carousel of projects


Here’s a fun little project I’ve been working on the last few days. On top is a rare photo of the original entrance and sign from the Carousel of Progress as it opened in Magic Kingdom in 1973. For some reason, high-res photos of this sign are hard to come by. (Probably no one thought to walk around take pictures of random signs back in the 1970s, haha). It’s a cool sign though, with an icon that depicts the theater’s layout of six scenes and six seating areas, and kinda foreshadows the EPCOT Center’s pavilion logos that made their debut nine years later. 

The middle image is a “clean” recreation I created in Adobe Illustrator to the best of my ability, and then I took it into Photoshop to give it a grungier, vintage-y look for the bottom image… maybe how the sign would’ve looked if left out in the Florida rain for a few more decades. :P 


Haunted Magic day 7, America sings. 

This is a story a lot of people know but for the sake of the uninitiated here it goes. Most people know right now at Disneyland that Star Wars Launch bay is headed to open there by the end of the year. But what a lot of people don’t know is that innovations not so long ago was America Sings. America sings was an attraction that replaced the carousel of project. It used the same sort of rotating theater type show but instead of showcasing the progressing changes of the world it showed animals presenting a show dedicated to the great red white and blue.

So the story goes that during the opening month for the attraction that something…..horrible happened. The year was 1974 and a fresh new female cast member who was about 18 was stationed to work the ride. Her job as the hostess was the greet the guests into the attraction and make sure everyone was well and seated for the show so they could close the doors and the theater could begin rotating. 

Here is where the trouble kicks in. See back then the walls were all made of concrete, and the theater was powered by motor that was capable of moving about 250 seated people. Located in the back of the theater there was a sort of nook that didn’t move with the rest of the seats and was accessible during the loading period. Unfortunately for the cast member during the loading period she never left the nook, and when the attraction began to rotate she stayed there. Not realizing that the walls were moving towards her ever so slightly she stayed in there until it was too late. She was crushed to death between the two walls. Her screams were heard by guests who had assumed that it was merely part of the attraction, her mangled body was discovered later in the day by another cast member. The ride closed for 2 days later and went back up with new safety lights and break through walls. 

But to this day people say they sometimes hear a scream in the innoventions building…

Hi, I’m Michelle and I was a product engineering intern at Tumblr this summer. I worked with the ever so awesome JazzFalcons, whose focus is on growth and retention of the user base. For the first few weeks of the internship, I spent my time familiarizing myself with the code base by doing lots of bug fixes. Soon after that I worked on the tumblr logo animation that was for pride weekend. That was really cool because it was the first time the letters were animated along with the dot.

My next project was working on the new user sign-up process. Tag Bingo is what the new users go through to help them pick blogs to follow and populate their dashboard. I helped implement the blog card carousel display Working on this project gave me the chance to really focus on how to make the on boarding process for a new user as seamless and intuitive as possible.

And for my final project I worked with the Scala team and their intern Brendan to build a web interface for their service deploy tool. Originally they were using the command line to deploy their services to different machines, but they wanted a UI where they can both create and deploy these services.

As a long time user, this was my dream job. I’m I was treated like an actual member of the team and the projects that I worked on went live. I’m forever honored and thankful that I got to work with the really smart and amazing people at Tumblr. This summer was everything I could ever ask for and more.

This post fell through the cracks at the end of last summer somehow and didn’t make it to the site. As sad as that is, there is a happy end to this story: Michelle recently joined Tumblr as a full-time engineer!