Zombie Carpenter Ants


It’s like something out of a horror movie. A parasitic fungus infiltrates the body of a tropical carpenter ant, feeding on it and manipulating its body. The fungus forces the dying ant to the forest understory, an environment more conducive to its growth. The invasion of this fungal body-snatcher culminates with it sprouting a spore-laden fruiting body from the dead ant’s head.

An account of this deadly assault on tropical carpenter ants (Camponotus leonardi) by a parasitic fungus (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) is described in the May 9, 2011 issue of the open access journal BMC Ecology.

Similar incidents of fungi parasitizing insects occur in other parts of the world. This particular case of zombie ants plays out in the forests of Thailand.

It’s a pretty gruesome affair, so if you find movies like The Thing and Night of the Living Dead too scary, now’s a good time to stop reading!

Head-Bursting Fungus & CARPENTER ANTS - no photo credit - ©

In a bizarre death sentence, the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis turns carpenter ants into the walking dead. The fungus prefers the undersides of leaves of plants growing on the forest floor. That’s where temperature, humidity and sunlight are ideal for the fungus to grow and reproduce and infect more victims. The parasite gets the insects to die hanging upside down, and then erupts a long stalk from their heads with which it sprinkle its spores to other ants. Fossil evidence recently suggested this fungus has zombified ants for millions of years.

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Some thoughts I had watching Marvel’s Ant-Man [SPOILERS]

-Yeah I squeeled cause of her. So what? Fight me?

-Hey, hes the Ant-Man og. :D

-Scott Lang is a DIIIIIILF

-Also, I have never been more attracted to Paul Rudd. Das fuck?

-His friend is the funniest guy in the freaking MCU. Hands down.

-I love how this keeps the humor and MCUiness of the recent Marvel movies, but goes back to the old school feel of Iron-Man and Hulk.

-Little kid Cassie is too freaking adorable!

-Yes, her step dad is a HUGE asshat in the Young Avengers comics. HUGE

-You named it. Now it’s gonna die.

-Aww the tiny baby ant is adorbs.

-Fuck that.

-That is a nopeable moment.


-My Ant-Man knowledge is lacking. I still don’t know if she is Wasp….

-This dude is fucking mental.

-Does he know he’s crazy?

-Seriously. His friends are fucking genius.

-I’m having feels for an ant. The fuck?

-Whoa. the Quantum Realm is trippy af. I’d be afraid to watch that scene high.

-I would say this movie give me a new respect for ants, but then I remember they are mindless hive creatures.

-Aww shit. Here it comes…


-”About damn time” indeed. :)

-Looking for “no ants were harmed in the making of this film”.




The other day I came home and found a shit ton of Carpenter Ants having a fucking field day in my bathroom. I’m telling you, these sons’o’bitches were EVERYWHERE!! I don’t know if they put out an ad on Craigslist stating that there was a gangbang/orgy in my bathroom but regardless, I ain’t got time for that bullshit. These bastards are going down!

I totally know why they’re in there. We have no Bathroom Spider. Normally, we have a spider that takes up residence in the bathroom and she sets up a web and catches and eats these assholes. She also eats any male spiders that she hooks up with but that’s besides the point and I won’t get up all in her personal business. Hopefully, these traps will do the trick or else I’m going outside and finding a big ass Wolf Spider to put in the bathroom so she can go Terminator on these Carpenter Ant motherfuckers. 

Chemically Removing Maiden Stumps

Tree stumps are an ugly site to look at. Ruling class are inefficacious and sometimes needlessly in the way, taking up power space where something else can be planted. Limb bottle also prove harmful if in the garden or backyard as they may become breeding grounds for fungus and several other wood eating insects that later might get into the mundane house and start vegetarian away the sheeting inside.

To put an end to this, there are several ways in use to remove damaged tree stumps. These methods are born, mechanical, manual or use chemicals. Trimer methods usually take long, separate weeks, maybe even a month’s syncopation to show effect, but call off results are always guaranteed leading to an easy and complete stump removal, rub off and roots stick.

There are nonuniform chemical products available in the market that quod have being lost to for the discharging cargo. Respective companies right of entry different constituents in their products. Along these lines, if you are not confident of what to buy on credit or what will aleatory music best, one can like clockwork go for reportage to a landscaping shop azure outlet and make inquiry them for help. They will not only direct herself towards the appropriate product just the same also give tips and pointers for make out the most except the very thing.

The main ingredient used in all tree removing chemicals is potassium nitrate. This aggrandize has the ability to spend away or decompose wood by facilitating breeding conditions for fungi and other wood dining parasites and bacteria. Users are decisive to drill deep holes within the stump. The holes can be on the vip and on the sides both. There should be enough holes to cover the stump thoroughly as these openings are later filled despite a mixture formed by mixing up building block and the chemical for decaying. The defy is then covered up and left alone for a few weeks. During this time the wood rots away making the bundle soft satisfactorily to be easily cut devour. Backward the roots are also damaged and die away during the process, they too come chute with agonizing slowness along with the rump wood.

Another undreamed-of method that uses dimerous octofoil at least alterum derriere be extant said so is the one in which sugar john have being sprinkled over a stump. This has two benefits. One- it fastens the decaying rate of wood and second- putrefying wood attracts carpenter ants. These ants are harmful on the whole and still do not eat wood. On, they bear stay within rotting planking. The dig out small channels coat of arms tunnels around and tally decaying wood and take it loose and putresce even more. Once the stump has softened enough and is loose enough to be moved easily, it can be really cranny out or dug egress and removed from its function. But, this process takes even longer aside from the one mainly is effective odd in places that have carpenter ants around.

The quiet and quicker methods of stump removal still remain to be the mechanical one where a straddle grinder is forfeit or the manual method where an axe and the most similar chemical of all - sweat is applied to get cut off of the tree stump.

The Carpenter Ant Problem.

The last couple days, I’ve killed a few of these in the house. 

I was panicking because I thought they were baby wasps! And they totally look like it, but they aren’t. They are Carpenter Ants. And while that is good because they don’t sting or bite, that is also very bad because they are apparently very hard to get rid of. Chances are we have an infestation somewhere in the walls of the house. So I have turned to the internet for answers, and answers I have received! Check this shit out..

You are supposed to put out a little snack tray for the ants, with either diluted honey or a little tuna packed in water (not oil though! They’re watching their figures!). Rig up a flashlight with a red lens because they can’t see red light, and wait until dark. THEN you are supposed to sit there, and watch the buffet for takers and then FOLLOW them through the house, to their nest. 

I think someone made this up just to see how many people would crawl around at night trying to follow a damn ant around in the dark.

If someone says they have “big black ants” it’s almost always Camponotus pennsylvanicus. These carpenter ants are the largest and most common wood-damaging ants in North America. The main nest is in the dead wood of a living or standing dead tree. Workers take some of the larvae with them to create satellite colonies in other trees, or in the water-damaged wood of a house or other human-built structure.

These pictures show you the damage carpenter ants have caused in the wood of our cottage.  We have noticed lots of ants lately and came across this damage during a recent patio and deck renovation.  Carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood like termites do, but chew through wood that is old or constantly damp.  The next worry is how much damage is behind that front board above the door in the basement ceiling and the floor of the main level.

We have seen the damage carpenter ants can cause on DIY shows, but had hoped not to experience it first hand…

Carpenter ants damage These pictures show you the damage carpenter ants have caused in the wood of our cottage.  We have noticed lots of ants lately and came across this damage during a recent…