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Humans dont fuck around

Just my attempt at these awesome posts if been reading. But like, what if humans are the only ones with the capacity for overkill? Like, all the intergalactic militaries build their weapons to do the job and thats it.
Humans take it a step further. We make them bigger, make them flashier. We carpet bomb places for days, cripple enemy factions and just leave them to rot, we wipe out planets that cross us. Like, we scare other species because we dont stop until our enemies are nothing but space dust.
It gets to the point where humans are considered “standard issue” on planets and colonies just because we scare the ever-loving shit out of every other race out there.

Elves are Good People

Anyone who seriously thinks that Silmarillion Elves are scary and awful really should avoid reading the history of the human race.  Those buggers will give you delicate souls a right fit of the vapours.   


- only attacked other elves four times in recorded history
- hated doing it, felt terribly guilty afterwards
- sent a letter first saying ‘we’d prefer not to attack you, this is how to avoid that’
- only two recorded battles with another species that wasn’t under the literal control of a Dark Lord.
- hunted a sentient species by accident, were embarrassed when they found out and stopped. 

Our actual species:
- cattle thieves horse thieves boat thieves pirates vikings slavers rapists murderers genocidal killers war crimes carpet bombing poison gas mass extinctions hunt close relatives to extinction then say whoops
- will fight over treasure, land, religion, sex, honour, football, What Their Neville Said About Our Sharon, bad overtaking and leylandii hedging. 

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In this four-minute video, Mel Robbins helps you find the cause of “every single problem or complaint in your life.” Motivation, she explains, is “complete garbage,” and you know you’re about to get carpet-bombed with the truth after she says, “It’s total bullshit, frankly. Are we allowed to swear on this show?” Is there a police chief in the audience who can rein in this loose cannon?!

Anyway, this video has over eight million views on Facebook, and gives precisely zero helpful advice. Robbins begins by saying, “At some point, we all bought into this lie that you’ve gotta feel ready in order to change.” On it’s face, this isn’t controversial. It’s true that we can’t always wait around until we feel excited to make a change. Nobody’s elated the day they quit smoking. But this vast oversimplification of the problem assumes everyone who struggles has the petulant mind of a child. “Sure, the doctor says I should start watching my cholesterol or I’ll die, but I’ll wait until I feel like it.” Most adult people have complex reasons for procrastinating, ranging from too much stress to clinical depression. This probably can’t be solved using the same line applied to a child who won’t make his bed or stop teabagging people on Call Of Duty. It’s as if human behavior is not easily reduced to a single simple bromide like “YOLO” or “JUST DO IT.”

According to Robbins, the fact that you’re a dumb baby who waits around until you feel like saving your marriage isn’t your fault. It’s your dumb baby brain: “The way that our brains are wired, and the fact about human beings, is that we’re not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from those things.” Now, the brain is a pretty complex pile of meat. What are Mel Robbins’ qualifications for making such a sweeping statement about it? Well, she’s a CNN commentator, life coach, author, and “motivational speaker” – which, using Mel’s own definition, translates into “bullshit speaker.”

This Dumb Video Motivated Me To Write A Response Article

anonymous asked:

Wait I'm confused about Mandalore so maybe you could offer some background for people who don't know Mandalore as well as you seem to? Satine exiled non whites?? I thought she exiled murders and the ones we saw on the show who were exiled were all white?

Of course! B)))

As usual, I apologize for length.

So, the context here is important. 

The first thing that’s important to remember that at the time the Mandalore Arcs in The Clone Wars show aired, the only canon mandalorians we were given were the Fetts (Jango Fett and Boba Fett). That’s it. End of list.

Because the only canon mandalorians we had for a very, very long time were portrayed by two Maori men, it was assumed that all mandalorians were not white. As an extension of this, the Expanded Universe (now called Legends) extrapolated on mandalorians as a culture and society, and in the Expanded Universe, the mandalorians were known for being a widely diverse society of many different shapes, races, and species (aliens, humans, near-humans, etc).

The Expanded Universe (as it was called at the time) was not really considered canon, but it also wasn’t not canon, which left a lot of … really weird, messed up gray area that confused everyone. And then Disney came along, and wiped out the EU, throwing everything not film and not tv almost completely out under the banner of Legends. 

That said, in the show, Jango Fett, and by extension Boba Fett, were declared, by the white mandalorians on mandalore, as “not real mandalorians.”

They stripped the only representation we had of mandalorians up until that point of their cultural identity and reset / retcon all mandalorians as white.

As I’ve said before, up until that point, mandalorians, as a society, were defined by diversity in expanded material of nebulous canon level. And they took that diversity, erased it, and then removed the only non-white character representations we had of mandalorians.

The second thing to note is that when you look at a society in the context of an enormous galaxy with easy and accessible inter-space travel, a society whose population is one note like the Mandalorians in the Mandalore arcs is not … actually possible to obtain without eugenics.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

To have a society who all look like the mandalorians do in the Mandalore arcs is not possible without eugenics and exile. 

Genetics just straight up doesn’t allow it to naturally happen. The politics shouldn’t have allowed it.

Mandalorian society, as the leader in the Neutrality movement and Sundari as the capital city for Mandalore and thus capital for thousands of systems by extension as central to that Neutral Systems Alliance … cannot be all one note white (pale white, blond hair, blue eyes) without extremely strict, stringent, artificial interference.

As I’ve said before, even white people have variations. Some white people are darker, some are lighter, some have different undertones. Some white people have dark hair, some have red hair, some are blond, etc. Some white people have blue eyes, some have hazel, some have brown, etc etc etc.

To have an entire society all be the same pale white, blond hair, blue eyes cannot be done natural, it can only be maintained by design.

In-universe, in-context, there is no explanation except the exile and cultural genocide. 

Beyond that, the absence of variation among that society is not normal

And anyone who argues that the show does this … watch any episode that takes place on Coruscant. Watch any episode that has a large population. Even the episodes with clones have huge swathes of clones with different hair styles, tattoos, even tones and body builds.

But they couldn’t do that for Mandalore? That’s suspect.

It makes more sense, in-universe, to explain the absence as exile, than it does to say “they’re just all white”, because even in a society of all white people, they don’t all look the same like that.

On top of that, it’s stated by public officials on Mandalore that the only nonwhite mandalorians we’d known up until that point were suddenly not mandalorian. Without warning.

Even though the only Death Watch they showed on The Clone Wars were white, the presence of Clan Wren in Rebels tells us that there were other Death Watch who were exiled who were also not white.

Yes, they “only” exiled Death Watch, who were “all terrorists” … but watch the episodes again. Listen to how they talk about Death Watch. 

Listen to how they define extremists. Listen to how they are quick to accuse people of being allied with Death Watch.

If you have any awareness of politics and how language is used to “other” specific groups of people, and how that “othering” is used to then defend the ejection of those people from society, to prevent specific groups of people from entering society, then the way New Mandalorians talk about “terrorists” and “Death Watch” should be very, very familiar to you.

And if you aren’t familiar with it … I implore you to make yourself be. Because The Clone Wars got political, and the way the Mandalore arcs imply extreme racism is easy to miss if you aren’t intimately familiar with racism, and if you don’t see / hear / understand how racism is perpetuated through subtle language and political means.

Regardless of the intent, those arcs are a great way to examine how easily racism is missed when you personally are not the one targeted.

The third thing that’s important to note is that, at the time, even though the EU was murky not/not-not canon territory, extra material was released in book form as a companion to the show—among them being The Essential Guide to Warfare.

In the Essential Guide to Warfare, we found out that:

  • ~700 years prior to Satine’s reign, the Republic and the Jedi Order carpet bombed the fuck outta Mandalore as a pre-emptive strike
  • pre-emptive, as in the Mandalorians did not do anything to provoke that attack
  • the Republic and the Jedi Order then installed the New Mandalorian government on the agreement that they would continue their pacifism and maintain a loyalty to the Republic (or at the very least, not amass any kind of military power whatsoever)
  • whoever was not in agreement with the pacifism philosophy of the New Mandalorians were exiled or killed

The above politics … should sound uncomfortably familiar, if you’re aware of how “first world” countries have a tendency to “interfere” in the policies and politics of “third world” countries around the globe.

So there’s already a historical precedence of literal, actual, violence committed on entire bodies of people without provocation, in-universe. Literally death and/or exile.

On top of this, through the show itself, we’re given evidence of the above, as well as the Civil War that occurred when Satine rose to the duchy and became Duchess of Mandalore. We’re given the reason why Satine went from a general pacifism to enforcing an extreme demilitarization of the mandalorian people: because she wanted to prevent any more fighting, and thought by stripping the fighting aspects of the culture she would thereby end it.

But that is very, very similar to how cultural genocide actually works in our world. It is a forceful rewriting of the culture, and anyone who disagrees or tries to maintain the culture as it was … was forcefully ejected. It wasn’t just Death Watch who bombed buildings, it was all mandalorians who still wanted to practice the veneration of fighting, and who looked too similar to Death Watch.

And that’s where the issue is. Because Satine is not right, because what she did, and what the New Mandalorians did, is the same shit that imperialism and colonization has done that has wrecked numerous societies across the globe by outright declaring the native culture as illegal and enforcing its banishment through violence.

So regardless that the Death Watch that we saw, at the time, were all white, all of the implications, together, point to an implied undercurrent of genocide and an implied racialized violence tied in with it, because of the severance of the Fetts, the later introduction of the Wrens as part of exiled Death Watch, alongside the very uncomfortable homogeneity of the Mandalorians on Mandalore.

The Mandalore arcs are, literally, the perfect world in which white supremacists want to see come to fruition. And that should raise many, many red flags.

Anywho, hopefully that clears at least some of the confusion up.

Justifications for US foreign policy rely on the inability to believe simultaneously that:

- a given government is a human rights-abusing dictatorship

- hundreds of thousands of civilians don’t deserve to be killed in carpet bombing and decades-long asymmetric warfare

Brian’s Boys

A colourised picture of the famous ‘Brian’s Boys’ photos taken by Howard Walker on the 18th June 1963, in celebration of all the number one records the groups managed by Brian Epstein had achieved. The picture is from the book Retrographic: History’s Most Exciting Images Transformed Into Living Colour by Michael D. Carroll, published in September 2017. 

There never was a time like it for these boys. Just look at the joy in their smiles. So young and fresh-faced in their inexpensive suits and ties, sensible, unshowy haircuts and polished black shoes. […]

As for the fellow on the far right, watching over them like the proud tactician he was, it’s the man who made it all possible, manager Brian Epstein. He was just 28, but, in the eyes of his youthful proteges, practically middle-aged.

It was the summer of 1963 and a cultural earthquake was resetting the foundations of British popular music. And from being a place usually more associated with breeding comedians, the city of Liverpool had overnight become the capital of pop.

The Beatles had started it with No.1 hits From Me To You and She Loves You, but then right behind them came Gerry and the Pacemakers’ How Do You Do It? and I Like It — followed by Billy J Kramer’s Do You Want To Know A Secret? and Bad To Me.

Suddenly, it was cool to have a Scouse accent — whether or not you could sing.

Six months earlier, when these 13 young men were still following each other on stage at the tiny Cavern Club in Liverpool, to have imagined that such success could happen would have seemed lunatic.

The previous year, Brian Epstein had virtually to beg to get a record deal for The Beatles. And it was only when The Beatles defied London’s showbiz sneers and took off that he began to realise, and also to sign up, the depth of untapped talent on Merseyside — which came to be known as the Mersey Sound. […]

[B]ack then, consider Paul McCartney, only just turned 21, laughing as his pal Gerry Marsden grabs hold of him in mid-air.

How innocent they all look: how unaffected, how grateful to be alive and part of this extraordinary revolution of youth. Time, however, moves relentlessly on. For some in the photograph, fame would turn into a prison; for others, it would become a fleeting memory as the hits dried up.

And, for Brian Epstein it would be a death sentence. Just four years later he would die from a drugs overdose.

But right there on that summer’s day in Liverpool in 1963, there was confidence, camaraderie and the well-scrubbed optimism of youth. Those really were the days.

[Ray Connolly for The Daily Mail, 20th October 2017. Read the full article here.]

What happened to them?

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Percival Rex: Prologue

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The cruelest part of his imprisonment was that he was not restrained.

He could roam his own home freely, Grindelwald didn’t live there, and as such he could destroy it as his temper lashed out, as his desperation grew, and Grindelwald could come in, gleefully surveying the physical evidence of his prisoner’s frustration, the destruction wrought upon Percival Graves’ expensive flat and all the personal items therein.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

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“It’s much more dramatic to say, “Let’s carpet bomb them,” or “Let’s bomb them to oblivion,” or “Let’s send in troops.” But that simply makes the situation far worse. Actually, we’ve seen it for 15 years. Just take a look at the so-called war on terror, which George W. Bush declared—actually, redeclared; Reagan had declared it—but redeclared in 2001. At that point, jihadi terrorism was located in a tiny tribal area near the Afghan-Pakistan border. Where is—and since then, we’ve been hitting one or another center of what we call terrorism with a sledgehammer. What’s happened? Each time, it spreads. By now, it’s all over the world. It’s all over Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, everywhere you look… That’s what happens when you hit vulnerable systems with a sledgehammer, not knowing what you’re doing and not looking at the roots of where these movements are developing from.” - Noam Chomsky

SnK Chapter 92 Poll Results

The chapter 92 poll closed with 500 reported entries.

(486 responses)

This chapter had a better reception than the last one. Seeing Reiner and Zeke was cited as a factor by many. Also the action was hard to resist.

that was an interesting way to set up a new story arc. i don’t really know whether i liked it or not, and i’m really eager to see what’s going on with our main crew. i’m gonna reserve most of my judgement until there’s a bigger picture though, so i can fully see what’s going on and why Isayama decided to start like this.

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