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Some photos of the Persona 5 artbook ~The Aesthetics~ that came with the collector’s edition of the game. Received the book last week! Most notably

- Back views of most characters & their Personae
- Morgana’s eyes are ever-so-slight tsurime
- Makoto’s hair braid is an elastic hairband accessory
- Makoto’s zip-up shoes are the Shujin High standard uniform
- Futaba’s jacket has an A.F.K. logo on the backside
- The standard Shujin High School uniform in winter & summer versions, suspenders and all
- Nothing on Goro other than his standard portrait and basic views

Coming out to my grandmother
  • Me: Grandma I have a girlfriend
  • Grandma: Aw that's fantastic sweetheart, may I see a photo of the lucky lady?
  • Me: *shows her a photo of Caroline*
  • Grandma: Is she deaf or something? Why would such a pretty girl tolerate you and all your terrible jokes?