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Carol of the Links

Young Link (Soprano), Wind Waker Link (Alto), Adult Link (Tenor), and Twilight Princess Link (Bass) wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with their, er, rousing rendition of a Christmas classic.

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Also Carol’s face here…

When she opens the door and sees Daryl, it’s the last person she ever expects to find standing on her porch. And it’s also the worst person. 

Because she has tried so hard to isolate herself. She’s built up these huge walls, made them sturdy and big and strong, and locked herself in. She says she doesn’t want anyone coming around because she plans on staying behind the security of these walls, believing that they can keep out the love she is trying to run from. 

So when she opens that door and sees Daryl standing there, she knows it’s the worst possible person who can show up because he is the only person who can knock those walls down all at once. 

Those walls Carol has worked so hard to build up, are something that Daryl can shatter with one look, one hug, one gesture. He’s the one person who will always hold that power and Carol knows she is helpless to it.

She knew here:

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Her expression turned to fear when he hugged her. Because he broke through her walls that easily. A simple hug and she was vulnerable and open and her mask dissipated. 

She couldn’t let that happen. So she put distance between them because Daryl was that person, for her. That person who could knock her walls down if she so much as looked at him. 

Carol admitted to Ezekiel that she had “walked away from love”. And she did; she walked away from Daryl and his love. And she isolated herself beyond the walls of that house, and the walls she had built around herself. She walked away from love but then she opened her door and that very love she ran away from is standing right there.

The person who can always break through her walls and see through her masks stands before her, and Carol knows, in that moment, that she’s screwed; she can’t fight it anymore.

He’s found her, yet again. Against all odds. And just look at Carol’s face; the way she purses her lips, looks frustrated for a fraction of a second before she dissolves into tears, as though she’s thinking, dammit - he will always find me. And her walls just crumble and she gives up on holding it back. 

She can’t walk away from love. She can’t walk away from him. Because he finds her. Always. No matter what. She can’t hide from him and in that moment, I think she stopped wanting to. 

  • Carol: *distressed about team family*
  • Morgan: You wanna know what happened to your friends
  • Carol: *reluctantly* yes...
  • Morgan: Negan destroyed your friends, ripped off their limbs, there was blood everywhere
  • Carol: okay thank you morgan
  • Morgan: Glenn gargled blood through his last words, Abraham's blood was on people's faces

Watch out for yourself, all right?

Stay safe
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film rec list pt. 2
  • the neon aesthetic: only god forgives, the neon demon, under the skin, drive, heaven knows what, blade runner, suspiria, christine, lost river, maniac, nerve, lost in translation
  • art house horror: babadook, the witch, goodnight mommy, alien, trance, green room, girl walks home alone at night, come and see, the invitation
  • LGBT movies with happy endings: carol, life partners, saving face, radiant sea, jongens (boys), four moons, xenia, the happy sad, the way he looks, kiss me, viva, when the night is falling, the incredibly true adventures of two girls in love, boy meets girl, la vie en rose
  • movies that made me terrified of small children: children of the corn, the shining, the exorcist, eden lake, the others, the uninvited, pet semetary
  • coming of age documentaries: Ömheten, all this panic, they call us monsters, beyond clueless, boyhood, 
  • parisian romance vibes: amelie, la vie en rose, frances ha, les amants du pont-neuf, midnight in paris, hotel chevalier, love, paris je t’aime
  • sex-positive female protagonist: diary of a teenage girl, trainwreck, starlet, easy a
  • movies generally considered The Worst: the room, resident evil, sharknado, rubber, troll 2, suicide squad, sausage party, minions
  • the wes anderson style: submarine, me earl and the dying girl, beginners, little miss sunshine,
  • the boring filmbro™ canon: fight club, pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, shawshank redemption, inception, big lebowski, heat, clockwork orange, 2001 space odyssey
  • sex! a lot of it!: keep the lights on, shame, the dreamers, ‘Få meg på, for faen’ (turn me on, goddammit), shortbus
  • animated movies that will make you cry: the little prince, up, the grave of fireflies, bambi, toy story 3
  • art documentaries: finding vivian maier, iris, the artist is present, eva hesse, man on wire, cutie and the boxer, how to draw and bunny, just like being there

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@zedwordjen used to tell me that this episode would be like a love letter from Daryl to Carol. And I couldn’t agree more with this conception. But it’s like seeing him writing it down but not delivering to her yet. Because is not the time.

Listen y'all. He recognizes her strength, knows what she is capable of, and at the same time is extremely protective of her. His scenes with Morgan and Richard are all about that.

And it was perfect to show the contrast to when he finally does meet Carol. To me it was soooo clear he was holding back a lot of his feelings for her, because in a way, he is very aware of his feelings for her. More than she is right now (although I think this episode also served to show how much she loves him and that there isn’t any kind of competition when it comes to Carol’s heart: it’s Daryl’s all the way).

But Daryl had a lot of time to think about it. About his family and specially about her. He probably had some very deep thoughts about everything he never did, all the regrets he has.
And then he goes to the kingdom, figures it out she is gone, and that it’s over.

Still, to others, to Morgan and Richard, he praises carol and he protects her, and only allows himself to show how truly hurt he is by her leaving him, when he meets her face to face. The way he was crying (his eyes were wet, fight me) and how his voice breaks when he asks her shows how much it pained him the distance she put between them and finding out that she left.

And finally, that hurt lasts only a moment, because he just can’t really hold anything against her when he loves her so much and when he understands her so well.

But still, he holds back. I read someone who said that their goodbye hug looked like a husband leaving his wife to go to war, and it was such a perfect description.

It seemed like he was holding back because he knew he couldn’t leave himself just be. Because he would stay. The way he looks back and comes back to hug her shows he indulges that longing in being next to her only for a moment, but he can’t allow himself, not now. And that’s where the analogy with him writing a love letter to her and never deliver got me so much, because it killed me that he showed his love for her during the whole episode, with Richard, with Morgan telling him she is his reason to holding onto this world, but the only person he can’t allow himself to show it all is her. The only person he can’t yet.

And I think Daryl is more aware of his feelings because Carol is only facing this now. The moment she opened that door and saw him, was the moment everything came back to her. She is running away for so long, avoiding her feelings for so so long, that it’s a different kind of realization. It was amazing to me to see their roles reversed and Daryl being the one comforting her and putting her first in a way he never did before. Amazing to see all the vulnerability she exposed to him.

I finished this episode with the certainty that it doesn’t exist anyone else for them. They are truly truly in love, and it hurts soooooo bad that they just can’t be together right now. Im looking forward to see their next interaction, and I hope Gimple didn’t build up all of this to not give me a follow up. Carol is not aware of how big Daryl’s gestures were towards her, the way the audience is, and I need to see her having this realization. I need to see Daryl finally showing her what he truly feels with nothing holding them back anymore.