My two cents: between “shippers” and “antis”...

Between shippers and antis, I choose Sam and Cait, and I don’t give a single fuck to whichever their relationship status is.

Their chemistry is truly the most powerful I’ve ever seen, both on and off screen; there’s so much to enjoy about them already that I couldn’t ask for more. I love seeing them not only as Claire and Jamie, but also as themselves in interviews, panels, red carperts, anywhere.

Their interactions, the way they seem to be comfortable together are too precious. Outlander fandom must realize we are blessed for having such talented, beautiful and down-to-earth leading actors who obviously love each other (what kind of love it is, I don’t know; the only thing I’m sure of is there’s love there). This is way more than other fandons will ever have.

I really hope, no matter what happens in their personal lives, they will never lose this. And I hope we will never lose them, and the way they are.

I won’t be obnoxious and say to anyone to stop fighting or whatever. But I hope we all will be the best we can in the fandom today, in honor of these two people who always give us the best of themselves.