An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #310

Update for the month: I’ve been working on some pretty cool art prints which will hopefully be up on my blog by October! (; I will also begin working on the September Challenge next weekend so be sure to send in your names if you haven’t! This work is dedicated to resilieence, chosen from the #309th post. (: Reblog if you want to be chosen for the next post! (:

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So did this quickly since I need to be somewhere soon and I wont be able to watch the last ep until it hits the internets, but wanted to say another great, BIG THANK YOU to the entire Phineas and Ferb crew for their amazing and hilarious work on the show. These characters were literally with me throughout college, always there during the best and worst of times, and made great fun for stories and art. I met two of my best friends through this show, had experiences online both good and bad, and got the opportunity of a life time when I was offered the chance to do character design on this show for “Act Your Age”. I made even more friends, friends I never EVER anticipated making in the industry, meeting people who inspired me and who I can now call friends, and who I owe a lot to for getting my foot in the door. Dan, Swampy, and the entire PnF crew, this heartwarming and hilarious show will always remain special to me, and I hope that generations from now kids and adults alike will still enjoy it. So, as a certain triangular red-headed kid said, “Carpe Diem!”

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