this montage makes us figure skaters look badass

US Nationals - Day 6 (Part Three) - Ladies Short Live

I will be live blogging the short program for the Ladies. Stay tuned here! The competition begins soon.

Warm Up Group 1

1 Hannah Miller, Lansing SC
2 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC
3 Franchesca Chiera, Panthers FSC
4 Tessa Hong, Broadmoor SC

Notes from Warm-up Group: All four look very solid! Zhang stood out to me. It’s great to see her back! All four ladies did some good jumps, and nothing really stood out to me other than that. 

Hannah Miller - Step out of her first jump, a Triple Lutz. Lovely quality to her skating. Nice combo (Triple Flip/Double Toe according to the commentator) and a bit two-footed on her Double Axel. Nice program, but mistakes that will cost her. Score: 48.73 (Fair, but that’s going to hurt overall.)

Caroline Zhang - GOO CAROLINE! I’ve always loved the way she loves. She’s just lovely to watch. Wonderful combo. (Loop-Loop.) Wonderful Triple Flip. Nice Double Axel. Wonderful job, Caroline! Good job! Score: 62.55 (Woo!)

Franchesca Chiera - Wonderful Triple Flip-Double Toe, but you wonder about having a Triple-Double instead of a Triple-Triple. She has some work in the artistry department, but she’s got potential overall. Not bad, but not quite the same as what we just saw from Zhang. Score: 53.97

Tessa Hong - She’s got such a lovely quality to her skating, and the way she moves. She’s beautiful to watch. Wonderful Triple Lutz-Triple Loop combo. A little wonky on the landing on the Triple Flip. Nice Double Axel. So beautiful! I can’t wait to see her on the Junior World Stage, and for years to come. Apparently, the Lutz-Loop was under-rotated. Score:65.02


1. Tessa Hong - 65.02
2. Caroline Zhang - 62.55
3. Franchesca Chiera - 53.97
4. Hannah Miller - 48.73

Warm Up Group 2

I will be live blogging the short program for the Ladies. Stay tuned here! The competition begins soon.

5 Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating
6 Karen Chen, Peninsula SC
7 Amber Glenn, Dallas FSC
8 Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC
9 Mariah Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC

Notes from Warm-Up Group 2: Everyone looks pretty solid. Amber Glenn looks absolutely stunning. Courtney Hicks had a weird landing to one of her jumps, though.

Angela Wang - Fall on her Triple Flip, and she had a beautiful start. I think that was supposed to be her combo, too. Her next two jumps were nice, and she added a combo to her Triple Loop because she missed it the first time. Wonderful program except for the fall on the beginning. Score: 58.16 (Fair)

Karen Chen - I’m not sure what I think about the opening… Wonderful Triple Lutz-Toe combo. Nice control. Beautiful quality to her movement. Nice Triple Loop. So wonderful the way she moves, I just love her. Nice Double Axel. This is a great program! So wonderful! Awesome! Score: 72.82 (WELL DESERVED - highest ever Ladies score in the short program at the US Nationals according to Tara and Johnny)

Amber Glenn - Such a wonderful quality of movement. (I know I’m saying that a lot.) Hard fall on her Triple combo, the first jump. She added the jump to her next combo, which was a bit shaky on the second jump but still. That would have been such an awesome program without that jump. Such a shame. Score: 56.34

Courtney Hicks - Weird landing coming out of her first combo. Hard fall on her next jumping pass. Good Double Axel, but a bit of a  moot point at this point. She still has some work to do in her musicality, though I can see she’s trying and working on that. Would have been a great program without those mistakes. Score: 46.02 (Ouch ouch ouch, last place so far)

Mariah Bell - Fall on her opening combo. She has good musicality, too.It’s a shame about that opening combo… Great Triple Flip. Double Axel was beautiful. A bit wobbly on the last spin. Such a shame… Score: 63.33 (A bit high actually imho.)

Standings So Far

1. Karen Chen - 72.82
2.  Tessa Hong - 65.02
3. Mariah Bell - 63.33
4. Caroline Zhang - 62.55
5. Angela Wang - 58.16
6. Amber Glenn - 56.34
7. Franchesca Chiera - 53.97
8. Hannah Miller - 48.73 
9. Courtney Hicks - 46.02

Ice Resurfacing

Warm Up Group 3

10 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
11 Bradie Tennell, Wagon Wheel FSC
12 Ashley Shin, Dallas FSC
13 Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC
14 Megan Wessenberg, SC of Boston

Interesting next group. Former three-time champ and Reigning World Silver Medalist, reigning and two-time champ. And then there’s Bradie Tennell.

Notes from Warm-up Group: Gracie looks nervous. Ashley looks calm, but she always does. I’m not sure what to make of Gracie because she’s hitting her jumps but that look on her face is just weird. Weird, shaky jump from Gracie just now. 

Ashley Wagner - GOOO ASHLEY! YOU CAN DO IT! Okay, in all seriousness… I love this program. Great opening combo! Great Triple Loop. Weird landing coming out of her Double Axel but she landed it. Wonderful program! It’s not going to beat Chen, and all three of her jumping passes are under review I think. It was a great program. Score: 70.94 (Fair)

Bradie Tennell - Wonderful quality to her skating, and great opening combo. That was a huge mistake - Double Flip instead of a Triple. I’m not feeling this program, though I like the way she moves. She just doesn’t seem to feel it. This would have been a decent program if not for that mistake on the Flip. Score: 59.77 (More than fair considering that mistake.)

Ashley Shin - Shaky landing coming out of the first jump of her combo, but she landed. She has good quality. Hard all on that Double Axel. I feel she’s not quite skating up to the music, but not bad. Score: 49.86

Gracie Gold - First combo was shaky, but she landed it. I just don’t like her. She moves nice, but her face is like always blank. Turned that Triple Flip into a double. That was just off. It didn’t look like she wanted to be there. That was a shame… Score: 64.85 (more than fair considering her mistakes)

Megan Wessenberg - Fall on her Triple Toe-Triple Toe combo. Nice Triple Loop. She’s got some potential, but I think she has to work on her musicality. She opened up on her Axel it looked like. She just isn’t quite up to par here at the Senior-level. Score: 48.96 (Fair)

Standings So Far

1. Karen Chen - 72.82
2.  Ashley Wagner - 70.94
3. Tessa Hong - 65.02
4. Gracie Gold - 64.85
5. Mariah Bell - 63.33
6. Caroline Zhang - 62.55
7. Bradie Tennell - 59.77
8. Angela Wang - 58.16
9. Amber Glenn - 56.34
10. Franchesca Chiera - 53.90
11. Ashley Shin - 49.86
12. Megan Wessenberg - 48.96
13. Hannah Miller - 48.73 
14. Courtney Hicks - 46.02

Warm up Group 4 (Last)

15 Paige Rydberg, All Year FSC
16 Livvy Shilling, Sun Valley FSC
17 Katie McBeath, Westminster FSC of Erie
18 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
19 Rebecca Peng, SC of Boston

The only one that really stands out to me in this group is Mirai Nagasu. (GOOO MIRAI!!!!!!) 

Notes from Warm-up Group: Everyone looks really solid, skating around and doing some good jumps. Mirai is doing some beautiful choreography. Nothing really stands out.

Paige Rydberg - Wonderful opening combo. Interesting music. Her next jump was good, too. Good Double Axel. She’s not bad, but she’s not really skating to the music. It feels like she’s just going through the motions. She doesn’t seem to be feeling it at all. Clean program, though, so good for her! Score: 61.60 (Good for her)

Livvy Shilling - No Triple-Triple, but her combo wasn’t bad. I like watching her. Good Triple Loop. Double Axel was good. She looks like she’s enjoying herself. That was a good, clean program. That was great for her. Score: 59.73

Katie McBeath - Had a hard fall earlier in practice, apparently, and her hip is sore from that. She has a lovely movement quality. Shaky landing to her Triple Lutz. Nice combo. Nice Double Axel. That was a good program for her. Good or her for coming back from a rough practice. Nice program for her, too. Score: 49.33 (a bit low imho)

Mirai Nagasu - GOOO MIRAI!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Okay, back to business… Amazing opening combo! She is just so lovely to watch. I’ve always been a fan of hers. Triple Loop, a bit two-footed. Nice Double Axel. Such lovely movement quality, and such a beautiful program. Score: 71.95 (YESSS!!!!!!!!!!)

Rebecca Peng - Wonky jump combination. Very hard fall on the next jump. I find her movements a bit junior-ish, but that might be just because Mirai just skated. Weird landing out of her Double Axel. That was kind of iffy. Score: 41.08 

Final Standings 

1. Karen Chen - 72.82
2.  Mirai Nagasu - 71.95
3. Ashley Wagner - 70.94
4. Tessa Hong - 65.02
5. Gracie Gold - 64.85
6. Mariah Bell - 63.33
7. Caroline Zhang - 62.55
8. Paige Rydberg - 61.60
9. Bradie Tennell - 59.77
10. Livvy Shilling
11. Angela Wang - 58.16
12. Amber Glenn - 56.34
13. Franchesca Chiera - 53.90
14. Ashley Shin - 49.86
15. Ashley Shin - 49.33
16. Megan Wessenberg - 48.96
17. Hannah Miller - 48.73 
18. Courtney Hicks - 46.02
19. Rebecca Peng - 41.08