peace.

A distant roar echoed through the surrounding mountains bringing everyone to a stunned silence. Alistair knew that sound anywhere. The same chilling pitch as the fake andraste high dragon and the archdemon. The voice of Tullius shattered the stillness causing Alistair to jump slightly. He ordered that they proceed and first Stormcloak knelt at the block. Alistair felt his blood boil. He had witnessed death and killed many times himself, but as far as he knew these men and women were innocents. He clenched his jaw but the words spilled from his mouth uncontrollably.

“Are you insane!” The soldiers turned their attention towards his outburst. “Well clearly you are-” he chuckled at himself. He was stalling. ‘The Maker sure likes to wait till the last moment to give a damn doesn’t he?’ In that moment another loud roar rumbled over the town. The steady rhythm of wings beat the air as the creature responsible appeared in the clouds.


Screams filled the air as the villagers scattered. The town erupted in panic when the dragon landed on the watch tower in front of them. It’s talons sunk deep into the cobblestone and the sheer force of its grasp caused the stone to crumble. Another piercing bellow from the creature caused the clouds to gather and blot out the sun. They swirled into a raging storm directly above the dragon. There was no question, the beast was using powerful ancient magic. A third roar, louder than any he had ever heard before pounded painfully through his head and body.

Alistair’s thoughts turned hazy as he lifted his head. The force of the roar was so powerful he gasped to catch breath stolen from his chest. Even sounds were distorted from the ear splitting roar. He closed his eyes and opened them again. He was on the ground and around him many others had been knocked down as well. The vision began to blur again and he blinked then clear again. Flames burned the wooden homes and its smoke filled his lungs. Alistair’s gaze met with the dragon’s as it stared down at him from atop the tower. A hard jerk back on the collar of his uniform caused him to gag. He turned to see Ralof, his mouth was moving but his words muffled. The Stormcloak pulled Alistair to his feet and led him to the safety of another tower.

Once inside he gathered his bearinga. Three stormcloaks and Ulfric had taken shelter in the tower. One was hurt badly and couldn’t walk without assistance, but at least she had survived. Outside the screams and roars continued.

Ralof took a dagger from one of the other stormcloaks and turned to Alistair “Your binds- let me cut you lo-”

Alistair twisted his wrists and the rope bindings slackened. Ralof looked on in surprise. “What?” Alistair shrugged a sly crooked smile spread to his face as he rubbed his wrists. “Married a rogue. She has quite the shameless fascination with knots and bindings, and I’ll have you know… hers are far better.” He chortled.

Ralof chuckled and raised his brow at the implication. “So do you always make jokes Alistair?”

Alt Chapter 9 of LHM

a/n: hi so i said i was gonna write a version of chapter 9 of LHM by @midnightokieriete where everyone is completely happy and alive and i may or may not have lied about the happy part sorry #yikes

also! some of the writing is NOT mine and is @midnightokieriete which is the beginning until the “change” and john’s letter

word count: 2,119 words

“That’s nice to hear.” He mumbled, looking down at the pizza, “I like you, Y/N. You are very different. You are unique, and I enjoy every moment that I have with you.”

You grinned. You were going to say something, but you heard a yell. You turned, seeing John running towards the two of you. You frowned, upset that he was out of the apartment.

But then you heard a loud horn. You turned, seeing a truck speeding towards John. John didn’t notice the trunk yet, still smiling at the two of you. Your heart dropped. You only had a few seconds, and he was going to get hit.

“John, look out!” He raised his eyebrow in confusion. Lafayette dropped the pizza, realizing what was happening.

“Laurens!” He yelled, panicked, “The carriage!” John turned, finally seeing the truck.

The truck swerved and John jumped out of the way, barely dodging the truck. His body landed hard on the asphalt while you and Lafayette sprinted over to him.

“Oh my god! John?! John are you alright?” You questioned him as you knelt down and grabbed his face.

He chuckled and looked up at you. You gasped when you saw scratches littered over his beautiful freckles. John reached up and grabbed your hand resting on your cheek, “I’m better now that you’re here, sweetheart.”

You smacked his chest and jumped into his arms, sobbing into his neck.

“You-you could have died! I w-wouldn’t have ever s-seen you again!” You barely managed to get out.

John shushed you and wrapped his arms around you to try to comfort you.

The three of you were quite a sight, as you and John were practically cuddling in the middle of the street while Lafayette was still cussing at the “carriage” driver who didn’t even bother to stop.

“Shh (Y/N) I am alright,” John said as he rubbed your back. “Now let’s get you inside.”

You were still clinging onto him so Laurens had no other choice than to carry you.  Luckily, you were only a block or two away from the apartment. The whole way there John rubbed your back comfortingly while Lafayette looked at you worried but still silent.

When you finally got to your front door, Lafayette opened it to allow the two of you in. The boys turned to you to yell in excitement at your arrival but immediately quietened down when they saw being carried in Laurens’s arms, leaving nothing but the sound of your sobbing in the air.

John headed straight towards your bedroom and didn’t even bother to greet his friends, leading the boys to turn to Lafayette to question what was going on. He just shook his head and threw the pizza on the counter, but nobody dared to touch it.

Meanwhile, in your bedroom, your sobs slowly changed to quiet whimpers. Your hands were still clutched to John’s shirt and your heard was still in the crook of his neck. His fingers were laced into your hair and his other hand was rubbing circles into your back. This went on for the longest time, or the shortest. You couldn’t tell. Your mind was still etched with the memory of John about to get hit by that truck, about to die, about to be ripped away from you forever.

“Why,” you sniffled into his neck. “Why did you run out into the road?”

John stayed silent and eyes were focused head, not daring to look at you.

“Why Johnny?” You whimpered.

After hearing the nickname he couldn’t keep ignoring you and realized he had to tell you the truth. He took a big, shaky breath.

“I-” His voice cracked. “I was going to deliver you a letter.”

He spoke softly which was a drastic difference to his normal loud and easily recognizable voice.

You furrowed your eyebrows and lifted your head away from John’s neck, deciding to just sit in his lap.

“A letter? From who?” You asked curiously.

John took another shaky breath and pulled away from you to take something out of his pocket.

“I wasn’t gonna give it to you,” He told you truthfully. “But I changed my mind after I nearly died.” He chuckled dryly.

You didn’t laugh but instead took the crinkled up letter from him. You unfolded it carefully and was about to read when John put his hands on yours.

“Can I ask you of just one thing?” He asked.

You nodded to him, still confused about the whole situation.

“Please don’t think of me any different.” He whispered while staring directly into your eyes.

You nodded again but more slowly this time and began to read.

My Dearest, (Y/N),

When you’re in this constant state of, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, it’s hard, it’s terrifying to try and stop thinking that way. I mean, we’re here. Under the most extreme and strange circumstances, we are here. We are here, with you, Y/N. And you are taking care of us. You are making sure we are fine, we are able to live another day. You are making sure that I’m okay. Every time you look at me, I, I don’t know how to react. Do I pretend like I’m fine?

Or do I tell you, that I get this unknown feeling in my chest, and every time i look into your eyes, I see the stars align? The world is whispering to me, and it’s telling me your name. It’s telling me that you are the one, the one I’ve been looking for all along. Is that why I’m here? Is that why we came three hundred years in the future, to meet you? My first instinct was to run away, to ignore the thumping in my chest cavity and live life without you knowing how I feel.

Your eyes widened at this. Surely it cannot mean what you think it does.

Did he…?

Is he..?

That’s why I’m writing this down. You, Y/N, you made me into this. I’m a complete mess. When you smile at me, I am undone. I am attached to your every breath, to your every gaze. But the others, the others, I see what’s happening. They are realizing that they care for you too. It hurts, to see them hold your hand, or touch you. Do they value you as much as I? Do they think of your smile, hours after it’s gone?

He does. And apparently some of the other boys too. But oh does your heart sigh whenever you are with John and you are completely undone when he smiles as he is with you. You want to throw the letter down and kiss him, but you ignore that feeling and force yourself to keep reading.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t send this letter to you. In fact, I will hide it. This is the only way I can express how I feel about you, to let it out.

I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. With every grin, with every word, with every breath, with every blink, with every movement of mine, I am yours.

Even with him describing how he felt around your presence, seeing how he truly feels about you in ink makes your heart pound and hands clammy. You fight the urge again but you know you must read the entire letter before deciding on to do something.

Oh how in every waking moment of mine, I wish for you to be mine. To wake up next to you, to drink that coffee with you, to walk you to your school, to meet everyone who has had the pleasure to meet you. I want to know you, I want to see you at your most vulnerable, to see you at your best and worst. I want to experience life. With you.

But now, I have this question ringing in my head. Do you consider me yours? Or am I just a nuisance, a man that you treat like a child? Is John Laurens, the man far from his time, worth the time of day?

You start tearing at this. Both because you too want to be with him and because you are still sorry about calling him a child and it hurts you at how much it had affected him.

As I am writing this, I think I know the answer. But I still need to know. I need to hear it from you.

Am I, Miss Y/N, a man you could love? Someone that you could see a future with, someone that is desperately in love with you? Could, you possibly…

Sorry, I am rambling on. You were gone for a while, and I am on my way to see you outside. I hope Lafayette and you had a nice time together.

You wished you knew what he was going to write, you were desperate for it.

Why am I still writing?

Lafayette loves you, you know. I’m not quite sure if he knows it yet, but I see the way he looks at you. The way his smile widens every time you waltz into the room, gracing us with your presence. It hurts, because, you smile. Oh, your smile to him, it’s different. It’s more special. More intimate.

Your heart stops at this when you realized why Lafayette was acting so weird on your pizza run.

Do you like Lafayette? And do you smile differently at him? You could not answer these questions and kept reading

Why can’t you see me? I am right here, I am waiting for you. Just look at me, see me for who I am, see me.

See me.

Ah, it is my time to place down this pen. I will see you soon.

Time to eat that deadly slice of pizza.

You almost giggle at the ending of his intimate letter to you but you remembered what he said.

He loves you. John loves you. Your mind was still reeling at the confession.

Sensing that you finished the letter, John tensed up and started shifting around the bed nervously. You looked up and saw that his scratched up, freckled face was bright red.


“You don’t have to say anything.” He cut you off. “I-I know that you probably don’t lo-like me back and, well, Lafayette likes you so-”

You realize in that moment that you have made your decision. This man opened up his heart to you and his words made you feel completely and utterly helpless. You want to prove to him that you do not think of him as a child but as someone who you believe you want to be by your side.

You realize in that moment, where you are sitting in his lap looking like an utter mess while he is wringing his hands and still looking at you like you have galaxies in your eyes and stardust in your hair, that you love him too.

You realize in that moment you could have lost him. Your chest tightens when your mind replayed the memory of the bright lights outlining John’s silhouette.

In that moment you push you body up against John’s and cut off his ramblings with a desperate and hard kiss. John grunts in surprise but surges his hand to your back, desperate to have you closer to him after being denied for so long.

You reach up and cup his face. Underneath his freckles you feel the scratches and you tense up. John senses this and pulls away.

“I’m fine, (Y/N) I swear.” He cranes his neck down and pecks a couple kisses on your neck. “I’m better now that you’re here, sweetheart.”

Even though it was the same words John said to you before, they somehow held a different meaning behind them, causing you to shudder in his arms.

You gasped when John kissed a particularly sensitive part of your neck and you reached up to pull his face up to yours, wanting a taste of his lips again.

The kiss was a lot softer than the first one but still possessed the same kind of longing underneath it. John pulled away and looked down at you, smiling. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind you ear and then kissed your head.

“I think it’s time to go to sleep, sweetheart.” He said as you already started drifting off in his arms. “We had a long day today.”

John wrapped a blanket around both of you and soon you were out like a light.

In the other room, the boys sensed that whatever happened had been resolved and started messing around again on Mario Kart.

Lafayette, however, stayed behind in the kitchen, already knowing what happened in the bedroom between you and John. He knew that he would never find a woman as exquisite as you. He sighed and looked around the empty kitchen before finally taking a bite of the cold pizza.

carry your throne - bts hyung line (sneak peak)

member(s) / pairing: bts hyung line x reader
genre: fantasy royalty au
rating / warnings: mature / smut, angst, violence, character death
summary:  as a queen, your first priority is your country. however, with the recent death of your husband, the king, and enemies ready to strike, your best option is to remarry to form stronger alliances. it is when you meet a certain prince and his court it becomes apparent that won’t be such an easy task.

(moodboard by myself)

“Where is your brother? The Queen of Merdain is nearly here.” The Kordonian Queen looked around the sitting room, only finding Yoongi sitting at the piano. Sighing, she picked up her skirts. “Find him and get him to the North lawn entrance. Now.

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