Off the Wagon.

Damon x Reader( Female)

Requested by anonymous

Summary: the reader flips her humanity switch and Damon tries to get her back to normal.

You kneeled down next to the man laying on the ground. All you could feel was guilt. Moments ago you were all for food. All you wanted to do was snatch, eat, and erase, but you got carried away and killed your meal. Just the mere thought of this man having a wife or a child,that will wonder where their father went, broke your heart to pieces.
You slowly stood up from the man and wiped his blood from your mouth. You knew what you had to do, you knew that you would never get over this, you knew you just couldn’t go on. You turned off your humanity.
A slow feeling of relief ran over your body. The guilt and sadness were all gone, just merely figments of your imagination. Now you were by no means happy or filled with joy for what you had done, but you simply did not care anymore.
“Y/N!” You turned swiftly to see Damon standing at the end of the street. Within seconds he was right beside you. “Damn it, Y/N.” He said eyeing the dead body. You just simply stood back and watched as he tried to figure out what to do with the body.
Damon carried the body into the woods and laid it there against some trees. “ look you killed him you figure out what to do with him.” He said stepping back and just looking at you.
“I can’t do that.” You said crossing your arms over your chest. A slow smile creeper over your face as you watched Damon’s gears turn. Slowly it clicked as to why you were acting the way you were, but he still asked the question anyway.
“Why can’t you get rid of him Y/N?” He leaned his body against a tree and waited for your response.
“Because I don’t care anymore.” You were proud to say that. For some odd reason just stating the fact that your humanity was a thing of the past made you feel great. What seemed like 5 minutes past, but you could care less what Damon had to say, so you left to woods and turned your back on Damon Salvatore.

You struggled against the ties that held you to the chair. The ropes were soaked in vervain, so struggling was pointless, but you did it anyway. “Let me go!” You screamed and thrashed against the chair. Damon just stood in the back of the room watching you trying to escape. “I have no problem with killing you or Stefan!” you screamed once more. Damon smiled and held out a blood bag.

You stopped your struggling and just gazed at the bag I’m his hands. Days. It had been days since you had even taken a sip of blood. The Crimson color called to you and your mouth started to water. Damon just laughed and threw the blood bag at your feet, knowing you couldn’t get it. You hissed at Damon as you tried to kick the bag closer to you. “Go on, beg for it.” He said as he propped himself up against a wall. You sat up straighter in your chair and got quite. There was no way in hell you would give in to Damon Salvatore, no way. “You know, I don’t want to have to do things the hard way.” He said pulling a stake out from behind his back. Nothing in your mind changed not one single feeling was altered by the stake in his hands. “Try a little harder.” You smiled and relaxed ever so slightly in your chair.

#Everyone talks about Klaus’s smile #which was mindblowing of course #but the smile that really made my heart almost stop was Caroline’s #we always knew Klaus loved her #and i expected the “i am the happiest person in the world” smile from him #but not from Caroline too #when she smiled at him so genuinely #it literally broke me #it wasn’t just hate sex #she wasn’t feeling guilty #she wanted this #she wanted this so much #that after she kissed him #she smiled #she was happy #HAPPY WITH KLAUS #overjoyed that he kissed her back #that they would have sex #that she finally gave in #that smile right here #is why this moment meant something to Care #she cares about him #she likes him #really likes him #she looks at him and she is instantly happy #it’s like they shared a secret with their smiles #damn them #i really can’t with those two #i can’t look at their full of happiness and dirty thoughts faces anymore #Klaroline is endgame bitches #cause Care is in love


Favourite ships: Klaroline

Caroline, I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much I want to show it to You. Maybe one day You’ll let me.”


the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)

#Can we talk # about how he closed his eyes #to savour the moment #he closed his fucking eyes #cause he is in love with her #and then he lingers here #trying to move away #and not wanting to ever abandon the burning sensation #kissing her skin gives him?
#and when he pulls back #his face is filled with emotions # surprise that he finally kissed her # of how good it felt #fear and relief #that she didn’t push him away # and longing #a deep need to do it again