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holy heck dude your galaxy umbreon is the coolest thing i've seen today! I hope i can draw like that some day. anyway, i hope you're having a good day, and if you're not i hope it gets better soon <3

ahh thank you I’m glad you like her! I won her in a design giveaway and she’s a lot of fun to draw~

I haven’t been able to update this blog or my other daily blog in a while cause my computer’s bluetooth died and my arm is stiffening with carpal tunnel and tennis elbow quq

but I hope to get back in the groove of things soon!

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Hi again sir. Um, I was wondering, do you choose to look like Mark, or would you prefer to look different? If so, then what would you prefer to look like?

Dark reached his hand up towards his chin, where his fingertips danced against the edge of his skin, the fleshy color of his carpals whirling like a fan from the speed his fingers moved.

“Mark is a naturally good looking gentleman. I can say that without restraint or judgement, and I’m sure many people would agree. But its a shame that I am bound to look absolutely like him in every way. It gives me no sense of originality. I enjoy the body structure, I enjoy the style… if I could change anything I would enjoy being taller in physical form, I would change my appearance to more of an English styled face, larger eyes, perhaps. Perhaps instead of black hair, it would be rich brown or auburn, just to spice things up. I like the base of what I am identified as, but I’d add a few of my own pieces to the masterpiece.”

Preventing hand injuries from digital art

I got a question about drawing injuries, and I typed up a pretty lengthy response so I wanted to share it here as well.

I get asked a lot about hand strains and injuries, and it is something most artists have to face one time or another just because we work so hard for our dreams. I personally don’t get strains or injuries, both for art and for piano playing when I still majored in it, two main creative paths where hand/arm injuries are common. My hands rarely feel tired and when they do, I stop drawing. So when I get asked, I usually can only offer the fact that you can find a lot of carpal tunnel exercises on google and there’s nothing else I know about relief exercises, other than I find that flinging my hands also help loosen them up a bit.

The most important thing about this issue is actually prevention rather than relief. I would like to believe this approach is what prevented me from getting injured–I’ve never really been a push through the pain type person, and glorifying suffering and pain as a sign of hard work is definitely unhealthy, as those are huge signals from your body telling you to stop. There are many things that I know for sure strains your hands much more than anything else that I will list below, and I believe that, if it is possible for you, the most efficient way to deal with injury is to find out which of these things is the cause and working around it.

The first big cause is posture; if your arms have no support points (ie you have to hold your elbow up with your muscles or tense your wrist to maintain stability) you will strain much easier, just like how you get tired easier standing at an uncomfortable pose vs a well grounded one. So be sure to seat yourself so that you have somewhere to rest your arm while drawing, while your body is at a relaxed angle with full support. For a normal tablet, rest your arm and wrist somewhere on the table or the tablet. For a Cintiq or tablet monitor, try having it upright so that your elbow can rest on your desk, and your wrist can rest on the cintiq screen, and you only need to use your fingers to control the pen.

The second cause is your grip on the pen. This can be caused by your need for precision/speed of repetitive movement/pressure. Line art, or cross hatching, or pressing hard to get the darkness of the brush you need, are all high stress activities that strains your hand much more than, say, rendering or putting down a base painting. Knowing that, you can:

  • Use a higher brush opacity or turn off pressure sensitivity for opacity to prevent yourself from having to press really hard to get brush impact you want.
  • Go to your wacom tablet preferences if you have one, and set the hardness of the brush so that it’s easier to get the brush opacity/size you want. You want to have the problem of having to try to press lighter for lighter lines, rather than having to press harder for darker/thicker lines. The latter strains much more than the former.
  • If your grip of the pen is too tight purely because the pen is slippery/too small for you/hard to grip, such as old bamboo tablets, there are rubber tablet pen paddings that you can buy online, or you can just use a layer of masking tape all around the grip area to increase friction/grip comfort and make it easier for yourself to hold your pen. A Cintiq or Intuos Pro pen is ideally what you want your pen to feel like: have friction on the surface so your fingers don’t slip, large enough so it rests and takes up space comfortably between your thumb and index fingers without you tensing and curling your hand inwards really hard, and shaped so that your grip is stopped right before the cone of the tip, preventing slipping.

The third cause is the schedule of your drawing. This may or may not be possible to change because for a lot of us, a deadline is a deadline. But try to space your tasks so that you cycle between intense, detailed, hand-straining work, and relaxing, loose, more brainstorming work. The latter is excellent for hand rest while still being productive creative work. For example, if you are drawing comic pages, it might make sense in terms of efficiency to sketch 10 pages, then ink 10 pages, then tone 10 pages. But when you are inking those 10 pages consecutively, that’s when you give your hands no rest and your hand will start to hurt a lot, while you have no choice but to push through the pain to get the work done. Instead, try to draw these pages one by one, or have a few drawings at various stages of completion to rotate between. eg. you work on inking drawing A, then when you feel your hands are strained, switch to putting down loose underpainting for drawing B, switch back to inking drawing A, then start brainstorming drawing C and think more/draw less. Give your hands some natural times to rest up with less intense work, and you get work done without having to lose time by having to really stop drawing altogether.

As tempting as it is to try to feel like you are working as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and aspirations, while feeling guilty about resting/taking the more relaxing route, remember that your hands make your art possible, so treat them well! 

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]


Carpal tunnel syndrome due to Leiomyoma

Case presentation:
A 32-year old manual laborer man presented with a two-year history of numbness, tingling and burning pain in the palmar surface of the left hand and fingers. His medical history was unremarkable and no trauma episode was reported. According to the clinical examination and the result of median nerve conduction study (NCS) the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome was established. Operative release of the transverse carpal ligament was subsequently performed but the patient experienced only temporary relief of his symptoms. MRI examination revealed a deep palmary located mass with well-defined margins and ovoid shape. Intraoperatively, the tumor was in continuity with the flexor digitorum superficialis tendon of the middle finger causing substantial compression to median nerve. Histopathological findings of the resected mass were consistent with leiomyoma. After two years the patient was pain-free without signs of tumor recurrence.

Despite the fact that reports on deep soft tissue leiomyoma are exceptional, this tumor had to be considered as differential diagnosis in painful non-traumatic hand syndromes especially in young patients.

Tried to relearn some hand bones by sketching them in a drawing of my own hand. Guessed at locations and length of bones by feeling landmarks through my skin. Made many many mistakes!

Excited to learn more at Hopkins. Less than a month left until classes start!


The most artistic thing I have ever done. 

This is the dust cover for the copy of Les Miserables a friend and I got another friend of ours for Christmas. However, it was a bit… drab. (see here

So, I decided to add some color. I think it turned out well enough.

(From top to bottom: front cover, spine, back cover, full)

Some Guy’s Stretches/Exercises

Hey artists, writers who type a lot, phone gawkers, ect. Perhaps you may find this useful.

Turns out I probably had a pinched nerve in my neck which was causing my neck/shoulder pain, so I looked up some neck stretches.

I’m about to promote the hell out of someone, I do not know this guy but I hope he appreciates what I’m doing for him here. XD

However, if any of these exercises causes you extreme pain, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T DO IT! I want to help, not seriously injure you. o__o

“Towel Derp”

I started using this rather silly looking exercise to help with my neck and it’s done WONDERS for it. It’s also just supposed to be good for those with poor posture and other neck pain.

If you try this, please note that while it may feel good at first, you WILL get sore the more you do it. XD It should pass in time though.

“Turkey Derp”

I also started doing this even more ridiculous looking exercise that is supposed to help neck, arms, hands, all of it.

“Dramatic One-Shoulder Shrug”

Just a quick stretch meant to help ease one-sided neck pain quickly.


Now onto stretches just meant for HAND/ARM/WRIST pain from repetitive motion!

“Pull My Fingers”

I’m sure a lot of artists/writers have heard of the “pull your flipped hand downwards” stretch, but this one reveals that doing this by pulling the hand down by the fingers gives a much better stretch! Err, just watch if you didn’t understand. XP

“Pull Down Your Punch”

I don’t have a video for this one, but for a good stretch where the top of your arm faces upward - Stretch out your arm, put your hand into a fist, grab the fist with your other hand, pull down and hold it for a few seconds. Works better than if your hand is open.

One last hand stretch recommendation with no picture or anything - Simply open up your hand and spread out your fingers as much as you can! Rest it, repeat, ect.

Anyway, these stretches in particular have helped me quite a bit, ESPECIALLY my neck pain. It’s even helped my hand and arm pain a bit.

I am not CURED, mind you, especially not my hands, and for all I know even this will stop helping me in time, but it’s been a few weeks now and I’ve at least been functioning better than I was. SO, here are these videos to anyone who may also find them helpful.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna finish this. I send things like this to my best friend and she manages to still be my friend.

My right hand is on special vacation until next week. It wanted to develop carpal tunnel unless I have it a vacation.