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Random Request Time!

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@carolyn-the-sword : Purple = 1 character 

 faerill :Lucina  (for some reason i cant tag em dunno why)

@fancywailord : Y = Different class

@feignedblood : September = whatever i feel like atm

and i felt like a super anime promo art pose so i did that

this one wasnt as crazy but i really wanted to do it cus the witch dlc just came out and is the first thing that popped on my head, i still wanted to keep lucinas colors instead of going to black and purple tho, so i made some modifications

i said i was gonna do one a week but ill change that rule to “at least” one a week

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Random Request TIme

As requested by

Anonymus: Blue = 2 characters

@carolyn-the-sword : Henry

@fourriderpetrine : Someone from Tellius (i chose Soren)

Anonymus: D = Swimsuits

Anonymus: April = Playing Random Board game, in this case chess

I think Henry would lose patience and be like fuk this but still have fun with it, and most likely he was losing too

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