But really, I needed to know how Leo really felt about all of this. Did he feel like a pawn in someone’s game? Did he feel like he was being treated like a stepping stone for McConlogue to get his 15 minutes in the spotlight? Did he even like coding? Did he know what Mashable was?

Leo just laughed. “I don’t really carea bout all that, what do I care? I’m learning something, right? I know I’m learning something and that’s what I care about. Patrick’s my man,” he told me.

Most importantly, Leo wanted me to know that he wasn’t miserable before McConlogue came along. Patrick, to him, was not a knight in shining armor, but rather a person who looked beyond the stereotype of homelessness and offered him a chance. He had never thought about coding, he admitted; he didn’t even know what it was until a month ago, but “It’s really hard to convince people that you are not a bad person, or a drug addict or a crazy. How are you gonna do that when you are homeless, and that’s how the homeless are depicted? It’s not always a negative thing but people don’t know that.”


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“Students Henry Wang and Chris Curro wanted a more efficient and resourceful cardboard box, so they made one themselves.

The Rapid Packing Container is a cardboard box that is not only less wasteful than traditional boxes, but one that is easy to put together and easy to reuse.” -Caroline Moss (

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Blue Ocean Strategy: How Writers Create Uncontested Market Space

For the longest time, it’s appeared that Amazon is on track to wipe out everything in the publishing world and become the sole space that controls all. It’s called a Blue Ocean Strategy, in which they created an opportunity for sales where no one else…

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The King of Instagram had a party with alligators and mermaids

Dan Bilzerian, the so-called ”King of Instagram” had another epic party yesterday complete with a live alligator and woman dressed as a mermaid (or she could just be naked in the pool).

“It’s not a party without an alligator and a mermaid,” he writes.


The 34-year-old poker star is known for throwing outrageous events and documenting them on the social network. 

"Cars, hot women, money, and guns are his favorite things to post to his audience of 6.7 million followers," Business Insider’s Caroline Moss wrote in January.

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