Dates with Kirisaki Daiichi (baka trio edition - Hara, Zaki, Seto)

Hara - He’d be all for fun and games and everything, but also be very casual, probably take you to an arcade or something after school. You’d play a lot of games together, versus each other, and let’s be honest Hara probably does this all the time so he’d win most of them and gloat, but then you’d unexpectedly win at one game and then you’re just like “YES FISTPUMP” and he’d be a bit petulant about that like D< as if he’s a cranky child who’s a sore loser (note: he is), then insist on claiming a kiss as a consolation prize right in the middle of the arcade, and then tease you when you’re embarrassed at his PDA. Then you’d get into a playful argument, calling each other silly insults (i.e. “is your brain made of jelly”) in the middle of arcade like a stupid little bakkapuru. 

He’d win a bunch of tickets, especially from the basketball shooting games (even though they’re rigged he knows how to cheat the cheaters lmao) and get you a little plushy and be like “you can name this Kazu-chan and keep it on your bed! that way i can watch you change! and sleep!’ and you’ll be like DDDDDDD< YOU PERVERT and punch him lmao

Later you’d have to convince him not to get into a fight with another guy that he (not entirely accidentally) pissed off, breaking up the conflict, and he’d say that you’re such a goody two shoes, then kiss you again because he secretly likes that you’re a goody two shoes.

After you’ve left the arcade and you’re walking down the street holding hands and Hara swinging your hands back and forth, he’d invite you to spend the night as his place all cheekily and when you’re like "KAZUYA IT’S A SCHOOL NIGHT WE HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW” he’d pout and be like alright fine, this weekend then, you promised and then laugh when you’re embarrassed again hehe what a little shit

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"It's like he drunk calls 6 times for me to come over, but can't say hello at lunch." kisetaka : )

OMIGOD SAV. KISETAKA. I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PAIRING IT’S SO MUCH FUN. QVQ I wrote waaaay more than intended but no regrets. This plays out like a romcom chick flick omfg

“Didn’t you give him your phone number the other day?” Momoi asks, leaning forward on the coffee shop table as watches Kise openly ogle their studio’s newest photographer with the kind of single-minded lust that Dai-chan normally reserved for his porn magazines. “He hasn’t called you up yet?”

It visibly pains Kise to tear his gaze off the other man, who’s currently sipping a latte halfway across the shop, and the blond model’s lips fold into a bitter pout. “He has. Just never sober.” Momoi raises an inquisitive pink eyebrow, prompting Kise to elaborate. He does so by pulling his phone out and sliding it across the table. As Momoi flips through his recent calls list, Kise heaves another sigh heavy enough to sink the titanic, and props his elbow on the tabletop, leaning his cheek against his hand as he pines yet again. “It’s like he drunk calls me 6 times to come over, but can’t say hello at lunch!” He moans, throwing his hands in the air out of frustration.

Momoi, long accustomed to Kise’s theatrics, just pats his back consolingly. “Well, he’s definitely into you,” she comments encouragingly as she taps away on Kise’s phone. “As if it weren’t obvious enough in the way he looks at you during shoots. You two practically fuck through eye contact!”

Kise just slumps against the table in a spineless puddle, nearly knocking over his cappuccino in the process. “God I want him,” he groans, words muffled by the wood. Momoi simply tosses his phone back to him with a triumphant grin plastered on her face.

“Then you’d better start thanking me. I just helped you ask him out on Saturday. And he’s headed over her right now.”

Kise’s head swivels towards the other side of the cafe at fast enough to give himself whiplash, and he spots Takao slipping his phone into his pants pocket, before their gazes meet and the dark-haired photographer flashes a grin. Kise mouths a quick “thank you” to Momoi, and rises out of his seat, turning on full charm as he saunters towards Takao. Momoi cheers him on from behind.

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"There's no need for tears, you know." (Kiyohana)

It’s very hard to look sadistic and intimidating with tears rolling down your cheeks, Hanamiya finds, and he’s livid at himself for crying and showing this weakness, but he can’t stop because he’s just so angry, and this only adds to his frustration, which makes him cry more and… It’s a vicious cycle, really. What irks him more than anything though is the sympathetic, gentle look on Kiyoshi’s face as the other boy pays his head comfortingly (condescendingly) like he would for a lost kitten. “It’s okay, there’s no need to cry,” Kiyoshi murmurs soothingly and this makes Hanamiya want to cry even more.

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What are all your Hanamiya ships?

oh wow get ready for a really long list 

imayoshi x hanamiya (imaha) because middle school grudges, genius pointguards, mutual hatred and battles of wits, what’s not to love. this was my first hanamiya ship so it is forever special and precious to me AND I REALLY SHOULD WRITE MORE OF IT GDI sobs

kiyoshi x hanamiya (kiyohana) because the love-hate dynamics, revenge versus forgiveness, it’s the classic battle of light and dark, good and evil only kiyoshi isn’t really as good as he appears to be but knows how to kill slowly with kindness, and hanamiya is more affected than he tries to be and it’s really convoluted and they don’t really know if they love each other anyways it just keeps happening

riko x hanamiya (hanariko?) while their ethos and morals are completely inverse, they’re actually not that different. they both work hard, they’re both hardass student coaches who take no shit and a joint training session between them would be a product from the depths of hell. also it’d be cute as hell to see them antagonize one another.

haizaki x hanamiya they’re both “cheaters” and antagonists (i think the cheater thing is disputable with haizaki idk it’s been a while since i read those chapters) it’s interesting to see them interact but in complete honesty haizaki while he’s strong and talented he’d probably be really easily manipulated by hanamiya so yes that’d be great plsthnx

seto x hanamiya (setohana????? does anyone even ship this????) seto clearly looks up to hanamiya, and is hanamiya’s “shadow” on the court who helps him carry out his spider’s web. i think seto kind of implicitly understands hanamiya, and they’d have to be pretty close to have that chemistry on the court. they’re partners, simple as that.

furuhashi x hanamiya (i give up these ships don’t even have ship names sobs) if there’s one thing that’s obvious,then it’s that furuhashi is hanamiya’s second in command in the team. he knows hanamiya, what he thinks, what pisses him off, what actions he might take, and while he can’t intuitively predict hanamiya’s movements and thoughts like seto can, he’s arguably the closest person to hanamiya. i also see a bit of idol worship on furuhashi’s part, if only a bit. and i can see hanamiya treating furuhashi well. if anything, hana-chan would be a bit petulant i think? I DON’T KNOW I JUST REALLY LOVE KIRIDAI FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCES AND SCREAMS

hara x hanamiya this is more of a brotp than anything because i sincerely believe that hara and hanamiya in a relationship would be a catastrophe of fantastic proportions, and not in a good way. but it’d be pretty chaotic, hara’s carefree nature combined with hanamia’s strictness and hanamiya would get so pissed off but i can see this as being really cute as well????

akashi x hanamiya this is a minor ship for me but i can see them being really antagonistic to one another and hanamiya would really hate akashi and akashi would never even give him the time of day so wwwwwww

kuroko x hanamiya just think of the love-hate. THINK ABOUT IT. they honestly have similar hobbies, and i can really picture them reading together in a cafe or something but KUROKO HATES HANAMIYA’S GUTS, AS IN MORE THAN ANY OTHER PERSON HE’S EVER KNOWN and the vitriol is delicious

tl;dr: hanamiya x everyone on the planet


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if im intelligent and like to play with people and see them hurt would you love me

if you want my completely honest answer? probably not. because while those are the very reasons that I take such interest in Hanamiya and love his character, I say this because there are very different distinctions between reality and fiction.

The entire joy of studying and analyzing monsters in fiction, such as those in literature, in art, in mythology, is because they’re not real. There’s a distance between you and them, so while you can look into them so intimately and deeply, you don’t have to confront them directly, meet them in person, you don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions. They’re like a little specimen in a glass bottle that you can examine and poke at, and through such experiment, you can learn more about them and yourself and the world around you. But they can never, ever touch you. 

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so i spent this afternoon making my own shipping graph after deciding that the already existing ones were not satisfactory, due to my massive inclination towards kirisaki daiichi and crack pairings. so this came into being.

(i suck at making graphics but humor me)

some facts:

otp = they fuck AND they’re cute as fuck (and occasionally they utterly loathe each other as well)

imayoshi comes in first place for most green dicks at a stunning number of 7

hara wins the largest green dick to total pairing ratio (5:1)

hanamiya wins for most number of pairings with 10 (is that surprising i ship hana with half the world ok)

takao, surprisingly, wins for most vanilla list. 

my crown otps are imahana, kiyohana, nijihai, and midotaka. nobody should be surprised by this really

haizaki has a green dick on his face every damn time except with nijimura

that’s a lot of green dicks man should i be concerned


i would offer the blank thing but this is really shitty and specified to my tastes raughs

gambler's fallacy

Kuroko no Basuke, fanfiction.

Imayoshi x Hanamiya x Haizaki, gambler AU, oneshot.

Word count: 2664

Warning(s): Mentions of violence and sex, factual inaccuracy, vague timeline

So I owe haizakishugedick this imahanahai thing from waaaay back, and I finally sat my ass down and finished it so I hope that you enjoy it, lovely <3 sorry there’s no porn, but anything with hanamiya in it is pretty damn close

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I'm also going to request, bob the builder x you !! :D

… Seriously.;;

Her lips twitch in an intimidating, fierce smile; the look of a killer just about to snap. The hammer in her hand looks a lot more threatening all of a sudden, and Bob’s starting to regret letting her get her hands on that. “Oh, you’ll need more than that damn hard hat to escape from this alive.”

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Miyaji x You! :D

ffff. Why did I see this coming?

She’s the very definition of being in love with love; she’s so lost in the moment, the stories, all the expectations and fantasies, that sometimes, there’s a lack of actual feeling. She’s made her decisions, said her confessions, and now, she’s afraid that she’ll hurt him, because she knows how deep the wounds cut, and how dangerous that is. But sometimes when she sees that rare, precious smile play on the edge of his lips, a stir in her chest makes her wonder if maybe, just maybe, she’s made the right decision after all.

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Akashi watches Hanamiya in a match and gives him his opinion after the game?

this is actually one of my favorite combos ever ALL THE PRIZES TO YOU YOU AMAZING PERSON MWAH 

and because i really love this beyond all measure forget the 3 sentence limit ok thank you s much

the sting of indignation at the younger boy’s condescending look dulls the triumph of victory as makoto exits the court. makoto gives a smile in akashi’s direction, more an aggressive baring of teeth rather than a gesture of friendliness. the corner of the redhead’s lip twitches in a mixture of repulsion and mockery, his arms crossed authoritatively over his chest. “it’s a weak strategy. rather pathetic,” akashi comments flippantly, which only makes makoto bristle even more.

makoto wants to spit curses at the younger boy, hiss at him through clenched teeth, but he knows better than to challenge absolute authority, loathe as he is to admit it. besides, there’s no reason for him to reveal his chips or justify his actions in any way, especially not to a miracle brat- a theft of the crown and recognition that very well should belong to makoto. 

makoto’s eyebrows knit together tightly and he meets akashi’s burning stare with a venomous glare of his own. the redhead captain of the generation of miracles is probably only here because of mibuchi, hayama, or nebuya’s mentions of makoto. “thank you for enjoying the match,” he tells the boy, very diplomatically and cloyingly sweet, before turning on his heel and heading in the other direction. 

makoto takes comfort in the fact that if he were to break the boy’s knees or gouge his eyes out, even the great akashi seijuuro would be nothing but utter trash. 

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Inukai and Yuki, Inukai is a prince, Yuki is a castle maid.

He sees her every day, whether it’s passing by as she sweeps the corridors, or being dragged out of bed by her. But no matter how menial or small the task she is assigned, with every curtsie and bow, there’s a spark of indignation in her eyes, an indomitable spirit, but never a smile. So one day, he tries something different; flashing a shark tooth smile, he tells her to call him just Inukai, not “your majesty” or “your highness”, because, underneath all the lace and ruffles, he’s just an ordinary guy, and is rewarded by a radiant grin on her behalf.