carollyne yardley

Okay so I haven’t really posted much artists research on here mainly because it’s already written out in an extremely lengthy way in my sketchbook. So I thought I’d just throw out a few facts on an artist I came across tonight called Carollyne Yardley. 

She considers her work to be classified under the name “Squirrelism” mainly because all of her work is about humanized squirrels. She is a fine artist, who mainly focuses on portraiture and she was raised in Victoria, British Columbia. Her website is here:

I really like her idea of a persona that the squirrels are hiding by erm… being squirrels. Its made me think about possibly creating a persona for myself in my final piece. I also like she only focuses on one animal and I think the lions seem to be prominent and a “base” for me so I think I will focus on them. Yardley combined with another artist I found (shown before on my spam) called Emily Burns - focuses on sexualised deers - might be a starting point for me. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me.