Minoritized languages moodboard: Rusyn

Rusyn (русиньска бесїда or русиньскый язык), or Carpatho-Rusyn, is an Eastern Slavic language spoken by the Rusyn people from the region of Central and Eastern Euope administratedly divided in the Transcarpathian Region (Ukraine), northeastern Slovakia, Vojvodina (Serbia), southeastern Poland, Hungary, and northern Maramureș (Romania).

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Boikos in Ukraine photographed by Jan Brykczyński

“A Boiko village in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains fit my idea of rural life in its primal form perfectly. I found myself in a world where events have magical causes, where white magic confronts black magic and good struggles with evil. I found, in reality, a world I had known only from the fairy tales I was told as a child.” 

-  Jan Brykczyński