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It’s finally here!

After many, many months of incredible passion and hard work, we’ve finally launched the @crowsonheartstrings Kickstarter!

Crows on Heartstrings is a collection of heartwrecking doomed love stories, each accompanied by a beautiful illustration.

  • Roses Grow for Mammet Men by Aubrey Meeks - Illustrated by Ashley Feemster
  • Skin Link by Shannon Ellison - Illustrated by Philipp Rossini
  • Raised in Captivity by Alexis Brown - Illustrated by Panna N.
  • A Winter’s Tale by Beverley Lee - Illustrated by Heavenlyeros
  • The Ninth Daughter by Maureen Tanafon - Illustrated by Grace Parry
  • The Autumn Prince by Mariella Hunt - Illustrated by Aubrey Meeks
  • Angels Outrank Saints by Robert F. Nadal - Illustrated by Casey Gogan
  • Witch Child by Lane Hansen - Illustrated by Drei San Juan
  • Elise by Carolyn Silvernail - Illustrated by Max Wickstrom
  • The Hanged Lovers by Karen Astrid - Illustrated by Katie Wong
  • A Bullet for Death’s Rifle by Emily Duncan - Illustrated by Sonia Liao
  • Carnival Brier by J.F. Geroux - Illustrated by Aïcha Wijland
  • The Crow Princess by Ásrún Ester Magnúsdóttir - Illustrated by Alisa Bishop

Also featuring two exclusive Comics by Panna N. and Dodtt.

Your help is essential to the book’s success, so please SHARE! And many, many thanks for all of your support <3

This is my first major published work, and I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I am to be a part of this. On top of learning so much about the world I’m about to dive into and of this book being an amazing start to my career, CoH has truly been a project that we’ve all put our very souls into. We feel like we’ve really brought you something extraordinary with this book. So give us a chance! We promise you will not regret it.

Cover design and illustration by yours truly.


Despite the world reminding her every day of her life that she’s undeserving of being given anything by it, that she was unworthy of what little she’d managed to take from it - despite all of that, she never believed a word of it.

The Women of Black Sails in 4x08