carpet creatures

The Signs as Weird-Ass Sea Creatures

Aries: Carpet Shark 


Taurus: Firefly Squid


Gemini: Sea Pig


Cancer: Red-Lipped Batfish


Leo: Flamingo Tongue Snail


Virgo: Giant Hatchetfish


Libra: Clown Frogfish


Scorpio:  Pink Handfish


Sagittarius: Harp Sponge


Capricorn: Vampire Squid


Aquarius: Sarcastic Fringehead 


Pisces: Blob Sculpin 


Dear Author, greetings to You! I have a request. Reader is a famous singer, whose voice gets is a voice of a angel, but she hides her face behind a mask. Newt running after niffler is in concert hall and heard her. He sees her singing and fell in love with voice. But she had an abusive boyfriend, who is heating her… and here can be any variation of action…


Alright, I switched the abusive partner for an overzealous fan. I just don’t feel comfortable writing abuse, as its something that I haven’t experienced, and I would hate to upset, offend or trigger anybody. I hope that’s alright and you still like it.


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Newts breath was coming in sharp gasps, as he sprinted after that bloody niffler. It had wriggled it’s way out of newts innocent looking case, as he was passing by the grand music hall, with its slightly wonky columns of marble, no doubt enticed out by an over polished trombone or something to that effect.

Newt continued his hunt for the damned beast inside, keeping as quiet as he could and trying desperately not to be spotted by any members of staff. spotting something oily black out of the corner of his eye, he crept stealthily across the carpeted floor, as the creature examined and admired its reflection in a particularly shiny flute, that lay in its velvet lined case on one the many seats, waiting patiently to be played, before newt wrapped his hands around his form in a firm grip, a scolding look in his sea green eyes.

As he shuffled from the main music hall, after placing the little pest back into his case, and giving it a good talking to, beautiful music drifted to newts keen ears. Unable to stop himself, he cautiously approached the practice rooms door, an angelic voice began to sing along with the finely played piano. Newt had never in his life been quite so moved by a piece of music, he simply stood, leaning against the cool stone wall, allowing it to wash over him, in a pure moment of bliss.

Newt allowed his mind to wander to who might have such a talent, as the music drew to close, growing quieter and quieter until the mysterious impossibly sweet voice was barely above a whisper. Newt managed to gather himself together, and began to make his leave, as the practice room  door opened just a crack.

Newt continued on his way, down the shallow stone steps, that he had previously leapt up, now in an almost blissful daze, as the tune and the beautiful voice that went with it, continued to drift through his mind, like a dream that his slowly waking was trying desperately to cling on to. That is until a panicked yelp reached his ears, pulling him from his peaceful thoughts. Newt rushed his way down the side street that the sound had come from, finding a rather large man struggling with a woman, trying to remove her hat, grasping her shoulder so tightly that his knuckles were turning white,  she was putting up quite the fight, but the man was much too strong for her to put up much more resistance.

Newt quickly weighed his options, before finally deciding to discretely pull out his wand, casting a body bind charm, seeming turning the greasy haired  man to rigid stone, before falling to the damp pavement of the  grimy side street.

The woman seemed shaken but not too concerned about the use of magic, with a slight sigh of relief, newt hurried his way over to her “are you alright?’ he asked, his soft voice full of concern for the stranger.  He could just about make out the ghost of a smile behind the ornate lace Vail that covered her face. She nodded still shaking slightly, ‘yes, thank you for your help, goodness knows what might have happened if you hadn’t have been here.’

Her slightly lilted voice sounded vaguely familiar, ‘were, were you singing, in one of the practice rooms?’ he asked curiously, an odd spark of hope in his chest.  Newt just caught the sadness in her eyes, hidden behind the delicate mask of lace, before she nodded her reply.

 ‘well it was beautiful, I’ve never heard anything quite like it’ newt complimented, rambling slightly, before she released a light giggle, though she was still clearly shaken.

“I think there’s a little café over the road there, a cup of sweet tea might help with the shock.’

As the pair turned out of the side street, newt flicked his wand behind his back, giving the foul man the counter curse to his new found rigidity.


Have a great day and be safe


Joy in the Journey

I just finished Journey for the first time. My friend knew I had never played it before and thought he’d bring it over to show me. Instead I seized the opportunity to try my hand at something new.

At the very first I was bewitched by the sand I found myself surrounded by. Wandering a bit to get my bearings and get used to moving I then promptly followed my friends advice and marched up the dune to face a new challenge. Seeing a large sandy valley of sorts filled with what I assumed were statues. It was not until later that I realized the truth.

I strolled along poking my nose into this and that thrilled and enthused by the beauty and simplicity of my surroundings. Until I found my first bit of scarf and begin to fly about excitedly, exclaiming out Loud like a gleeful schoolboy. My friends found this the most hilarious reaction they had ever seen to Journey so far and he guided me verbally to the first glowing symbol or “shiny” as he called them.

Soon after my friend told me to wander in a certain direction and when I did I found the most delightful surprise. A humble little flower, bravely growing in defiance of all the waste around it. I knelt a moment with my brave little friend.
“Hello there small one. You’re the first living thing I’ve seen here. Good luck to you little friend! Make a meadow for me when I get back!”

Of course I knew nothing of what this flower stood for beyond its simple yellow petals defying the odds. As I wandered I learned to chirp, or “tootle” as I liked to think of it. I felt as if I carried a flute and a bell with me to sing my loneliness away. One wanderer alone was quite saddening really. Suddenly I found a new friend though, a strange carpet like creature that flew about and lent me the same power. What was more he tootled too! I promptly gave my new friend the name Ludwig. Ludwig and I set out to free his family, how in the world they’d trapped themselves I’ll never know.

Passing through ruins, learning things through murals and visions; I had pieced together much about this world. These wonderful little creatures lived by starlight, or something akin to that. I wasn’t really sure but all the same the mystical properties of my scarf and Ludwig fascinated me.

We races down the dunes and came into some dark tunnels. Immediately I noticed Ludwig and gang were missing. Suddenly keenly aware of how alone I was in a dark place I moved forward hesitantly my friend encouraging me despite my trepidation.

As I moved forward I spotted a familiar floating fellow.

“Ludwig! You came back! Bless you my little fri-!”

To my horror my friend was snatch up and destroyed by a monstrous dragon! I leapt forward in an attempt to save my little companion only to be thrashed about and realize I was powerless against such a creature.

Fear gripped me but I pressed on, dodging the dragon’s gaze by staying clear of the center and sticking to the shadows. I swore I’d make it for poor Ludwig.

As I raced past my final hurdle clearing the dragons and tooting out a cry of triumph, I once more met with that mysterious elder who led me by vision. I called this large being Elder. Elder had taught me much and I soon found that this world had been ravaged by war, and greed. I promised to so what I could to help those whom I felt were my people. Maybe I could find a way to rebalance the stars with ourselves?

I climbed the tower and headed into the snow. As I trudged forward it was with bitter realisation that I finally understood what the strange statues were. Graves of those who had gone before. As the harsh wind blew I knelt in the markers shelter and gave thanks to the noble dead who’s passing allowed my way onward. I was doing this for them, for my people, for Ludwig.

After seeing a large carpet creature, whom I dubbed Bach, and the helpful Jellies, I prayed to meet them again, anything but the wind and loneliness. Then the dragon flew overhead and a little carpet crashed to the earth out of sight. My heart broke but I pushed on. I avoided the great beast’s gaze but as I neared the gate to the next section of the moment the wind pushed my back right into the waiting jaws of death. Somehow despite being beaten by the monster Twice i made it through. The wind blown ruins giving me little hope for the future. Silent graves were empty confirmation of others bravery: I could not fail them.

Another little creature chirped despondently in a tiny cubby. I swiftly rushed to its side and gave a resounding cry to rouse it. It tootled gratefully and flew off but not before blessing with a little more strength in my frozen bones. At last I was near the peak. I did not give in, even as my tired feet trudged slower and slower I moved forward, determined to not let this all be in vain.

And then I died.

Despair. I had failed but wait! Something…. The Elder! … There were many of them! They picked me up and before I knew it I was off again, towards that peak! Soon my mine was racing with joy as I flew through massive heaven gates with a pair of Bachs, many Jellies, and so many carpet creatures. I thought to myself wistfully, “too bad Ludwig missed this.”

As my reborn star, my soul raced across the sky I reflected on my lone adventure. At how I filled the emptiness and overcame the fear with joy and enthusiasm.

My friend back in the real world pondered aloud, “I wonder why nobody joined the game, usually so
somebody does at some point.”

“Wait this game is an online multiplayer?”

“Well yeah, didn’t I tell you?”

“We aren’t connected to that right now.”
“Oh. Oh well maybe another time yeah?”

I turned my gaze to my now familiar lonely dune top and thought, “yeah another time indeed. I’ll become stronger and help somebody through so they won’t be lonely like I- wait. No. That’s not true. I had Bach, the Jellies, they helped me. But most of all, I’ll do it for Ludwig.”

her eyes are windows
so fragile and delicate
so pretty; so heartbreakingly innocent
gray like a stormfront, blue like the sea
her eyes are windows:
when i glance through them, every thing i’ve ever done wrong stares back at me

our gazes meet often
our fingers intertwine
my eyes meet hers because i love her
my eyes meet hers and i know she’s mine

she’s the same girl who had her back pressed against a wall not too long ago
her favorite frozen treat reduced to a chocolate stain in the carpet
her favorite creature depicted on the front of her favorite t-shirt
her gray-blue eyes were filled with fear

she looked at me with such crippling betrayal
she looked at me like i was an imposter wearing her lover’s skin
she looked at me as if she’d never before met me
…her eyes were not windows that day
her curtains were drawn shut, and tears spilled over the windowsill and down her porcelain face

my love, your eyes are more precious than diamonds behind a glass viewing case
you truly are the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me
one day, misery will find us and beg for company

but this time, i swear i’ll be ready

—  submission #289