I’m getting stuck into a long overdue tart up of the ol’ portfolio and so have been redoing a few covers from some of my favourite books.  If you haven’t read Fictions or The Outsiders yet you should really give them a wee go.  They’re the cats pyjamas.* 

I’ll be throwing more up as I finish them on my new bookcovers section on my website, which you can have a look at here if you’re so inclined. 

*How in the name of arse do you actually spell pyjamas? Pajamas? Pyjammas?  Even my iphone dictionary can’t decide.  Not cool iphone, not cool.

As a wee side project to my other commissions I’ve been quietly working away on my French Expressions, a collection of illustrations that I started bloody ages ago before promptly forgetting all about them.  For those of you who missed it the first time around, they stem from my adoring love of all the mental little idioms that the French seem to use daily.  For a foreigner like me, you can learn all the grammar and vocabulary you want, but your still not gonnae understand a fricking word when they start flinging these belters around.  I think they do it on purpose.

I’m hoping to get them finished up and printed into a little booky zine by the end of the summer, but here’s a wee preview of whats to come.  


Also just had these lovelies placed in my greasey mitts…

A book of French Idioms, illustrated and translated with love to help you speak French like a real Frenchie.

An idiom is an expression whose meaning cannot be inferred from the meaning of the words that make it up. Or in other words, you can learn all the grammer and vocabulary you want but you still won’t get a word the French are saying when they start throwing these belters around.

A 20 page b/w book, hand numbered edition of 50.

You can buy it for your own good self over here.


The New Look.

I’ve just finished a wee piece for the CAPE / OBSERVER / COMICA Graphic Short Story Prize 2011.  Its my first ever real comic - first ever real comic thats more that two panels long and doesn’t include the word fuck, anyway - so its a wee bit pap, but I really enjoyed doing it and shall be hopefully doing a lot more similar things in the near future.  Even if it did induce the dreaded drawing claw.  Bad claw.

If your curious enough to see the full thing its up on my website now… along with a few other revamped bits and bobs.  Have a wee lookylooky here, if you like.