Walnut, Maple & Cherry board with handle, chocolate donut and chocolate candy! What is your favorite donut? 😄 beautiful photo taken by Carolyn Himes @carolynhimes #servingboard #cuttingboard #cheeseboard #walnut #woodworker #woodworking #food #chocolate #donuts #dessert #breakfast #foodie #foodwinewomen #foodphotography #chef #foodgasm #feedfeed #yeahthatgreenville #explore #exploremore by michaelswoodcraft

Just made a delish brunch complimented with: Kale, walnut, date, banana, almond milk + almond butter smoothies. Kitchen time is good for the heart. #carolynhimes

When I brainstorm with clients, I introduce project strategies incorporating visuals, video, and/or audio combined with text.  Overuse of text can cause viewers to overlook key elements or skim content quickly.  I have found that by working with a variety of communications we invite viewers to explore the content and most importantly return. 

Working with props and shooting thought-enhancing imagery is one of my favorite scenarios.  I enjoy working with natural lighting and infusing elements that speak louder than words.  One of my newest guilty pleasures is taking pictures of business owners in natural surroundings…with an element of ease.  Or cuisine and ingredients shot in the golden hours of the day. 

What elements engage you?  To post a reply here please click SUBMIT on the left of my blog under my name or ASK me questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Let me count the ways...

I enjoy working with new tools and creative ways to communicate.  “ThingLink” has many options for embedding information into an image.  The possibilities are starting to incubate as I think about each client.  Oh how I LOVE my studio time! 

~ Love Pancakes Image photographed by Carolyn Himes

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Today, I just had to create something in memory of our sweet fur bebe.  Kenai earned his heavenly angel wings last January 17th, 2012.  I loved him sooo much for many reasons.  He helped me to marvel each and every day and love every second.  He taught me that fur bebes don’t live as long as humans because they already know how to live. He taught me to get home as soon as I could because there was love waiting…patiently for my arrival.  He taught me to serve him all meals on china plates….that’s right no remorse!

I am grateful to have a sweet female American Eskimo Mini, Chibi who is still with us.  She is also known as “Queen of the Nest”.

As long as I live there will always be room for Eskies in our lives.  If all goes well, we will adopt a new bebe Eskie boy in late spring/early summer.  I am grateful to have so many memories and images to remind me that love remains no matter what happens in life. 

The natural light that flows in the french doors year-round gives me a versatile natural canvas to work with.  I often start my day by sipping java, painting with light, and the macro lens…a slice of heaven.  “Let’s Get Figgy” was shot in my studio in So. Cal. ~Imagery by Carolyn Himes

Here is the #crazygrain Walnut Sushi Board I made for Carolyn! @carolynhimes It turned out absolutely Beautiful! Look at the crazy grain and colors in this piece of #blackwalnut 😃 I can’t wait to see a photograph from Carolyn with sushi on this board! #walnut #walnutslabs #woodgrain #woodcraft #woodworking #handmade #handcrafted #artisan #explore #exploremore #etsy #pinterest #yeahthatgreenville #visitgreenvillesc #food #foodie #foodstyling #foodstagram #foodphotography #foodporn by michaelswoodcraft