dine and dash (stefan salvatore ft klaus mikaelson, part ii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for a while in high school, but like most high school relationships, college got in the way. You wanted to move away and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Boston and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s the first time you two are seeing each other since the break up. That’s not the case with some of your other friends, however.

Pairing: Stefan x Reader, Klaus x Reader, Matt x Rebekah, Kol x Bonnie, Damon x Elena, Caroline x Enzo, Elijah x Hayley (not mentioned in this chapter)

Warnings: SMUT, dom!Klaus, visual smut, fingering, cursing

A/N: HI!!!!  okay so just a heads-up that the italics are a flashback and purely smut. I thought I wanted the reader to end up with Stefan in this, but idk anymore. I will say, however, that you will see smut from both Nik and Stefan in this fic. Some flashbacks and some current. please let me know what you think!! (gifs aren’t mine!!)


As soon as Stefan walks away, you shake your head and pour yourself a glass of bourbon. You swirl the glass around, staring at it until you hear Elena and Caroline’s voices. You turn to face them, raising a glass as Caroline places her hands on her hips.

“Y/N! The clipboard,” she huffs, walking over to you with said clipboard in hand. “I’ve made hotel arrangements, I just need you to pick who you’ll be sharing a room with.”

“Let me guess, you’ve made me a list of all possible roommates, huh?” You grab the clipboard and Caroline nods, smiling.

“Ah, good,” you hear a deep British voice and look up to see Enzo walking over to you two. “Now that you’re here, Y/N, my girlfriend and I can spend sometime alone.”

“Hey to you too, ass,” you narrow your eyes at him as he smiles and wraps his arms tightly around you.

“You know I’m happy you’re here. And not just because Caroline can take a break now,” he pulls away and winks at you, intertwining his fingers with Care’s.

“Yeah, yeah. You two deserve some alone time. Caroline, go. I’ll figure things out here, I promise. Besides, I’m sure you’ve sent me at least a dozen emails containing proper instructions.” To prove your point and insure that Caroline doesn’t protest, you pull out your phone and show Caroline all 15 emails that you’d received in regards to the wedding.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Caroline sighs, shaking her head and smiling at you and Enzo. “I know you just got here, and I’m sorry. Thank you for doing this. I owe you!”

“Just remind me not to hire you as my wedding planner if the time ever rolls around,” you chuckle and push Caroline and Enzo away from the bar.

“I will be your wedding planner and you will get married and–oof okay fine we’re leaving!” She pulled Enzo into a bedroom and you smile, looking at the clipboard.

“Y/N!” Of course before you can get any work done, you’re already smothered in a hug by the one and only Damon Salvatore.

“Damon!” You try to move your arms so he could hug you, but he’s got a bone-crushing grip on you. “Please I am human do not break me.”

“Oh, crap! Sorry!” He quickly lets you go and you take a deep breath, pressing your hands against your ribs. “I’m just excited to see you! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay, don’t worry,” you groan and stretch, cracking your neck as Damon gives you a wierd look. “Stop that, my neck was in a wierd position for like three hours! Airplane seats aren’t as comfy as you think.”

“How’s Massachusetts treating you?” You two start walking back to the bar and Damon wraps an arm around your shoulder.

“Undergrad was fun, more than one would think. Law School wasn’t bad either, to be honest. I finished the program a few months ago. How’ve things been here?” You grab your bourbon as Damon reaches around the bar to pour himself a glass.

“It’s been wierd. I’ve been alive for over a century, but I finally feel at home here and now,” he looks towards the living room and you follow his gaze: all your friends laughing and teasing one another while planning on of your weddings.

“I’ve missed this,” you whisper, eyes resting on Stefan’s figure for a second longer than necessary all the while hoping that Damon wouldn’t notice.

“What was that?” Damon, of course noticed.

“That was nostalgia, Damon. Hopefully the last of it,” you down your bourbon and look at the clipboard in your hand. “I’ve got a wedding to plan, so please–”

“Y/N!!!” You hear a pair of voices call out your name, music to your ears.

“Matt, Beks!!!!” You hold your arms out for your favorite couple, missing them more than you’d care to admit.

“We’ve missed you so much,” Matt, of course, wraps his arms around you first, squeezing you and kissing your head.

“We really have, things haven’t been the same,” Rebekah places her head against your chest as you wrap your arms around her shoulders.

“Aw I’ve missed you too, babies,” you kiss Rebekah’s head and Matt smiles at the two of you.

“My two favorite ladies! I’m so–”

“Excuse me, Donovan?” A very threatening whispers comes from behind Matt and you recognize the voice as the bride’s.

“Not including you, of course, Bon! Come on!” Matt stuttered as he tried to clear himself out of the hole he’d just dug. Meanwhile, Rebekah lets you go and you meet Bonnie’s eyes.

“Come on, he hasn’t seen me in years. I think it’s okay if he likes me a little more,” you laugh as Bonnie glares at you. “COME HERE!”

You and Bonnie quickly wrap your arms around one another, squeezing each other and whispering thank and ‘i love you’s.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married!” You squeal as Bonnie laughs, holding her hand out to show you the ring.

“Yeah, well, Kol is very–”

“Sexy? Handsome? Good at making love?” Kol steps in next to Bonnie, a cocky smirk on his face.

“I was actually gonna go with persistent, but sure baby,” Bonnie boops his nose. “Whatever makes you happy.”

You laugh and Kol hugs you from the side, pouting at Bonnie as she shakes her head, smiling.

“Bonnie’s being mean to me,” he sticks his tongue out at her and you shake your head.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea for you to get married to him, Bonnie? Child marriages are a terrible idea,” you whisper loudly, hand covering the side of your face that Kol could see. Everyone erupts in laughter and Kol groans.

“I forgot you two were best friends! You’re supposed to be on my side,” Kol gently nudges your shoulder and you smile up at him.

“I’ll always be on your side, loser. I’m glad you two are getting married!” You squeal and give him a tight hug, pulling away to smile at him and Bonnie. “So happy for you two!”

“We’re so glad you’re here,” Kol smiles at you and walks over to Bonnie, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her temple.

“I’m happy to be here. Now, you two have a cake testing in half an hour and I have to look over hotel arrangements and say hi to all the other losers,” you rub Bonnie’s shoulder as she smiles up at Kol. “Also, there’s no way you two lovebirds are going there alone. We’re on a tight schedule.”

“Y/N, we’ll be fine! We’re not teenagers, come on!”

“Sure you’re not, Kol. Tell your hormones that,” you brush him off and look around for a responsible adult. “Elijah! Stefan! Stefan’s girlfriend! Gather round.”

All three of them walk over to you with tired expressions, not that you care exactly.

“Alright, Bonnie and Kol have to go taste testing, but I don’t trust them alone simply because we’ve got a tight schedule that we have to follow if we want me to live. That being said, I need you three,” you point at Elijah, Stefan, and Stefan’s girlfriend individually. “I need you three to chaperone. Got it?”

“Um, sure. Who are you?” Stefan’s girlfriend speaks up and you turn to look at her.

“Your worst nightmare if anything goes wrong today. Your regular nightmare if you don’t fuck things up. Call me Y/N,” you give her a sweet smile as Damon, Matt, and Rebekah try not to laugh. “Now off you go, everyone!”

You shoo them away, Stefan’s face hardened after your interaction with his girlfriend.

“God, I’m so fucking glad you’re back,” Damon laughs as Matt and Rebekah agree .

“Matt, Beks, I need you to pick up Hayley and Hope, Marcel, Cami, Freya, and Davina from the airport.They should all arrive within 15/20 minutes of one another. The first one lands in half an hour, so get going!” You hand them a sheet with all arrival times, terminal and gate numbers, and hotel arrangements if needed.

“Perfect. See you guys!”  Bekah and Matt grab everything and head out.

“So, anything for me to do?” Damon asks and you look at the crowd, only to find Kai and Alaric arguing rather animatedly about party treats while Elena tried to stop them.

“Yeah, you keep an eye on them. Make sure the idea for the party treats is figured out by tonight. We need decorations ready tonight, too. The color theme is yellow and egghsell white with hints of light green so please get me something by tonight,” you give Damon a look and he nods, finishing up his bourbon.

“One daddy coming right up,” he smirks and walks over to the group as you groan.

You place the clipboard on the bar and eye it, taking a look at everything that needed to be done tonight. Then taking a look at everyone’s hotel arrangements, the times, the baggage. You pour yourself another drink, hoping the jetlag doesn’t catch up with you.

“Need some help, love?” Klaus asks, sitting on the stool next to yours.

“I just need to relax, but I know that I can’t with this wedding coming up,” you swirl your cup and look over to Klaus.

“I can definitely help with that,” he whispers, letting his eyes rest on your lips, and you shake your head, trying not to think of that night.

“Klaus, come on,” you chuckle and look back at the clipboard, hoping he leaves it alone.

“I’m just trying to help, love,” he whispers, his fingers tilting your head to face him.

“Help me some other time,” you bring your lips closer to his and press them against the side of his mouth. He still for a moment as you turn back to the clipboard, trying your hardest not to think of that one night in particular with Klaus.

You’d spent plenty nights with him before. He was one of the few people from back home that you’d actively try to see, the only one who could take your mind off things. This time was different though, this time, he reached out to you. He wanted to see you, wanted you to help him forget. He said he’d surprise you one of these days.

Normally with you two, everything happened fast. A rush of teeth against flesh, nails raking down one another’s sides and back, a primal need to have the other succumb to your will.

That time in particular, Klaus tied you up. You two had never done this before, but you always wanted to try it with him.

“Does my baby girl have some rope?” Klaus cupped your face, gently tilting your head up.

“Y-yes, she does, sir,” you whispered and turned away, grabbing some rope from your closet.

“Good girl,” he whispered, brushing his nose against yours. “Now Sir needs you to strip yourself of everything but your panties and spread out on the bed, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” you turned away, blushing wildly as you obliged. You spread yourself out on the bed and his eyes ravaged you before the rest of him could. You shifted under his gaze, more aroused and more insecure by the second.

“Nuh-uh, love,” he tsked, shaking his head at you as he walked closer and removed his tie. “Sir loves looking at you. He loves seeing a slight tremor pass through you every time I rake my eyes up and down your beautiful body. He loves seeing your nipples perk up the longer they’re left unattended. He loves that beautiful pussy of yours, god that is breathtaking.”

You whimpered as Klaus stopped at the edge of the bed, lowering himself so that his nose was barely brushing against your clothed slit. You begin to move and before you can do so, Klaus raised his eyebrows at you and you stop immediately.

“If baby girl wants my mouth on her, she has to play by Sir’s rules. Okay?” He whispered, gently placing a finger against your panty-covered opening.

“Oh, y-yes si-sir,” you groaned softly and bit your lip as Klaus teased you.

“There’s my good girl,” he whispered, his tone huskier now as his eyes flash golden. “Sir is going to tie up your wrists, okay? The safeword will be watermelon.”

“Yes, sir,” you nodded, eager to have Klaus’s hands all over you. You’d thought about this for a while now.

“Hold your wrists out for Sir,” Klaus climbed on top of the bed and straddled your waist while you lifted your arms to him. He smiled and wrapped the rope around your wrists, eyes growing hungrier by the second. His eyes trailed up and down your body, clearly loving how you looked tied up. The longer he went without touching you, the more impatient you became.

“Are you going to touch me or are you just going to keep staring at me, huh?” Before you could think, the words spilled out of your mouth and you could feel the air around you still. You could feel the change in Klaus’s demeanor. He was never going to touch you now.

“What is one thing that Sir asks of you, the only thing that I ask of you?” He growled out, removing himself from on top of you.

“S-sir asks me to be patient and not speak until spoken to,” you whimpered and looked down, ashamed that you’d broken his one rule.

“And yet you do the exact opposite,” he glared at you, sitting at the edge of your bed and pulling you up towards him. “How many times do you think Sir should spank you for disobeying him?”

“F-five?” You whispered, still unable to look at him. You’d never gotten spanked more than five times.

“Wrong answer. I was thinking more along the lines of 10,” he breathed against your lips as you gasped, finally meeting his gaze. “I want you to count each one, okay?”

“Y-yes,” you couldn’t look up at him, you could barely speak without your voice breaking.

Klaus pulled you over his lap, gently rubbing your panty-covered ass.

“Sir really likes these panties,” he pressed his lips against your back before speaking again. “He would’ve loved to rip these off with his mouth.”

You wanted to beg him to touch you, to bite you, but you knew that would only make this situation worse. So you stayed quiet as Klaus continued to press soft kisses along your backside, once on each cheek and then moving lower.

“Sir loves your filthy little pussy, you know that?” His lips brushed against your lower set and you couldn’t help but whimper at even the slightest touch.

“You’ve been a bad girl. Sir won’t eat you out yet,” he nuzzled his cheek against your ass as his fingers made their way up your thighs and to your panties. “His fingers, however, will give you a wild orgasm. You’ll feel each slap even more after I finger-fuck your wet pussy.”

You couldn’t help but to groan at his words and at his hands. His fingers stayed outside your panties but the fabric somehow added friction with each touch. He held your hip with one hand while the other teased you. He pressed one slender finger against where he knew was your eager opening. You moaned loudly and he did it again, this time pushing the finger and the cloth deeper in you.

“Who knew having your panties on made you even more vulnerable?” Klaus growled as he used his thumb to tease your swollen clit. He leaned down to lick a small strip over your panties, from your opening to your clit. That way, the cloth was more flexible. He bent both it and me to his will. His thumb worked tirelessly against my clit as he brought forth another finger and quickly rammed it against my panties, the thickness of his fingers wrapped inside the cloth made me shake.

“Oh, that’s it. You’re getting closer, aren’t you?” He bit your thigh, careful not to sink his teeth into you.

His fingers swiftly removed the cloth and found their places against your pussy. His thumb was pressed against your clit, not moving and not letting you move. Meanwhile, his fingers quickly rammed in and out of you, your walls clenching around them as he grew merciless. You screamed his name, barely yelling out a warning as you came all over his fingers and your panties. He chuckled lowly, wiping his fingers against your panties and pulling them back up against you.

Before you can come down from your high, you feel Klaus’s palm make contact with your ass. Over and over and over. 10 times over to be exact. You knew because you counted. You knew because Klaus apologized and made you cum 10 times after that to prove his guilt. You, of course, didn’t mind the spanking, but you wouldn’t tell him that for a while.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” A hand waving in front of your face pulls you out of your rather embarrassing thoughts.

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“Yes?” You clear your throat and turn to face Jeremy, completely ignoring Klaus’s rugged smirk to your side.

“First of all, I’m so fucking glad you’re back. These people are all crazy,” he pulls you into a hug and you laugh, realizing how much you’d miss this annoying kid.

“Second of all,” he pulls away and smiles widely at you. “Kai and I don’t know who we’re rooming with. I don’t think anyone else does either.”

“Oh, right. Well,” you clear your throat and grab the clipboard, flipping through the pages until you find one titled hotel arrangements. “It says here that are couples are rooming together; Bonnie and Kol will be staying in separate, larger suites; everyone else will get paired off and one lucky trio will get a larger room but will have to band together.”

Everyone nodded, seeing as it made sense thanks to Caroline.

“Now let’s see. It says here that the Saltzmans are all in one huge room. Elijah, Hayley, and Hope are in one room. Matt and Beks, Davina and Cami, Stefan and Ivy? So that’s her name, hm,” you shrug and continue reading the list to those present. “Damon and Elena. Caroline and Enzo. Tyler and Liv. Freya and Luke. Kai, Marcel, and Jeremy. And that leaves me with Klaus. Any questions?”

You look up to see the others have poured in as well: cake testing is over and Matt and Beks are back from the airport with all the folks.

“Yes,” Kai pipes up, looking rather concerned. “Does that trio room have three beds because I refuse to share one with dirty Jeremy over here.”

“No, Kai. You all have share one King bed. We’re making a porno,” you shake your head and Kai’s eyes grow wide. “I’m kidding Kai. Three separate Queen beds for three sassy queens. Any other questions?”

“Yes, why are you sharing a room with Klaus?” Stefan’s eyes meet yours and you do all you can not to walk over there and punch him.

“I didn’t want to be part of a lucky trio and Klaus is one of my best friends. Now, any questions that concern you?” You roll your eyes at him and Stefan shakes his head.

“Yes,” Ivy pipes up and by now you’re fuming. “Who are you, seriously?”

He watches her as the sun filters through the window, dancing over the blanket and reaching for her still form, making her blonde hair shine and her pale skin warm. Leaning in the open door that leads onto a wrought iron balcony looking out on the city below, a cool breeze ruffling his hair and running over his bare chest, he watches as the sun chases sleep away, creeping ever closer to her long lashes, soft against her cheeks. Her brows draw together and her lips purse as she lets out a little disgruntled sigh. It’s a routine he’s watched many times before, for years, decades even, he’s lost count somewhere. 

She turns onto her side, rubbing her cheek against the pillow, and his lips curl up at one corner as he waits for it, waits for her hand to reach out and–

She finds no one next to her and frowns, blinking her eyes open slowly. “‘Lijah…?” she murmurs, searching for him. 

He pushes off the door and crosses the room, the carpet soft under his feet. He lays down on his side of the bad, turning his head to face her as he does every morning. 

She smiles at him, her eyes falling closed once more, hums contently, and moves across the bed to snuggle against him, resting on his chest. He runs his fingers through her hair, tangled here or there, but soft and smelling faintly of her shampoo. 

“Time’s it?” she wonders.

“Early…” He strokes his hand down her back; her skin is cool to the touch, it’ll warm when she has her coffee, but sometimes he likes it likes this, how it reminds him that they’re different, special.

Her fingers draw absently on his skin, shapes and letters and nothing in particular. She’s been doing it since that first morning together.

Ages ago, when everything went sideways in Mystic Falls, she needed an out, an escape. Klaus had run off to New Orleans and Tyler wouldn’t answer his phone, Stefan had his hands full with Elena and Damon, and Bonnie was still trying to resurrect Jeremy. Elijah found Caroline drinking her sorrows away, slumped on a stool, lost and broken. She looked over at him, her eyes tearful and glassy, and she spilled everything. He sat silently beside her, listening, drinking a decanter of bourbon that couldn’t compare to what he had at home. When she was done, tears clinging to her lashes, she looked at him and whispered, “Would you take me away if I asked?”

He stared at her a moment; the fractured angel whose glow had dimmed. He understood what Klaus had seen in her, but his brother had done too much, had hurt her too many times, and now, when she needed him most, had left her. Elijah was used to cleaning up his family’s messes, but this one felt different. He didn’t want to help Caroline because she mattered to Klaus, he wanted to help her because she needed it, because she deserved it, and, truth be told, Mystic Falls no longer held any appeal.

So he took her hand, led her from the bar, and returned her to her house. As he laid her down in her bed, he told her that if she felt the same in the morning, he would take her anywhere she wanted.

She was at his house bright and early, a suitcase at her feet.

Elijah always kept his promises.

He took her to Paris first and then they traveled, place to place, never stopping for long, he wasn’t even sure she knew where she was half the time, recognizing only that it wasn’t Mystic Falls. He bought her pretty dresses and he took her to fancy balls, he treated her to every beautiful thing she laid her eyes on. But it wasn’t the baubles and the trinkets, the necklaces and the clothing she liked. She wanted companionship, loyalty, and freedom. 

She was drinking one night, some three years into their travels, dancing with anyone who asked her, wearing a dress that cost enough to make others sweat. She was laughing and happy and he could see as her depression and fear melted away as she spun in circles, negligent of whomever her dancing partner was. And when the song finished, she stumbled toward him, high on happiness. She ran her hands up his chest and she told him “Thank you,” her lips brushing his with every letter. She was sober, not one drink that night, when she slanted her mouth over his and sighed, sinking against him, letting his arms around her waist hold her up as a sea of emotion and relief flooded her. 

Elijah was a patient man, certainly, and never a careless one. But Caroline didn’t want careful, she didn’t want questions or sympathy, she kissed him before he could raise any kind of protest, before he could battle lust with logic, and they returned to their motel room in a cab she’d hailed.

In the privacy of their suite, she turned her back, presenting him with the zipper, and grinned as he reached for it. As her gown pooled at her feet, she faced him, undressed him, and wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, drawing him close. “I’m not asking this time… Take me,” she whispers thickly, and he never has said no to her. 

She’s a passionate lover, give and take in equal measures, loud, and not the least bit ashamed of what she wants. They ruin the bed, biting each other, licking away the liquid that beads on their skin. She’s even more stunning when she’s painted in blood, her teeth out, desire and hunger mixing. They spend hours like that, enjoying each other, making up for lost time, playful and rough. When he wakes in the morning, she’s still asleep, relaxed and beautiful. She reaches for him when the sun rouses her and he leans into her touch. He knows there’s no going back, this is how it is, how they are, and he has no regrets. 

Decades later, it’s the same. She is his joy, his relief, his partner and his confidante.

“You think too loudly,” she murmurs, rubbing her nose against his chest before she stretches, her toes reaching for the end of the bed. Her hand slides down his stomach and under his pants, cupping him as she turns a suggestive, sleepy grin on him. 

He kisses her, leaning into her until she’s on her back beneath him, giggling sweetly, and he smiles, hitching her soft legs around his waist. He’s more than a millennium old, but she makes him feel young, as if the world still has so much to offer him, and more than anything else, happy.

He can, and does, spend an eternity just like that.

I will always stand by you, Caroline x Elijah, a mix of friendship, sex, and unexpected but true love. [ listen ]

i. lovesong - adele  ii. can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes iii. partition - beyonce  iv. i will wait - mumford & sons v. chasing cars - snow patrol vi. little things - one direction vii. kiss me slowly - parachute viii. never let me go - florence + the machine ix. undisclosed desires - muse x. thank you ( cover ) - dido xi. lego house - ed sheeran xii. wonderwall - oasis xiii. i will follow you into the dark - death cub for cutie xiv. iris - goo goo dolls xv. kiss me - ed sheeran

Klaus is the worst!  Or why Elijah hates Easter and Caroline isn’t getting any sex


Caroline nearly jumped out of her skin when Elijah stormed into the kitchen,

“Where is that terrible excuse for a brother?”

She looked around at the empty kitchen and what she was pretty sure was an empty house, “Ummm…not here, are you…okay?”

Elijah Mikaelson was always pristinely put together. He was always impeccably groomed, his outfit was always immaculate and he was always composed. Even that time Caroline had-accidentally- walked in on him and Katherine in the ballroom with his head between her thighs. He had simply wiped his mouth, greeted her politely and asked her to please excuse them for another hour unless there was an emergency.

Caroline only hoped that she could one day be that cool if someone walked in on her sucking Klaus off.

Now however, Elijah looked far from put together. His hair was messy, he was barefoot and wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Jeans and a t-shirt!

Stake to her heart Caroline would never have guessed that Elijah Mikaelson owned a pair of jeans.

“No!” he tells her harshly, “I am not okay and do you know what else is not okay?! Your Christian holidays make no sense. Why in the name of your God does the Christ-Son die and resurrect on different dates every year? Just pick a damn date and stick to it!”

Caroline takes a step back during this rant and wonders whether Elijah had been bitten by a werewolf and whether she should snap his neck or talk him down.

Fortunately he exhales and rubs his face,

“Forgive me Caroline, it is simply that these three days are an annoyance for me every year and because of the changing dates I am on edge for the entirety of March and April”

She quickly searches through her knowledge bank to try and figure out why a series of days that in the twenty-first century have essentially become ‘Fish and Chip Friday’, ‘Frantic Shopping Saturday’ and ‘Chocolate for Breakfast Sunday’ would be stressful for the eldest Original. She gives up,

“Um…is this religious insensitivity?” she asks, “Because we can totally spend more time focusing on your holidays, I just need some dates and some activities”

“No” he holds up a hand, “You are kind but no, that isn’t the issue” he sighs,

“On this weekend Christians hide chocolates and children are supposed to hunt for them yes?”

She nods, “Yep,”

“Well…Niklaus instead chooses to hide my possessions, every year it’s a different theme and the radius in which he hides them varies according to his bloody attention span and the strength of our relationship this year, which despite being at our best in centuries I am almost certain that my belongings are currently scattered across all of New Orleans!”

“Oh” Caroline drawls as comprehension hits her, “Yeah that’s a dick move and yet, utterly Klaus…so what’s he hidden, other than your suits and shoes I’m guessing?” 

“This year it’s any object I have that could be deemed valuable…and on that vein I haven’t seen Katherine all bloody day”

“Okay” Caroline decides to speak up in defense of her boyfriend,
“I doubt Klaus has hidden Katherine somewhere, for one thing she has a terrible attention span and at the very least she wouldn’t have gone without a fight”

“You’re right” he agrees all too quickly, “They’re in this together”

She’s beginning to see the same hint of frenzy Klaus sometimes gets in his eyes and reaches behind her for a knife and comes up instead with an Easter Egg,

“Want to eat all of Nik’s chocolate as we go hunting?” she offers and he takes the candy with little grace,

“Only if you’re willing to listen while I provide you with a great many reasons as to why you should abstain from sexual relations with my brother for the entirety of April”

She shrugs, she’s been meaning to build a friendship with Elijah for a while now and if her sex life with Klaus has to be put on the back burner for a little while well…after the things she’d let him do to her last night maybe she should really lay off sex for a few weeks.

“Let’s go”

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Could you write a Carolijah drabble? No special promt just a little bit of life. Maybe they are on holidays or something :) Thank you:*

“We travel to all these wonderful places, and you always end up sunbathing by the pool.” Elijah commented when he found Caroline reading by their heated pool one sunny morning in Paris, still wearing his suit and her in a skimpy bikini. She looked up as he sat at the end of the sun lounger and marked the page in her book, peeling off her sunglasses. 

“Or we end up having sex in national museums and landmarks, and you say that I shouldn’t be allowed out in public.” She replied him.

“The Notre Dame is a church, Caroline." 

"That didn’t stop you going down on me in one of the side rooms. Don’t act like I’m the corrupting influence here, or that you didn’t enjoy it just as much as I did.” She reminded him with a smirk as she took a sip of her cocktail. Elijah chuckled and leaned over to kiss her good morning. 

“You’re right, I did.” He told her. 

Distractions- Or, why Caroline’s attempt to buy herself a day of peace may have cost her her sanity.

I got caffeinated and this is so much less heartbreaking to write than my latest chapter of Alpha Female so here we go. Another in the Caroline Elijah Friendship series. 


Caroline Forbes raised her head with a sigh as her boyfriend’s voice rang throughout the mansion. She was currently hidden away in her study trying to write a five thousand word essay that was due in two days and did not have time for distractions “Yes?”

“Elijah just tried to kiss me” Klaus continued, “Is that allowed? Should I slap him or mildly insult him?”

What. The. Fuck?!


Seriously?!” Caroline shouted back, “Just trap him in a small room and have him starve to death if it’s such an issue”

That earned her five minutes of peace until… 

“Can vampires starve to death?”

“I don’t know!” she snapped, “But keep him there til we find out”

Half an hour later.

There was the clatter of heels on hardwood floor right outside her room,

“Elijah!” Katherine’s voice was shrill and angry, “Give me back my damn laptop”

“Caroline” Elijah’s voice resounded outside her door, “We need to talk”

She exhaled raggedly, “No we don’t, go away”

He doesn’t oblige, “Katerina has been committing extra-marital affairs and now I want to divorce her, how do I do this?”

“You can’t divorce me,” Katherine argues, “I’m carrying your damn child”

Caroline can almost see the doppelganger sticking her tongue out at her husband and knows the resulting smack was not anywhere that she wanted to think about.

“Go upstairs” the now husky voice commanded and Caroline deliberately blocks her ears but still manages to have her brain polluted by the ensuing remarks,

“Bet I can earn your forgiveness and my laptop back”

“Go now my darling”


That evening.

“Anybody tries to talk to me and I burn this entire house down” Caroline warned as she stormed into the kitchen and headed straight for the espresso machine, “I swear I will kill all of you”

Rebekah raised her head and regarded her with troubled eyes, 

“Nik drowned in the pool and now Kol’s flirting with Death…literally they won’t stop flirting, what do I do?”

Caroline ground her teeth, “You take a silver dagger, dip it in white oak ash and shove it…”

“There, there” Katherine came into the room and wrapped a soothing arm around her shoulder, “There, there my stressed wifey”

Caroline leaned her head on her friend’s shoulder and allowed herself a moment of comfort before her mind processed what had been said,


“Oh yeah, I immolated Elijah right before our daughter was born and asked you to marry me, now I have an awesome mansion with a swimming pool”

Caroline surrendered with a sob and clutched the mug in her hands, 

“I just wanted to distract you guys for a week. Not ruin what little sanity and familial love you guys had left”

“You and I had our first sex while shoe shopping” Katherine continued and Caroline wanted to throw the steaming coffee into her own face. She staggered out of the room and, in search of something that made sense, traced Elijah’s scent into the living room. She trudges over to the couch and almost falls upon it, curling as much of her body as possible into Elijah’s side,

“I just killed Klaus and now I have his army werewolf children” he raises his head and offers her the sweetest sociopathic smile she’s ever seen, 

“I beginning to like this game”

“I just wanted to keep them amused and out of trouble for a while” she whimpers and he buries his face in her hair, chuckling at her idiocy, 

“Now you have an idea of what the last nine centuries of my life has been like”

She groaned, “You could have warned me of this before I agreed to marry Klaus!”

He chuckled, “I believe my exact words the day you moved in were ‘Good luck’”

She raises her head and glares, realising now that she’d been deliberately misled,

“You tricked me into thinking that was a throw away comment”

He shrugged, completely unrepentant, “Because I knew the phrase, ‘Run for your life. Run, for the love of God, run away’ Might lead to romantic discord between you and my brother”

“I hate you” she snaps, clambering off the couch and deliberately kneeing him in the balls as she went.

He grins, “Goodnight sweet sister-to-be”

Sabrina (1954) TVD style

“What are you doing here?”

“Just checking the spark plugs.”


“Father was worried cause one of the spark plugs was missing. I…wanted to find out which one it was.”

“Oh, so you started all the motors and closed all the doors.”

“I didn’t want to disturb anyone.”

“You would have never disturbed anyone again. Does your father know about this?”

“No! I wanted to surprise him.”


“He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.”
                                                                 — Klaus to Caroline 

“I was wrong when I said that you were a Mikaelson. You’re not a Mikaelson. You don’t have a Mikaelson heart. There is too much good in you. It’s why I love you.
I love you too.”

                                                                 — Elijah and Hayley

“You are free and so am I. And nobody’s ever going to tell us that we can’t be together…ever.”
                                                                 — Marcel to Rebekah

“ Are you ready to go?
Anywhere? Everywhere.”

                                                                 — Kol and Davina

“It’s wrong,” she tells him, but she doesn’t stop filling her bags with haphazardly folded clothing, the hangers still attached, her hands shaking.

He sits in an armchair, seemingly casual even wearing a suit she’s sure costs more than her mother’s mortgage, watching her movements, his eyes slightly narrowed, lips pursed, taking in every detail, until finally he’s up, crossing the space between them, taking her things back out so he can re-fold them, remove the hangers, smooth out every wrinkle, and return them to the suitcase he’d brought to her house early that morning, simply holding it out and telling her, “Only what you can’t replace.”

“Self-preservation is not wrong, neither is it selfish; it’s smart, especially when you’re in the middle of a war,” he reminds her simply, discarding unnecessary clothes in favor of a thick photo album filled with friends and family that have long been lost, memories and names added to her mental list of those she’d loved and wouldn’t see again. 

Caroline frowns, sitting on the edge of her bed, and watched him now, as he moves easily through her room, collecting what he deems fit and returning to her bag; not one to hold her tongue long, she finally demands, “Why me?”

He paused a long moment, giving it due consideration, before finally telling her, “Because in a world that’s doomed to darkness, you hold on to the brightest light you can find and hope that it will keep you from succumbing,” and his voice is so thick, so heavy, that she knows Elijah has lost many and he knows he will lose more.

She stands, meets him at her bag, and reaches for his hand, tangling their fingers and squeezing it tight between her own while the other helps to add to her bag, because maybe he can help her through the darkness too. 


Caroline and Elijah’s first argument- Or, why Caroline should stop watching tv and just hit up more strip clubs. 

A/N- NSFW and this takes part in my Moving In/New series universe where Klaus and Hayley’s child was a son named Erik. 

Caroline bit her lip to keep from screaming as she climaxed. She faltered in her movements and Klaus grabbed her hips, keeping her steady as she rode him through her orgasm until he exploded deep within her. She fell onto his chest panting and he laughed breathlessly,

“Good morning sweetheart” he murmurs, always pleased to wake up to find Caroline half-naked and ordering him to ‘Fuck her hard’

She kissed his jaw and wiggled against him, “Good morning best lay ever”

Klaus frowned at that, Caroline usually only relented and uttered such phrases when she was dripping wet, desperate for his touch and begging which meant…

“I’ve just been used” he noted with a frown and she nodded, completely unrepentant,

“Yep, so in return for morning sex you’re going to help me with this little problem…”

Living with one’s entire family could occasionally be quite burdensome.

Especially when those family members all had supernatural hearing.

It meant that one had to be somewhat restrained during sex.

Or make improper use of silk ties.

Which led to an entirely different line of debauchery.

Elijah grinned as Katherine pulled against the ties that had her spread eagled on her stomach in their bed, holding onto the material as another orgasm rocked her body.

He reached under her hip and played with her clit as he continued thrusting into her, ensuring a build-up of another orgasm before the last one had truly abated. 

She’s moaning around the gag and her brunette curls are bouncing across her shoulders when her next orgasm has her walls clenching and driving him to his own delayed release. 

He strokes her back tenderly and checks to ensure the gag isn’t hurting her in anyway before kissing her neck, 

“And how would you rate that performance?” he asks, trying to calculate the number of orgasms they’d had during the night’s repeated activities. 

The silk beneath them was soaking wet and the smell of sex permeated the entire room. 

Katherine can’t speak but she can gesture with her hands and that gesture has him cursing at her stubbornness and storming into the shower, leaving her tied up amongst the ruined sheets. 

Caroline heard the sound of butter- not margarine but French butter made in the same way it had been two hundred years ago with a special churner imported from Versailles- being scraped across toasted bread- German bread, made by a lovely old lady with the cutest little bakery- and swept into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face, 

“Morning Elijah!” 


“Lovely day today huh?” 

Still nothing. 

She scowled and turned to Klaus who had slunk in and was already at the table, slouched down in a chair and rapidly unfolding the newspaper in the hopes of avoiding this entire scenario. 

Not after that morning sex he wasn’t. 

Klaus!” Caroline stomped her bare foot and glared at him pointedly, 

“Tell Elijah to talk to me!” 

He sighs, “Elijah, talk to Caroline” 

Elijah raises his head from his breakfast preparations, “Who?” 

She groans, “Seriously?! Okay, I’m sorry already, I’ve apologised like a billion times!” 

He tosses the knife he was using in the sink and places both hands on the counter before glaring at Caroline, 

“It has not been ‘a billion times’ and if it had been it still would not make up for the damage you have caused” 

Caroline’s response is momentarily paused while the vampires listen to the sounds of Katherine working her way free of her restraints and singing, 

“Who has the brains to break her chains and seize the reins?…” 

“Okay” she quickly regroups, 

“This isn’t entirely my fault because the only things Katherine and I have in common is shopping and sex and I could not handle another day shoe shopping with her. It is both exhausting and terrifying” 

“You could have found something else” he points out and she throws her hands up, 

“I did! We went to strip clubs together for like…three days straight but there’s only so many penises I can look at before I start seeing all men as commodities who exist purely for my sexual gratification!” 

Elijah snorts, “Niklaus?”

Klaus looked up from the paper, “Just to be clear, I have no problem whatsoever being reduced to a commodity that exists purely for Caroline’s sexual pleasure”

“See” he gestures to his little brother, “You had an activity that worked for everyone involved, you spent time with Katherine, you both kept out of danger, you contributed to the New Orleans economy, you found fresh food and you both came home usually quite amorous, you could have maintained your friendship through that but you had to try and find a ‘healthier outlet’” 

“I’m sorry!” she repeated, “How was I supposed to know she’d take a musical comedy to heart and declare a fictional evil queen her ‘spirit animal’?” 

“By the simple fact that she was an evil, brunette queen who wore high heels and invaded entire countries for a single jewel?” Elijah pointed out,

“When have you ever not known Katherine to be attracted to powerful, fashionable women?”

The sound of Katherine singing reached their ears, as she started running the shower
‘…More than just okay, I’d absolutely say more like middling to fair’ 

“And do you know how irritating it is to have centuries of sexual talent reduced to the score of middling to fair?!” 

“Seriously?!” Caroline rolled her eyes, “Obviously she just likes the phrase, nobody buys that many costumes and that truly horrific number of thongs if she doesn’t enjoy sex and there is no way she could fake that many orgasms. She won’t even drink a cocktail if the alcohol to sugar ratio isn’t perfect, she wouldn’t go down on you if she didn’t get off on the…reciprocity”

“Please stop thinking and talking about my brother’s sex life” Klaus interrupted, 

“And I hate to side with my brother…temporarily” he adds hastily when he sees that Caroline is giving him the ensuing abstinence glare, 

“But my minions are starting to get annoyed by the constant referral to them as ‘inbreeds and halfwits’” 

“Well if they were smarter they wouldn’t have become your minions and they’re all pureblood werewolves so statistically speaking they would have had to have inbred at some point” Caroline argues,

“And” she continues, “I thought the show would get her off Game of Thrones” 

“Ah yes,” Elijah sighs, “Let us not forget the Game of Thrones month long incident. The reason our sister Rebekah is currently sequestered in the Himalayas in a yurt three miles outside a tiny village with no internet connection and no clue who George R. R Martin is. My nephew Erik still answers to the name Joffrey and Niklaus is currently growing out his hair and wasting brain cells learning a fictional language just so he can command his horses again!” 

“The silver bells are nice though” Klaus comments only to find Elijah pointing an angry finger at him, 

“You put one silver bell in your hair and I will burn New Orleans to the ground!” 

Caroline winced, “Well…surely this is better than that?” 

“Is it?” he challenged, “Because at this point I have a legitimate fear that Katherine will wear a push up bra and start a détente” 

“Push up bra!” Caroline jumped on the detail eagerly, “Katherine’s wearing more push up bras now, that’s a good thing” 

Why?” he asked and she floundered, “Her breasts look bigger and perkier?” 

“That only attracts more attention from others, I know perfectly well the shape and size of her breasts I have such an intimate acquaintance with them that I could draw an anatomically correct picture down to the last visible vein with my eyes blindfolded” 

Caroline quickly realised that she was not winning this argument, especially when Katherine broke out into a rendition of ‘Not the worst thing ever’, 

“Maybe I could substitute this current addiction for something less…” she tries to find the right words, “Threatening and annoying?” 

Elijah only glares, “You will run it past me first or so help me god I will track down every last one of Niklaus’ ex-girlfriends and invite them to New Orleans before compelling them to recount on camera every single sexual act performed between them and my brother, I will then lock you in a small room and play the video on loop for a week straight!” 

He storms from the room, having completely forgotten his breakfast and Caroline turns to Klaus with an eyebrow raised, 

“You know” he states, folding the paper back up, “I think he’s really beginning to like you” 

“How many ex-girlfriends do you have that are currently living?” she asks in a deadly tone, 

“Oh don’t worry sweetheart” he shrugs, “It won’t come to that I’m sure we’ll find something to distract Katherine before then” 

I don’t want to wait for you
But you make me want to stay
I’ve never been so god damn confused
But I like it in a fucked up way
And I think we’ll find resolve one day
So just tell me what I have to say
And we both know I’m no good for you
—  Sidi, You.
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