I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again

I will always stand by you, Caroline x Elijah, a mix of friendship, sex, and unexpected but true love. [ listen ]

i. lovesong - adele  ii. can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes iii. partition - beyonce  iv. i will wait - mumford & sons v. chasing cars - snow patrol vi. little things - one direction vii. kiss me slowly - parachute viii. never let me go - florence + the machine ix. undisclosed desires - muse x. thank you ( cover ) - dido xi. lego house - ed sheeran xii. wonderwall - oasis xiii. i will follow you into the dark - death cub for cutie xiv. iris - goo goo dolls xv. kiss me - ed sheeran

Title: I belong with you, you belong with me (You’re my sweetheart)
Category: The Vampire Diaries
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama
Ship: Caroline/Elijah
Chapter Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Overall Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Word Count: 8,446
Summary: [AU, set in 1492] Elijah has spent five centuries at Niklaus’ side, doing everything in his power to help his brother find the doppelgänger. But when his chance to find happiness is found dancing in the forest, he has to decide whether love or loyalty will be his companion for eternity.

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Caroline began pacing, her fingers twitching. “I—I am still hungry.”

“It will fade. You are new to this…” Elijah reached for her, taking her hands and drawing her close. “Do you trust me?”

She stared up at him and swallowed tightly, the faint taste of blood still warm on her tongue. “I do.”

He pressed his forehead to hers. “I will teach you control. If you want never to kill, then I will teach you, but you must trust me, you must do as I say in this matter.”

“I will.” She nodded. “I do not want to kill. I just… I—The hunger, it feels so… heavy.”

He raised her hands up and he ducked his mouth to them, sucking the tips of her fingers between his lips. “And you will be fed.”

She watched him and felt his tongue as it swirled around her fingers, lapping up every drop of blood that lingered. When her fingers were cleaned, he found her mouth and he sucked the blood from her lips, her tongue, and he licked it from her chin.

A new hunger replaced the old one and Caroline did not pause as they stumbled back toward the bed.

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Okay but imagine if tvd was cancelled and Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline moved down to New Orleans to join the mikaelsons. They could become one big dysfunctional family bickering, making stupid jokes, and annoying each other till someone comes along and tries to kill one of them and everyone is like “wtf lol um no that’s my family bitch.”

Things I hate:
• when you bring Bonnie back and then decide to take a 3 week break