Before we get to the panel itself, though, let’s talk about the feeling in the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Twenty minutes before the panel started, the thousands of fans (the Theater holds up to 5,600) was pumped, as AMC showed off a compilation reel of the events so far, leading up to Negan’s deadly monologue in the finale. Every big death, every big moment elicited enormous cheers – with fan favorites Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) getting the biggest applause.

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The Walking Dead Season 7: Melissa McBride Talks Carol's Journey, the Kingdom, & Much More
Melissa McBride talked to us about Carol's journey in The Walking Dead season 7, the Kingdom, Negan, and much more!

This Walking Dead article contains spoilers for the show and the comics.

The Walking Dead season 7 is about to wreak havoc on all of its characters in a premiere that could be the show’s bloodiest ever. Negan will bring down the barbed-wired bat of vengeance down on an ill-fated Alexandrian in retribution for Rick’s preemptive attack on the Saviors last season. That death will undoubtedly spark a whole new series of conflicts between both factions.

But while Rick is busy dealing with Negan and his bikers, a conflicted Carol, played by the wonderful Melissa McBride, is on her own journey for redemption. Dealing with feelings of guilt over the lives she’s taken over the course of six seasons - McBride is one of the few characters left from the show’s first season - Carol was left in an uncertain place at the end of the season. She’s left Alexandria for good, given up on her life, and been seriously injured during a fight on the road.

As the season 7 trailer revealed, Carol is still alive and will recover from her wounds. In fact, she’ll be venturing into brand new territory when she arrives to a new settlement called the Kingdom. It yet remains to be seen how Carol will fare with her new surroundings and if she’ll be able to find peace away from Rick and the rest of people she called family.

I had the please of talking to McBride about what we can expect from Carol this season. You can read the interview below!

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Can we talk about this scene?

I love this scene because Carol returns to show us how smart she is. But also love this scene by the reaction of the two men.
Rick’s face is “What are you doing?”. he has no idea why she is shooting many times. He is confused. When Carol explained, Rick’s face shows surprise. He even surprised what she is capable of.

But, Daryl’s face is admiration for her. he knows what she is doing. He knows her and he knows that if she doesn’t shoot him in the head at the first time, it’s for good reason. Proud and admiration. That is I can see in his face.

When she finally explained, she just looks Rick, not Daryl. Like if Daryl already know why. BECAUSE DARYL KNOWS HER BETTER THAN ANYONE.

TWD 5X06:  
Carol: “You don’t know me.” 
Daryl: “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.”

Okey, Am I going crazy again? :P

Sorry for my English. 

The fact that people actually called Carol “weak” before she took down Terminus is a crime. 

What does it take to live with a forceful, abusive man? What does it take to protect your daughter for twelve years from that abusive, angry man? What does it take to live through watching your daughter die right in front of you, after you had your hopes up that she’d be alive? What does it take to move past that terrible tragedy and go on with your life? 

It takes fucking strength. Bravery, courage, selflessness. Carol survived that, and she rose up from that -  and that means that she’s always been strong.

I realized we're going on the 7th season of TWD

And Carol is STILL alive and only getting more popular….

Plus Melissa’s Emmy hype continues to grow…

So to all the haters who spewed hate and malicious remarks about Mel’s appearance and predictions she’d be dead season after season…

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Keep being salty.