Mommies, I'm Mad, too. Who She Think She Is?

I mean. Really. When I saw that now famous pic of Caroline Berg Eriksen, I felt terrible. Oh, not because of the condition of her body as compared to mine or anyone else’s. Whatevs. I figure growing a baby is exhausting and hard work so I don’t care if your body is a size 0 or 100 at the end. That’s your business, not mine. No judgments from me, either way. I have nothing but support for someone after their body has housed a baby for 9 months.

No. I was mad because when my babies were 4 days old I was so tired that I couldn’t remember my phone number much less have the energy to hold up a phone and remember how to take a picture with it. 

I’m jealous. Sh*t. I can’t even really remember the twins’ first six weeks because I was so exhausted. Where that woman get all that energy? Must be voodoo.

According to this beautiful lady in the photo, this picture was taken 4 days after giving birth to her daughter.

No hate towards her, but could this even be possible? I mean…unless she gave birth to a walnut, I can’t see this transformation happening naturally within 4 days. No flab. No stretch marks. Pure muscle. Impossible.  Maybe it was a pretend pregnancy with a surrogate on the side (very popular among famous folks…)

I don’t know. I just don’t buy it. She has a banging body though. I just don’t think she was ever pregnant.