In order. Benedict. Then Rachel McAdams joined him.(I marked it Tilda. They are both blonde. *shrugs*) You can see when they spot Sophie making her way to Benedict. Sophie, whose shoes match the red carpet, making her appear shorter and heavier. Notice in the second photo she appears more slender because the shoes are not blending into the floor. And although it seems impossible, the dress/mumu seems to have shrunk by a good half a foot. The shoes are now able to be fully seen. Although, I am sure that that is just the camera angle. Also that is an unusual woman modeling the outfit on the runway as in that photo the runway model appears to be a C- Cup since her breast are so obvious in that dress/cape/mumu and most runway models are as flat as a board. That’s interesting because Sophie does seem flat as a board though? Isn’t it amazing what kind of tricks neon pepto-bismol pink can play on the eye? Beware, hold on to your hair indeed! Your curly, dyed and highlighted hair.

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“What bothers me, I guess, is when I get these messages from girls on Twitter, and they’re like, ‘God, you’re my idol, I really admire you.’ It’s like, 'Admire me for what? What have I done?’ It’s not that being in a Burberry campaign, or walking in a Chanel show is nothing. It’s just… I know I can do more.” — Cara Delevingne