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Prompt: wintershock. Darcy decides to take bucky to Disney world, but they end up getting soaked in one of the rides. Darcy realizes he is very much sexy.

Prompt Status: OPEN

Anon Asked For: Darcy decides to take bucky to Disney world, but they end up getting soaked in one of the rides. Darcy realizes he is very much sexy.

Assholes. All of them.

Eying the crowd, trying to pick out her companions she keeps being jostled by the children and adults alike–look she knows that as a petite woman she was easy to lose, especially in Disney, but come on they were the Avengers. Where was the spacial awareness? The sharp sighted gaze of the assassins? Where was Jane and Thor’s loyalty?


While pivoting on the tips of her toes to avoid being barreled into by an over zealous grandmother, grandchild pair Darcy spots an open bench seat. Making a beeline to the seat least someone else steal her prize she bobs and weaves through the crowd with an agility born of avoiding Lab techs carrying both hot coffee and corrosive chemicals (he favorite suede boots had met an untimely end because she had not been fast enough). Reaching the bench a sigh escapes her, fingers coming up to pinch the bridge of her nose, well that explained it, the bench was drenched with Blue Raspberry Slushie–still dripping onto the soaked ground beneath it. Taking out her cell phone she texts Natasha, the one most likely to notice the buzzing of a cellphone if not a missing person.

[Me: 12:34]: Where are you? 

[Shelob: 12:34]: Splash Mountain. 

Of course, Splash Mountain–duh Darcy. 

Clint had only been whining about going to on that ride since they’d arrived. Steeling herself she types out the word slowly, glad that Natasha had replied and she had not needed to rely on Stark’s technology dependency to answer a message–or else swallowing her pride to ask for help would not even be a question. Stark never forgets, he simply files for later ridicule.

[Me: 12:37]: Lost, send National Guard. In front of Carousel. 

[Shelob: 12:39]: Barnes is enroute. 

Ah, crap.

RoboHobo was on his way, there was nothing she could do to weasel her way out of having him come–she had no valid reason other then him giving her the heebie jeebies to object to him coming and she’d let Stark look at her internet history before admitting that Captain America’s BFF would make her want to cross the street if she saw him heading her way. 

But yeah, he totally would. 

It wasn’t anything he did, cause Barnes didn’t do much other then taking up massive amounts of space with his bulk, occasionally glare (okay, glare harder cause it was practically his default mode) at Tony’s running commentary and go out for runs with Steve at the ass crack of dawn when she was finally getting to bed having wrangled the Science Triad out of the Lab.

It’s only about ten minutes before she spots him, because unlike for her the crowds seem to part when Barnes steps near (and it’s not like he’s super tall or anything, just something about Barnes made you wanna get out of his way–could be the murder strut) cupping her hands over her mouth she lets out a yell of his name. Even over the dull roar of a crowded park he hears her (damn, okay kind of impressive), pulling his cap further down he approaches her. 

“Thanks, dude. I owe you.” 

Nodding in acknowledgment he gestures with his head for her to follow along (someone needed to teach Barnes about Big Boy words) so she does, sticking close to his side to make sure she fell under the zone of the wide berth people seemed to give him. Silently (a word which never seemed to want to associate with her before) they make their way towards the others. Natasha’s bright red hair is a beacon even beneath a baseball hat (where did these people find flattering and casual baseball caps? Like where they custom made like the uniforms?) detaching herself from Barnes’ side, making sure to give him a smile she hoped conveyed gratitude cause the least she could do was be polite she dashes over to Jane who is engrossed in conversation with Bruce. 

They had waited for her–so maybe they were total assholes–and with the fancy passes that let you skip the forward the majority of the group moves to the head of the line (Bruce and Barnes to no one’s surprise stay behind but Thor does as well making vague references to conductivity.) 

Seated beside Jane who was now talking to Pepper about gravitational phenomenons (Darcy really had to give credit to the Stark CEO, she really did look like she was listening–the only clue she had to the contrary was the way her eyes had glazed over a little) the brunette leans forward to talk to Nat. 

“I asked for the National Guard, not the K.B.G.” 

Sly smile on her face, the Widow shrugs one shoulder before popping a gum bubble at her.

“Don’t let Cap hear you say that, you know how he gets.”

”Yeah, yeah his inner Mother Hen comes to life.” 

Clint lets out a snort next to his fellow spy but doesn’t join the conversation, like a little kid he’s leaning over the log trying to touch the water. 

Clint is an idiot, but a lovable one. 

“I can hear you now.” 

An exasperated voice calls from behind them but neither of them turn to address the Super Soldier–in part because they know he is just trying to avoid talking to Tony who had chosen to sit next to him and was trying to bring him up to speed on different porn types. This had been going on since they arrived yesterday. 

“Tell him about G.I.L.F’s yet, Tony? Might be just his speed.”

“Excellent input, Lewis–remind me to double your Christmas bonus.” 

Tuning them out she turns back to face forward, just in time to see the immanent drop–a scream of joy builds in her throat and she unleashes it along with Jane who has taken hold of her hand on the decent. Soak down to her panties–she didn’t mind the Florida heat would take care of it soon–she exits the ride with a pleased smile which turns into laughter when she notes the state Barnes is in. 

His sweater–let that sink in for a second, this lunatic was wearing a sweater mid July in Florida–had hung on his frame heavy with water. Hair drench, sour look on his face it looked like someone had failed to mention to him that there was a safe distance to keep from Splash Mountain. Tucking his cap into his back pocket he reaches for the hem of his sweater, pulling it over his head in a swift move. 

Barnes was economic with movement she had noted once, half distracted by a level of angry birds she’d been playing on Tony’s private jet on the way down, so she knows the move isn’t meant to be sensual. Could be that’s why she nearly trips over her own feet when everything covering his torso comes off–biceps flex as he wrings out the shirt over the railing (the Mom sitting next at the bench near by is not being subtle about checking him out. It could be the whole metal arm thing but eh, she had her suspicions)–Darcy gets a front row few of those abs. 

Now she’s no stranger to great abs (i.r Thor) but everything about Barnes seems to suggest those muscles came from manual labor–from physical activity, not a project of vanity. His hips cut a deep ‘V’ shape over the top of his low slung jeans, sun kissed skin was wet, water drops trailing down his neck (not that she was–ah, screw it, she was looking) down his sternum, over abs until they pooled at the faint patch of hair leading down to things she had no business thinking about.

“Lady Darcy, are you unwell–your face has bloomed with color, is the sun too much?” 

Shit, Natasha was giving her a knowing look from over the top of her Ray Bans. Double shit, Barnes was looking their way now, he’d tilted as if evaluating her (oh god, that was cute) attention fully focused on her. 

Stammering out a reply she rolls along with the excuse he gives her, “Yeah, a little –dark hair attracts the sun you know.” 

Thor accepts explanation, heading back to the group and there was a merciful God looking out for her even if belatedly because the other’s seemed to have missed it (expect for Barton and Romanov who saw everything–bastards) taking the bottom of her hair she works out some of the water from the heavy mane. A shadow engulfs her she looks up, blue eyes are looking into her own as he tugs the cap into place, seemingly satisfied he steps back and works his arms back into the (less) wet clothes he’d briefly shed. Once the sweater is back over his head  he gestures with his head like he’d done earlier, the party already moving on. 

“Keep up, Lewis.” 

Son of a bitch, Barnes was totally fuckable.

chapter 5/12: this is not enough for me

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