Coralie and Caroline - Birthday Party

Coralie was very excited. She was turning 23 in a few weeks and, now that she knew more people, wanted to throw a larger party than she had in a long time. It didn’t need to be the entire town, but definitely not just close friends. She dialed Caroline’s number in her phone and waited for her to pick up. “Hey, Caroline! I’ve got a job for you.”

Caroline and Robin | Secret Date

Six thirty rolled around quickly. Robin had managed to get a few things done around town, before having to return home and get ready for his meeting with Caroline. It was less of a meeting, and more of a date, but he truly hoped Caroline had managed to think of something for the charity ball. At least that way it wouldn’t completely seem like a date.

By seven o'clock, Robin pulled up in front of Caroline’s in his 1967 Chevy Impala. It wasn’t quite an antique, but it was definitely old. He was lucky he inherited it from his relative. Had he not, he would have been walking to the La Penske’s house. Exiting his car, Robin walked up to the front door, and rang the door bell.

Robin and Caroline | Lunch With The Event Planner

Robin waited at the diner for Caroline, excited to talk about the charity ball details. He had no gift for planning, much less getting things off the ground. Most of the time he was just lucky. Like the day before when Caroline had offered to help out. Looking down at his watch, he hoped the blonde event planner would show up any minute.