Dusk and Summer is nearly 11 years old and yet we’ve still never seen the album pressed on vinyl.

Whilst it may not be Dashboard’s most critically acclaimed release, it’s one of my personal favourite records with tracks such as Rooftops and Invitations, Stolen, Vindicated and Don’t Wait.

This album paints a picture in my mind so vividly of that era, the summer of 2006 and my late teenage years.  The trials and tribulations of life and young love at time when music meant so much to me.

Rumours have it Chris is busy working on new material and that we’ll see a new Dashboard album this year. So whilst we’re waiting there’s no reason not to re-release this album! 

While I’m here it’s also fun to point out that their whole back catalogue needs repressing, some haven’t been re-pressed since 2003 and alongside Dusk and SummerThe Places You Have Come To Fear The Most has never been pressed at all.

I guess I just don’t understand how a band so influential to that scene and so many people isn’t widely available on one of the largest growing formats.

I’m not very active on Twitter but have sent requests to both the official accounts of Dashboard (@Dashboardmusic) and the label (@Vagrant)


If you’re a Dashboard fan and would like this album released on wax for the first time then please let them know via Twitter and who knows, maybe we’ll finally get it.


#TBT to when Neck Deep stole the fucking show at the APMAs.

New records part one!

Garden State Official Soundtrack
The Shade of Poison Trees by Dashboard Confessional

First off, if you haven’t seen Garden State then you really should. It’s a beautiful film, funny yet touching with one of THE best soundtracks I’ve ever heard.

Now finding Dashboard albums on vinyl is pretty hard, well at least at a reasonable price. Two of which have never even been pressed which is criminal to think how influential Carrabba was to the scene back then.
The Shade of Poison Trees is often the forgotten Dashboard album but it’s one I’ve always had a huge softspot for.
I managed to pick it up on Discogs for a great price and apart from a little sleeve wear it’s a real beaut.

today someone at work came up to me and was like “doesn’t it feel like… idek this area is changing? and i feel like it’s bc of society i guess?” and i was like “yeah bitch!!! i got u!!!” and i was ready to have this good ass conversation abt how the area is getting better but simultaneously people are kinda getting shittier but then she followed up my response by getting kinda racist and i have never noped out of a conversation so fast in my entire life


Hayley Williams singing with Chris Carrabba, Abigail Anderson and Taylor Swift

Rock Singers You Share A Sign With

Aries- Brendon Urie, Chris Carrabba, Gerard Way, Maynard James Keenan

Taurus- Kellin Quinn, Patrick Stump, Sid Vicious

Gemini- Quinn Bicer, Stevie Nicks, Prince

Cancer- Derek Sanders, Matty Mullins

Leo- M. Shadows, James Hetfield, Ben Gibbard


Libra- Tom Petty, Austin Carlile, Chris Motionless

Scorpio- Oliver Sykes, Laura Jane Grace

Sagittarius- Amy Lee, John Ginoli

Capricorn- Marilyn Manson, Andy Beirsack

Aquarius- Vic Fuentes, Johnny Rotten, Billie Joe Armstrong, Alice Cooper, Matthew Tuck

Pisces- Kurt Cobain