caroling cats

Caryl : briefly summerized by cats. 

Daryl at first :

Carol at first : 

Then he gave her a cherokee rose. 

And a massage. 

At the prison they were happy but she was sent away and he was like : 

But she came back at Terminus like : 

Then they were reunited and closer than ever : 

She wanted him to take a shower :

They tried to fit in Alexandria…But inside they were not okay… 

But soon they will be again. 


OVERTIME: PART 2 is gonna be late OnO

Don’t worry it’s still coming, I’ve only got 12 panels left to draw and the next few should go MUCH faster since there aren’t as many group shots (the first several panels had Niffty, Crymini, Baxter, and Angel all in the same frame so it was a little tricky to squeeze them all in there and make them look natural especially with their varying heights and Baxter being tied up on the ground. …It’ll make sense in context, sorta) Anyway HOPEFULLY it will be up within one more week. Overtime just moves very slowly cuz I can really only work on it when I’m at home and sadly the few times I am home I end up collapsing and falling asleep.

Good News: ^w^

Mark (the friend that’s been helping me with the Niffty Musical number) actually HAS done some work on the instrumental part, it just hasn’t been his main focus (see Rythm Kevin and Farming Kevin above) he’s been busy setting up websites and doing actual stuff for school and work and junk, so priorities. But with summer coming that will change soon and THEN we can finally start casting for Niffty voices! Oh and the Shadow Day arc and other mini comics are still on their very loose yet consistent schedule so look forward to that.

Angel, Crymini, Niffty, Baxter, and all of Hazbin Hotel belong to @vivziepop and I’m having so much fun drawing them in Overtime, I’m sorry I didn’t get part 2 posted faster, hopefully it will be up before this week is over!

Oh and Rythm Kevin belongs to Mark, and sadly those aren’t real games he’s working on, just fake advertisements for a mock website he built.