Draw Draw Draw

“Doesn’t matter how it turned out, as long as I finished what I started.”

I used to think that my drawings are bad. That I can’t find the right composition, the colors are just wrong, shallow concept, etc… in short, I never really happy with the result. It gets me depressed and does feel scary at times!

But I believe there is nothing wrong with throwing up creativity, even if it just turned out really bad. How will I ever make a good drawing if I never try and just give up over small failure? Probably never.

When I decided to start my daily drawing project, I give myself a permission to make “bad art" which is still better than no art at all. I don’t draw to please others, I don’t draw to compete others artist, I don’t draw and think whether a piece will sell or not, I just do it for myself.


My Letter

I’m much into pattern, watercolor effect, texture, and abstract lately. I love how it does have endless possibilities to always create more. I’m playing with my initial letter today. It was fun. If only I could get more than 24 hours per day and if my body requires no sleep it would be great. That way I can spend lots of time making pattern of everything without having to worry about the deadline of my every “real” workload.