carpet plants

a list of jobs dallon has done over his life, the later ones while he was already playing for panic, 2015 was the first year he could actually just be in the band:

subway, taco time, construction work, real estate title delivery boy, real estate property photographer, carpet cleaner, courier, plant nursery worker, day labor, furniture delivery, garbage man

he said that carpet cleaning was by far the worst

source are various tweets


Around my garden, 14 July 2015:

Top: ‘Nostalgia’ hybrid tea rose

Second Row, Left: Mesembryanthemum, ‘Magic Carpet Mixed’ (Ice Plants)

Second Row, Middle: Dahlia

Second Row, Right: ‘Handel’ climbing rose

Third: Another ‘Nostalgia’ bi-color hybrid tea rose. There is some color variation, because the roses become a deeper red the more they are exposed to sunlight.

Fourth Row, Left: Magnolia grandiflora, second bloom of the season, and a pollinator enjoying it already.

Fourth Row, Right: Dahlia

Bottom: A bee on my Lavender.