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Drabble #312

IV: characters pass notes in class

The scrap of paper was waylaid on its way to Douglas’s desk, and Martin silently berated himself for allowing it to fall into his teacher’s hands. 

Ms Knapp-Shappey was clearly poised to read out what they’d been saying and embarrass them in front of everyone, but in the end all she could do was frown at the scrawled list in her hand. 

“Aruba to Cuba,” she read. “York to Cork. What’s this? Is it some kind of code?” 

“Rhyming journeys,” said Douglas lazily, from his corner of the classroom. “Feel free to add some, if you can think of any.”  

From Molly Ball’s feature on Kellyanne Conway in the March 2017 issue: 

When Conway’s critics pile on, she just keeps spinning. “She can stand in the breach and take incoming all day long,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, told me. “That’s something you can’t coach.” She’s figured out that she doesn’t need to win the argument. All she has to do is craft a semi-plausible (if not entirely coherent) counternarrative, so that those who don’t want to look past the facade of Trump’s Potemkin village don’t have to.

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Every war is a war against love in a way, you know? Because the more you love, the less room you have for hate. And how can you have war without hate?
—  Carolyn Farber

White woman at the center of Emmett Till’s murder admits she lied

  • For decades, the story of Emmett Till’s 1955 lynching went something like this: 
    • Till, then 14, was visiting relatives in Mississippi from his hometown of Chicago when he whistled at a white woman in a local store. 
    • News of the transgression quickly spread, and days later he was found brutally beaten, shot and drowned. 
    • One of his eyes had been gouged out, and his face had swelled beyond recognition.
  • Now, Vanity Fair details how author and professor Timothy B. Tyson wound up correcting a crucial detail of that story in his forthcoming book, The Blood of Emmett Till.
  • As Tyson reveals, Carolyn Bryant, the white woman at whom Till had allegedly whistled, lied in parts of her testimony.
  • She said on the stand that what Till had said to her was “unprintable” but that he had bragged about being “with white women before.” To top it off, she told the judge, “I was just scared to death.”
  • Except that she wasn’t. Because it never happened. And she confessed as much a decade ago. Read more

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Drabble #310

I: characters rehearse a play

“Once more from the top, gentlemen. And do try and look as though you’re enjoying it. The aim is for the audience to stay awake throughout.” 

Douglas and Martin begrudgingly took to their starting positions again, pasting on cheerful expressions at their director’s behest. It was too bad that her son, the happiest person in the company, was only playing a tree. He was the only one who still looked genuinely upbeat, three hours into a fairly joyless rehearsal. 

“Break a leg, chaps,” Arthur hissed, from behind his leafy mask. He stuck out a branch and gave them a thumbs-up.