#TBT to when Neck Deep stole the fucking show at the APMAs.


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Neck Deep - “December” ft. Chris Carrabba

AP 182// Sept 2003 // Dashboard Confessional

“New songs, new approaches, same person: Ryan J. Downey talks to Dashboard Confessional mainstay Chris Carrabba about the view from where he’s standing-and, no, he can’t see John Mayer’s house from there.”


Neck Deep Premiere “December (Again)” With Mark Hoppus 

Neck Deep Premiere “December (Again) With Mark Hoppus

Watch their other new rendition of “December” with Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba here:

Rock Singers You Share A Sign With

Aries- Brendon Urie, Chris Carrabba, Gerard Way, Maynard James Keenan

Taurus- Kellin Quinn, Patrick Stump, Sid Vicious

Gemini- Quinn Bicer, Stevie Nicks, Prince

Cancer- Derek Sanders, Matty Mullins

Leo- M. Shadows, James Hetfield, Ben Gibbard


Libra- Tom Petty, Austin Carlile, Chris Motionless

Scorpio- Oliver Sykes, Laura Jane Grace

Sagittarius- Amy Lee, John Ginoli

Capricorn- Marilyn Manson, Andy Beirsack

Aquarius- Vic Fuentes, Johnny Rotten, Billie Joe Armstrong, Alice Cooper, Matthew Tuck

Pisces- Kurt Cobain


Hayley Williams singing with Chris Carrabba, Abigail Anderson and Taylor Swift


aries: gary way, max bemis, chris carrabba 
taurus: matt pryor
gemini: blake schwarzenbach if he was born after 11:00 am, also bob nanna
cancer: jesse lacey ofc, also jeremy enigk!
leo: davey von bohlen
virgo: adam lazzara if he was born before 10 pm and lbr
libra: tim kensella (he’s 10/22 but the sun didn’t ingress til 10/23 that year)
scorpio: jim adkins

aquarius: daryl palumbo (!)
pisces: geoff rickly, mike kinsella, chris conley of saves the day

FASCINATING breadth. what do you think? are there any iconic frontmen or songwriters of emo I missed? (other than pet wantz, known gemini, patrick stump is a taurus)

it’s interesting that there are so few (any? where!) sags and capricorns, when usually both are overrepresented among musicians. 

In theory both music from Chris Carrabba and Hanson performing together (separately?) sounds like a great idea. But having been to a Dashboard Confessional concert in DC, it was honestly THE WORST concert experience I’ve ever been to. And y'all know how I have Hanson concert anxiety (well, the waiting, once I’m sitting I’m generally fine). When I saw Dashboard my friend and I had nosebleeds. And the resonance sucked. Some girls behind me were screaming like they were being murdered. I turned around and put my finger to my lips like, quiet down he can’t hear just how much you love him. Her friend told her to kick me in the head after I turned back around (she didn’t). Soooo, the idea of being stuck on an island fan with Chris Carrabba fans AND Hanson fans doesn’t sound too fun. Musically, yes. But, meh, I’ll pass..

*outtake* from The Original Carrabba’s Cookbook shoot - Sausage & Peppers - Mr. C’s grilled Italian sausage.

cut on the diagonal and serve as an appetizer or main course.
Did you know that you can purchase uncooked, house-made Italian sausage, linked or crumbled at Carrabba’s or Grace’s?

Just ask for it!

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