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we will never be satisfied - bad-ass broadway feminists who have empowered women and changed the face of musical theatre

the schuyler sisters - hamilton // i can do better than that - the last five years // it won’t be long now - in the heights // right hand man - something rotten! // watch what happens - newsies // all to pieces - violet // ring of keys - fun home // on the steps of the palace - into the woods // naughty - matilda // everything’s coming up roses - gypsy // take me or leave me - rent // don’t rain on my parade - funny girl // colored woman - memphis // lot’s wife - caroline, or change // bring it on - bring it on: the musical // before it’s over - dogfight // astonishing - little women // shall i tell you what i think of you - the king and i // get out and stay out - 9 to 5 // satisfied - hamilton // defying gravity - wicked // so much better - legally blonde //


“Changin’s a danger for a woman like me, trapped ‘tween the devil and the muddy brown sea…”

Day 92: Caroline Thibodeaux (Caroline, or Change)

First rehearsal tonight.
My heart.
This script.
My character.
These people.
I’m going to lose it on stage.
I’m already crying.
I’m feeling full 🙌🏾

I’m so glad I went out for this. Never expected much and received a monumental blessing. I’m so proud. I keep replaying my audition over and over. It felt right. I’m so excited to get back on stage, sing my heart out, perform in their memory and live in this time. I am so ready to make this come to life, wow, I am filled.

That's Rich
  • That's Rich
  • Aisha de Haas
  • Newsies National Tour - New Cast

What can we say: Aisha de Haas (”Rent,” “Caroline of Change”) has taken her place as one of the greatest Medda Larkins. Her performance is just so effortless, her ability to float into light mix and phrase lines so differently. Just amazing. AND THAT LAST NOTE THOUGH. Incredible.


Caroline Bowman, Kara Lindsay, Matt Shingledecker, P.J. Benjamin, Kathy Fitzgerald, Arielle Jacobs, Robin de Jesús and Timothy Britten Parker pose with Wicked’s PRIDEBILL for the month of June!