carolyn deserves her own tag

GPOYW: me + Young Hercules (call him Ryan Gosling all you want, I know the truth.)

if I were granted one wish and one wish only for this world, it would be that everyone were allowed to have a friend like Carolyn.

because when I open an email and find things like this attached, it is then that I realize the beauty of the universe and the rarity of two souls forming such a poetic bond.

she gets me.

Long hair, don't care.

Smile Friday brought to you by my best friends, or Recon-4+Moon, as we so cleverly named ourselves in 2002.

(photo from Ji’s bachelorette @ Starboard in Dewey Beach, May 2010)

I’m taking a short trip down to Newport News to visit Ji (far right) and Carolyn (other brunette white girl who looks like my sister) because it’s Carolyn’s birfday! we tend to over-plan when we have reunions due to sheer excitement. here’s what’s been suggested so far, of which we’ll probably only execute the bold/italics:

eat massive brunch

play tennis

do yoga

go to the beach

have a make your own pizza party

retell stories that never get old

stalk/judge people we know on Facebook

see a movie? ha.

make a mix CD sountrack for the weekend

go to block party

drink booze

dance to live band @ Marker 41

get on stage with live band

get kicked out of Marker 41 due to hurling of can/glass/drinking utensil at band (Carolyn/Colleen, I’m lookin’ at you)

late night food run

finish leftovers

and, most importantly: celebrate the birf of our best friend.

allhailthecranberries-blog  asked:

Which obscure movie quote brings the most joy to you: "STUpid DYkini!" "A mare...A MARE!?!" "But you're so old" "Hey! You can't do that here!" (I hope you remember that last reference)

hahaha MEM'RIEEEES! all of them! but seriously, if anyone else references these quotes on a daily basis, as we do, let’s do lunch an unlimited buffet soon.

here’s a cheat sheet, for inquiring minds, of the greatest films of all time:

and a few more for good measure:

“I stole the baby from you Daikini, while you were taking a peepee!”


“FRESH FISH, we catch ‘em, you buy 'em!”

…and i’m pretty sure the last quote was the only actual talking we saw in that fine film.