carolyn c. nowak

Hey!! Are you going to TCAF? Me too! I don’t have a table, I’ll just be wandering around. I’m going to have a bunch of books with me, many of which are already reserved for people, but I’ll have extras! If you see me and say hello and I have some left I will give you one- yes, straight up for free give you one! Supplies are limited!! I have no idea if anyone is gonna take me up on this but ah oh well thought I’d give it a go.

And to answer your question, yes!! TCAF is my favorite so OF COURSE I plan my outfits for each day. And yes!! I know knee socks are preposterous on a 25 year old!! I am still trying to become anime.

What I drew at the Pen Pal’s drink and draw on friday night! I am surprised it did not come out terrible haha what a treat. Katie and Lucy hosted in their amazing apartment, and I ate all of their food, and I wouldn’t leave until 4am. I just refused. They are too cute and fun, I just want their cute funness to rub off on me.

Actually as cute and fun as they are I don’t want them to sound like they are just cute and fun which seems to diminish them somehow? They are serious businessy artists and I’m so proud to be friends with them. And the fact that they are also fun and cute? Is just unfair.