This is my first Christmas on this blog and I just want to take the time to thank all the fantastic people and blogs that I have met because of this amazing fandom :) Without further ado, here is my follow forever for the year :)

abc: carolinescurls ⋆ craving-heart 

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pqrs: paulswhore ⋆ petrovacharm ⋆ petrovafire ⋆ piercequeen ⋆ princessofmysticfalls ⋆ smolderhaldersbutt ⋆ somergasms ⋆ somerhalderwhore 

tuv: tear-of-a-phoenix ⋆ tylerhecklins  tylerspenis ⋆ vampetrova

wxyz: xthe-sun-also-rises

And time for a little shameless self-promotion:

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This is my Follow Forever. If you think you should be in it, but you’re not, please message me because I clearly forgot you. Don’t take it personal - I’m just horrible at remembering things.

People who I consider my friends. I might not talk a lot with all of these persons, maybe only a bit through tumblr but I still love them.
Shann, Doranda, Zsó, Rachel, Marloes, Ewa and Laura.

People that I look up to. I would be lying if I said I don’t visit their blogs every day - because I do. Their blogs are just perfection and I love seeing them on my dash.
delenawhore, dot-dot-delena, damonsaviour, piercecurls, odairbear, mockingfire, elenass, honourinrevenge, northerndawn, delenasporn, tictaccola, pretty-incredible,

thepiercefire, queendelenian, chunkiemonkeys, vervainblood, salvatrolls, ifancyyouklaus, fierceliars, onetrueslayer, mrstilinski, delenaxnian, delenaffair, scott-mellark, prettylilvampire and wesleylicious.