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KC fic rec: Music on the waters is thy sweet voice by kaaterina petrova

The way he looks at her sends her heart fluttering. Caroline swallows thickly and looks away, a heated flush creeping up the column of her neck.

Klaus breaks into an easy smile. “Talk to me,” he urges charmingly. “Get to know me.” When she scoffs, he adds, bold, “I dare you.”

“I’m a maiden of Lady Rebekah. Under her protection, I serve her.” Caroline wets her lips, nervous. “Why do I feel like you want something?” Her tone is marked with suspicion.

Klaus speaks, his voice low and full of unbridled truth. “You’d be right,” he confesses. “I want you. I want to know all your hopes, your dreams.”

Caroline’s traitorous little heart beats hard. She drifts her fingers at the wildflowers on her hips once again and lifts her head, firm. “Just so you understand, I’m too smart to be seduced by you.”

His lips spread into a delighted, little smile.

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So I hate used to really ship Klaroline but lately my mind has been breaking on them. Idk I just think Klaus has done too many bad things to her and her friends to give him a second chance. Can you change my mind? Why do you ship them so hard?

Hi, okay so Idk if I’m going to be able to change ur mind because at the end of the day you feel how you feel. A lot of times I’ve doubted my shipping of Klaroline so ur not alone. The thing I wanna tell you before I start is that shipping is supposed to be fun so pls do not agonise over it; if it’s still fun, do it, if not, don’t.

(Warning: Anti D*mon and Dullena) 

*cracks knuckles*


  1. Firstly you have to remember when it comes to the issue of Klaroline being problematic, is that that all ships that stem from tvd or TO are inherently problematic. This is because the show its self is problematic. It’s misogynistic, it’s systematically racist and most relationships on the show put the female character at a distinct disadvantage. So very few ships can be seen as healthy or idealistic in the real world. I might say Stelena, Jolaric, and Jalaric are rare examples but even then those ships have their various issues.
  2. Secondly, even if the writers and the CW, in general, did a better job with their shows, you have to remember that this is the vampire genre. It’s meant to be gothic and the characters are meant to be morally dodgy, selfish and do horrifying things. TVD’s mistake was that it could never properly straddle the line between keeping up that gothic theme and appealing to a teen audience (hence the babies, and romanticising of characters that are clearly villains, - cough, cough Damon) so often they put too much emphasis on morality and people being either ‘good’ or ‘bad; even though supposedly good characters like: Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena do bad, selfish things all the time. (More detail in point 3)
  3. Because Klaus was conceptualised when TVD was actually half good and they were still writing a show about vampires; dark, twisted, immoral, seductive, vampires; he hence is a product of that. Klaus is a vampire in the true sense. I don’t believe a person can be a Klaroline shipper unless they accept the fact that Klaus is not a good person. He’s not supposed to be and that’s part of what makes his dynamic with Caroline so interesting. Love, or infatuation/affection, doesn’t change him. Yes, he does things deviant to his ‘cold hearted bastard’ persona. The gifts, deviating from his evil plans for Caroline’s sake, showing mercy, reasoning, barging when he doesn’t have to etc… But none of these things makes him redeemable. This isn’t one of those ships where love makes the person more moral and good. In fact, in Caroline’s case, I’m quite sure it does the opposite - or would do, had they gotten more screen time - Caroline is very in denial about her vampirism. She constantly makes claims about how she’s a ‘good vampire’ (an oxymoron in its self) and is characterised as ‘judgy’ because she demands such a high moral standard from other people around her. And while yes, she is exceptionally good at controlling her urges and at self-discipline (likely a result of  being under Stefan’s self-denying mentoring program and learning about vampirism from someone who detests it because of his own lack of control) Caroline still does terrible things often just because it’s convenient for her or because it’s ‘what it takes to get the job done’. Caroline’s often the most level-headed out of all her friends when it comes to doing something immoral in aid of the greater good, in fact, she’s almost eerily ruthless, especially if said action if in aid of helping one of her friends. (See the slaughtering of the 12 witches for Bonnie’s sake). But Caroline doesn’t see that, she also very scarcely acknowledges how much she loves being a vampire and from day 1, Klaus has been perceptive of how much she does. From when he saves her life, to when he intuits that she doesn’t want the cure and predicts that small town life wouldn’t be enough for her + encouraging her to think outside of the box and use her vampire abilities to get a dress for prom. Even his smug little recital of what Caroline says in 5x11 (’in school, building a life for her self, plans… etc’) shows that he knows that Caroline is just playing herself with her whole ‘mission to be normal’ (e.g: being in school - whic she dropped out of - playing house with Alaric and the babies, being with Stefan, who was always ‘the perfect guy’ in Caroline’s mind, because of the pedestal she put him on, denying herself the true pleasures of vampirism). Furthermore one of the most poignant Klaroline scenes for me is when Klaus is burying the 12 witches and calls Caroline out because not a few hours ago she’s called him a terrible person, because he did terrible things and now here they are staring at the corpses of the witches Caroline killed for Bonnie, while also, inadvertently, enabling an evil, supernatural being to rise from the dead and raise hell. on mankind. For a Klaroline shipper the moment is agonising because Klaus passes up the opportunity to be a shoulder for Caroline to cry on but at the end of the day it was something she needed to hear and quite frankly doesn’t hear enough. As long as you’re a vampire and you feed of human flesh, lie, compel, steal, murder at your own leisure; as long as you’re a witch/human/hunter who enables or condones it, you cannot claim to be ‘good’ whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  4. The most important thing, in my opinion, to remember about Klaroline as a ship is that Klaus’s actions are never presented as okay. Caroline never tolerates anything he does and constantly calls him out on his behaviour, furthermore, the show doesn’t romanticise him or excuse/ignore his behaviour. In contrast characters like Damon, who magically become the hero because it’s the only convenient way to put him with Elena. Elena’s love is supposed to change him and make him a better person but we see no evidence of this on the show, Damon’s his same rapey, abusive self all 8 seasons. But with Klaus, no excuses are made. He’s not supposed to magically turn good, you ask why I ship them so hard? It’s because 9/10 in all their scenes together and in their dynamic in general Caroline always has agency and nearly always has the upper hand, even when she’s dying. She manipulates Klaus into saving her life (”I know you’re in love with me’ ‘I guess we’ll never know’) in fact I’m convinced that Caroline used her A1 drama skills in that last part where Caroline makes those little croaky dying noises and was actually laying it on thick so that Klaus would be moved enough to save her- which he did. Caroline constantly manipulates Klaus and uses her emotional upper hand against him (’Show me I can trust you’ ‘I was promised a date for one of my hybrids’ ‘Show me your compassion’). So the relationship doesn’t just purely consist of Klaus doing horrible thing to Caroline and her friends and getting away with it. It’s far more complicated than that, there’s a power struggle involved and it’s extremely gripping and intriguing.
  5. When it comes down to it, Caroline was Klaus’ first choice, unlike many other TVD relationships, their’s is centered around Caroline (take dullena for example, even in a show centred entirely around elena, every bit of their relationship is all about Damon, or he finds a way to make it about him). Like I said Caroline has the agency, the emphasis is on her future, her hopes, her dreams and ultimately he respects her wishes, leaves mystic falls gives her space and waits for her to be ready.

I hope that helps or gives you some perspective. Anyone who wants to chime in please feel free to add something else.

Revenge, Interrupted (Part 10)

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A/N: I actually rewrote this to add a particular scene (youll know which when you read it), something I promised to do if my exam results were great, which they were (98%!!) So I was smiling the whole time writing this. Also, I hope now that the angst and mixed signals have set in, it doesnt seem to confusing or directionless. The plot is going to pick up next chapter, I promise. Happy reading!

Stefan closed the door behind Caroline and glanced around his bedroom, trying not to stare at the wet dress clinging to her body as she took her jacket off, shivering as she rubbed her bare arms.

He was still drunk.

She turned around and looked at him. Unconsciously, he felt himself stepping towards her, thoughts impossibly disorganised. She moved closer too and her hand brushed against his. He started. “Your hands are freezing!”

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The idea for this came during au week and I also wanted to write something for @kickassfu‘s bday a month ago now and holy writer’s block batman.

I quickly realized this could be 10k+ words, so made an attempt to keep this short, telling the tale in brief, loosely-connected scenes. Unbetad and barely read through so i can just freaking post. Let me know what you think. Mostly AU, as I don’t watch the show now.

Caroline forgets on a Thursday.

The tendrils of sleep feel like they’re clinging to her more strongly than usual, and she scrubs a hand across her face. What is it she’s supposed to do today? She yawns, stretching her arms out, mind racing and trying to grasp on anything and failing. What is she even doing here? She looks at her surroundings - a hotel room, the air conditioner whispering quietly in the corner, the bed soft and plush - somewhere expensive then. She’s alone, no dent in the pillow next to her, which somehow surprises her. OK. Phone? Phone. She picks it up from the end table and swipes it, breathing a sigh of relief when her thumbprint unlocks.

Opening up her recent calls there’s an incoming call from someone named Cam  the day before, as well as a call to a Bonnie, who has ICE next to her name, made three weeks prior. Ok. Not as much information as she had hoped. She opens the messages, finding a similar state. A lot of recent texts with whoever this Cam is, including a rather final sounding ‘Do not contact me again’. Pissed off, she presses call. Clearly Cam is a lost cause, but maybe he? she? can tell her some basic details.

“I told you not to call me ever again.” The voice sounds nervous, almost afraid.

“Yeah well I woke up in a hotel room with no idea who the hell I am or why, so thought maybe you could bend the rules, Cam.” Caroline spits out his name like a curse - she’s scrolling through past messages from him, catching some fervent ‘I love yous’ and heart emojis. How quickly love fades.

She hears a sigh on the other end, then an awkward pause before Cam speaks again. “I am sorry, Caroline. I love you, but I cannot. Talk to Bonnie, your friend.  She will help.” The line goes dead.


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Rhysand: The Most Powerful High Lord to have ever lived. Also a Hybrid (half Illyrian/ half High Fae). Considers himself a bastard.

TVD Klaus Mikaelson: The Most Powerful Original (creature on earth). Also a Hybrid (half Vampire / half Werewolf). Considers himself a bastard.

Rhysand: Centuries old looking young and hot.

Klaus: Centuries old looking young and hot.

Rhysand uses nicknames like Love and Darling. He is also very arrogant and sassy and lethal.

Klaus uses nicknames like Love and Sweetheart. He is also very arrogant and sassy and lethal.

Rhysand: seemingly overconfident but has deeply rooted insecurity issues.

Klaus: seemingly overconfident but has deeply rooted insecurity issues.

Everyone is terrified of Rhysand and consider him to be a nightmare. He is a legend. He is considered to be a villain. He has a murderous streak if needed be. Totally amoral. Capable for cruelty and greatness. Likes to leave torn heads for gifts and break bones. He knows how to make an impressive threat. He is a Daemati and can mind control everyone. He smirks a lot.

Everyone is terrified of Klaus and consider him to be a a nightmare. He is a legend. He is considered to be villain. He has a murderous streak. Totally amoral. Capable for cruelty and greatness. Likes to cut of heads and tear out hearts and break bones. He knows how to make an impressive threat. As an Original he can compel everyone. He smirks a lot.

Rhysand: being hunted and hated for who he is. He has lost a sibling he loved brutally. He has been tortured for decades (Amarantha and her curse). He is very vengeful if you hurt those he loves. He never forgets. He knows how to play the long game and be manipulative.

Klaus: being hunted and hated for who he is. He has lost a sibling he loved brutally. He has been tortured for decades (hunter’s curse). He is very vengeful if you hurt those he loves. He never forgets. He knows how to play the long game and be manipulative.

Rhysand: only but a few are able to see who he really is and understand him.

Klaus: only but a few are able to see who he really is and understand him.

Rhysand has an inner circle of family.

Klaus has an inner circle of family.

Rhysand has the night court that fears and respects him.

Klaus has been said to have his own groupies and trusted court that feared and respected him.

Anything surrounding Rhysand’s true identity and court is veiled in mystery and secrecy.

Anything surrounding Klaus’ true identity and origins and history is veiled in mystery and secrecy.

Rhysand: Azriel, Morrigan, Cassian.

Klaus: Elijah, Rebekah, Kol.

Feyre at first hates and despises Rhysand and sees him as nothing but a villain. She is able to distract him and Tamlin wants to use her against Rhysand (for information etc)

Caroline at first hates and despises Klaus and sees him as nothing but a villain. She is able to distract him and her friends want to use her against Klaus (for information and as a distraction etc)

Feyre at first can’t stand Rhysand and gives him the cold shoulder but can see more humane glimpses under his mask.

Caroline at first can’t stand Klaus and gives him the cold shoulder but can see more humane glimpses under his mask.

Rhysand keeps flirting with Feyre and teases her and she shuts him down.

Klaus keeps flirting with Caroline and teases her and she shuts him down.

Rhysand healed Feyre’s arm. Controversial scene.

Klaus healed Caroline with his blood. Controversial scene.

Rhysand is centuries old and Feyre is a baby High Fae.

Klaus is centuies old and Caroline is a baby vampire.

Rhysand and Feyre are…the same.

Klaus and Caroline are the…same.

Rhysand: Bows to no one but Feyre darling that has him wrapped around her finger.

Klaus: Bows to no one but Caroline sweetheart that has him wrapped around her finger.

Rhysand to Feyre: I know.

Klaus to Caroline: I know.

Rhysand to Feyre: I dare you.

Klaus to Caroline: I dare you.

Rhysand keeps trying to get to know Feyre better. Her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life.

Klaus keeps trying to get to know Caroline better. Her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life.

Feyre originally was in a committed relationship with a man she considered the love of her life when Rhysand entered her life and Tamlin and Rhysand are mortal enemies. Feyre is caught in the middle between devotion and desire.

Caroline originally was in a committed relationship with a man she considered the love of her life when Klaus entered her life and Tyler and Klaus are mortal enemies. Caroline is caught in the middle between devotion and desire.

Rhysand and Feyre: teaching her how to read. Teasing her.

Klaus and Caroline: Aramaic. Teasing her.

Rhysand leaving notes for Feyre.

Klaus leaving drawings and notes for Caroline.

Rhysand has the upper hand and makes a deal with Feyre for one week per month.

Klaus has the upper hand and makes a deal with Caroline for a date.

Rhysand with Feyre: Dancing with her while she is dressed in a sparkling gown.

Klaus with Caroline: Dancning with her while she is dressed in a sparkling gown.

Rhysand and Feyre make each other laugh. Also brutal honesty.

Klaus and Caroline make each other laugh. Also brutal honesty.

Rhysand and Feyre: sex marathons.

Klaus and Caroline: sex marathons.

….Am I sensing a pattern to the characters and the ships that attract me or what?

Cami: Hi

Caroline: Hi

Cami: So you knew Klaus

Caroline: yup

Cami: Well I know him better than you do

Caroline: I doubt it

Cami: When a witch gave me a dagger to shove in Klaus’s chest, I saw him shirtless and in bed, and his brother asked me for my help.

Caroline: When an ancient witch wanted to make Klaus believe he was dying, the dude tricked him into thinking he was me and then he called me non-stop for help. I saw him shirtless.

Cami: When he wanted me to leave New Orleans, he wouldn’t tell me but I saw his memories of when he was beaten by his father when he was human

Caroline: He was trying to explain why he liked horses to me and told me about when his father killed his favorite horse

Cami: He wanted me to be his therapist and told me to write about his life; he ranted on for hours about his enemies and their conspiring against him

Caroline: He didn’t need to tell me, I was one of the people conspiring for a long time. I yelled at him for not taking my help when I wanted something in return when he asked for it in the first place. He only ever asked me about my relationship with the boyfriend I had while he was in town and told me the story about the one time he thought about being human again.


Cami: What was that?

Caroline: Oh you don’t know? Pity.

Cami: He saved me from his crazy ex-girlfriend.

Caroline: His mom created a vampire hunter out of my ex-teacher and the guy kidnapped me and my best friend, Klaus came to save me and told me to go straight home. Another time, he stopped a coven of witches from killing me and my friends.

Cami: Oh he didn’t ask you to stay with him those nights so he could protect you? Pity.

Caroline: We danced. Several times.

Cami: We danced once and almost kissed.

Caroline: And during one of the dances he mused about my coming to him and we’d see the world together.

Cami: He told me he wanted to protect me and make me happy.

Caroline: He told me he wanted to know what my hopes and dreams and life goals are. And he told me he intended to be my last love.

Cami: He kissed me and we ended up in bed together.

Caroline: Did you have sex?

Cami: No, he just slept beside me.

Caroline *crosses arms* we had sex.


Caroline: several times.


Cami: well crap

They lived...

Klaroline + Ever After: A Cinderella Story for Infusion/Crossover Day.

Caroline sat beside her parents, waiting for Baron Mikaelson and his wife to enter the throne room with their sons. Everything had been put into place, plans all playing out just as she’d wanted. She still couldn’t quite believe that her parents had agreed to all of this, that they were willing to go along with her scheming. But they did truly love her and wanted the best for her and neither of them appreciated the way the Baron had tried to manipulate the kingdom to his benefit.

Watching that man fall down a few pegs was going to be satisfying.

She sat a little taller, hands folded perfectly in her lap as the Mikaelsons were announced and watched as the group entered the room. An air of smugness was wrapped around them, one that seemed to be perpetually engulfing them wherever they went. Looking at the others in the court as if they were lesser than them, heads held just a little too high as they approached the thrones and did the customary bows.

“Baron,” her mother started, and Caroline watched as he looked up expectantly at her. So many hopes and dreams were written on his face, all of them tinged with greed and a hunger for power that would be his downfall. “Did you or did you not lie to his Majesty the King of France?”

Caroline couldn’t help but smirk as she watched Mikael’s expression falter, a flicker of doubt and fear registering in his eyes as he tried to hurriedly come up with an excuse. Elijah swallowed hard behind him, realizing that he had a hand in that lie as well, while Kol grinned at her as he rose from his bow.

“Choose your words wisely, sir,” the king added, and Mikael’s gaze flicked over to him. “They very well may be your last.”

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#basically kmze just let me hug you for always considering Stefan’s side as well ( humormakeslifebearable )

I cannot believe all the criticism that Stefan is getting after that episode for letting Caroline walk away because she needed space, he just spent 4 days being drained of blood and emotionally tortured by No Humanity Caroline all because he would do anything to get her back. He knew when he burned that letter she was going to hate him but he knew if he exposed himself at that moment he was totally fucked, just like he said to Elena “you’re going to have to try harder than that.” Also THANK YOU because can we just recognize that all of Stefan’s hopes and dreams for a relationship with Caroline crashed and burned after all of this. He wanted everything to be perfect, even Damon dickhead that he is, recognized that Stefan was really upset that his first time with Caroline went down the way it did. Damon usually would have continued to mock Stefan like he did in 6x08 but like you said he could see how hurt Stefan was about the whole thing.

Also I completely agree that Stefan was afraid to hug her because he knew he wouldn’t be able to let her go, such a parallel to him not saying goodbye to her after Damon died because he knew wouldn’t be able to leave if he did. It was also so apparent during the entire episode how affected Stefan was when Caroline touched him. He missed her so much and he kept losing himself in her when she touched or kissed him because he wanted to give in to it so badly but he kept fighting it because it still wasn’t “her”. Stefan was completely right too and I liked that he snapped back at Ric about the humanity switch. He knew Caroline didn’t want to see him because of all the guilt she was feeling and she walked out just like he figured she would and his whole world crashed because he knows that whole dream of a “perfect” beginning with her is gone.

GOD that episode was so good! Melinda Hsu Taylor is becoming one of my favorite writers on this show, I’ve enjoyed all her episodes this season and I really think she has an excellent grasp on Stefan’s character in particular.

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KC + Christmas: snowed in at an airport, Klaus and Caroline strike up a convo at the airport bar or something. Maybe after a couple drinks they find themselves somewhere private ;)

Merry Klaromas, Questers! It went a little crack towards the end but I hope you enjoy. :)

Snowed In

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the treetops glisten

And children listen

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Caroline Forbes glanced up at the departures board at JFK International Airport, surrounded by the sounds of people shuffling to and fro, children crying, and luggage wheels squeaking.

She let out a groan as the board changed all flights from On Time to Delayed. This was the first Christmas she had been able to get off from work and wanted to spend it with her mother back in her home town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. It was supposed to be a surprise, but now it didn’t look like she would make it in time for Christmas Eve.

She turned, pulling her small carry-on luggage behind her, and headed to find something to do while she waited for her flight. When she spotted a large vodka bottle decorated with christmas lights, she knew she found her new hangout for the next few hours.

“Happy Holidays, Miss,” the bartender greeted her.

“Hi.” She smiled at him. “Any specials?”

“We have the Christmas Cookie, Red Hot Santa Tini, Red Rudolph…” he continued, listing off an array of holiday themed drinks.

Caroline stopped paying attention after the fifth drink and when he looked at her expectantly she blurted, “I’ll have the Candy Cane.” She wasn’t even sure if that was an option or not but it was the first Christmas thing that popped into her head.

“Perfect, I’ll be right back.”

When the bartender returned, he placed a martini glass before her that contained a red liquid with red and white sugar coating the rim.

She smiled gratefully and took a sip, choking slightly as the alcohol hit the back of her throat. It was strong and delicious. The taste of peppermint schnapps, berry vodka, and creme de cacao filled her mouth and she let out a satisfied mmmm.

“I’ll have whatever she’s having,” an amused voice said from behind her.

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Cause thanks to The Originals now I can only see her as Caroline 2.0 trying to crush all my hopes and dreams for my OTP. The writers are slowly crumbling our childhood idols by casting them as bland, lackluster characters. It’s very sad, cause I’m sure Leah’s a sweetheart, but for now whenever I see a picture of her I see Cami. :/