Ask me questions?
  1. Last person you hugged
  2. Favorite number
  3. Last time you cried
  4. Sunsets or sunrises
  5. Eye color
  6. Place you want to visit
  7. Least favorite subject
  8. Favorite item
  9. Reason to smile
  10. Favorite blogs
  11. Best movie you’ve seen
  12. Number of siblings
  13. Reason why you joined tumblr
  14. Something that makes you mad
  15. Glasses or contacts
  16. Best friend(s) name
  17. Do you have any pets
  18. What is something that you enjoy doing
  19. All time favorite song
  20. Last time you had sex
  21. Taller or shorter
  22. Blue eyes or brown eyes
  23. Do you believe in love at first sight
  24. Best advice you’ve ever got
  25. Last digit of your phone number
  26. Do you believe in heaven
  27. Do you drive
  28. Color of socks you’re wearing
  29. Favorite book or author
  30. What color is your room
  31. What time did you wake up
  32. Can you drive
  33. Most favorite candy!!
  34. Winter or Summer
  35. Do you like horses
  36. Someone who makes you feel better about yourself
  37. Would you ever break the law
  38. What is your least favorite thing to do
  39. Ear buds or head phones
  40. Favorite quote and why
  41. Playing cards or board games
  42. Would you rather sleep in or eat pie
  43. Have you ever climbed a wall
  44. Can you draw
  45. Do you like peanut butter
  46. Cats or dogs
  47. Would you rather live in the desert or Antarctica
  48. Ever been chased by the police
  49. Jeans or sweat pants
  50. Do you play any sports
  51. Something you’re afraid of
  52. Swimming or sky diving
  53. Do you believe in Santa
  54. Who is your favorite person ever
  55. Do you like shopping
  56. Favorite time
  57. Have you ever been camping
  58. Do you have any tattoos
  59. Do you have any piercings
  60. Warm or cold
  61. Do you regret anything from your life
  62. Have you smiled today if yes why
  63. Ever been in a fight
  64. What is your favorite TV show
  65. Do you like corn on the cob
  66. Turn on and turn offs
  67. Embarrassing memory
  68. Something you wish never existed
  69. Craziest thing ever done
  70. Meaning behind URL
  71. Random fact
  72. Last dream you had
  73. 5 things you love
  74. 5 things you hate
  75. Relationship status
  76. Zodiac sign
  77. What’s your opinion on Gay rights
  78. Blind or deaf
  79. Have you ever skipped class
  80. Habits I have
  81. Goals for the future
  82. My idea of a perfect date
  83. Something I did yesterday
  84. 3 fears
  85. Someone I miss
  86. How I feel right now
  87. How tall am I
  88. Pet peeves
  89. Age you get mistaken for
  90. Favorite kind of ice cream
  91. I’ll love you if….
  92. Last thing I ate
  93. Birthday
  94. Dream car
  95. Post a selife
  96. Worst thing I’ve ever done
  97. Shoe size
  98. Favorite store
  99. Ever been cheated on
  100. Biggest insecurity

i got a little intoxicated last night and spent 55 dollars on Amazon for an LED strip system for the undercarriage of cars 

basically I’m gonna pimp out the scp foundation offsite response vehicle with like glowing purple rims and shit and it’s gonna be too late to go back because that Prime shipping is unstoppable and this is happening