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Home Sweet Home → Kai Parker

Thinkin Bout You - Ariana Grande

‘cause I’m here all alone, I know I can’t wait ‘til you get home.
Oh, I don’t have you here with me, but at least I have the memory.
I tried to make it through the night, but I can’t control my mind

warning(s): mentions of kai’s death. elena’s alive, i switched it up a bit. kind of an au.

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Your chest tightened as you slept. You hadn’t even noticed, you were so lost in your dream, your fantasy with Kai. It hadn’t occurred to you that you began to sob and choke as your eyes were closed. Whimpers escaped your throat and it was beginning to get louder. A hand danced on your skin, the cold skin on your chest from all the sweat.

Kai smiled at you with lidded eyes. He was so happy to be with you. He was your home and you were his. His fingers clasped onto yours as he pressed his lips to your cheek, mumbling sweet nothings as you threaded your fingers through his hair.

It wasn’t until his lips had brushed against your collarbone and chest that he had decided to murmur something else. The way his lips felt on your chest was phenomenal, you didn’t care that he could hear your heart rocket out of your chest. There was a way that he touched you that made him seem so delicate and gentle. Like he wasn’t a heretic anymore. You had to admit, when his eyelashes fluttered against your skin, you knew there was no way he was actually here. There was so much peace. Usually when it came to Kai, Damon would be ripping his head off or snapping his neck.

“You need to wake up darling,” Kai’s words surfaced your skin and you grew confused. He repeated himself, but he became more rough with you; his hands finding their way to your chest as he applied pressure, as if he was giving you CPR. “You need to wake up, you can’t die on me!”

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Lay Me Down

So this is for the utterly sweet ckhybrid, and her always amusing reviews. She’s really good for my ego, guys. And since Requiem is still a ways out from any potential smut, this happened.

Lay Me Down: His curse is broken. Mikael is dead. Having successfully created the first of his hybrid army, Klaus turns his attention - his obsession - to Caroline Forbes.

The mattress was soft against her spine, bedding kicked aside as Klaus pinned her hands above her head, grip bruising. Caroline kept her thighs locked around his waist, eyes drinking in the lean lines of him; the ink on his shoulder; the smoothness of his muscles. She wasn’t sure she’d seen hotter than Klaus Mikaelson in nothing but jeans, hair tousled from her hands, lips kissed bruised and his eyes. She shivered, watching the way he drank her in, gaze dragging down her body possessively.

It hadn’t started like this.

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Pyromanic Baseball Blues

         A Mamimi Samejima & Naota Nandaba fanmix

Skate Witches - Teen Suicide

i will take pills, and when i do, i will call you, cause i don’t like myself,but i can’t be someone else 

Manger - The Sweater I Gave You

every night you wake up to the same dream, i wanna be your time machine, i’ll feed you drugs and ice cream , i’ll do anything

White Light Doorway - Florist  

please come quick i stuck my head in the banister again, but i just wanted to know what it would feel like, with one part of my body alive

Blake Says - Amanda Palmer

blake makes friends but only for a minute, he prefers the things he orders from the Internet

Pixie Sticks - Cullan Bonilla

i don’t want to kiss you, i just don’t want anyone else to

Teenage Girl - Cherry Glazerr

internalize so much but so little, don’t make us feel belittled, world

By Your Hand - Los Campesinos!

and it’s a good night, for a fist fight, because the dew will temper your fall, you’ll sing me lullabies in form of your cat-calls.

@ Chl0ek - Modern Baseball

but I know that you don’t give a fuck, Cause you’re knee deep in your iPhone

Joyriding - frnkiero and the cellabration

it’s just one more thing i’ll regret, i hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am

Oh Boy - Boy

how can you ever catch her eye when, she’s all colors and heat, you’re all grey and cold, you keep looking up, but she’ll never ever look down

Breezeblocks - Poppy

she may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks // please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole, I love you so, I love you so

Congratulations - MGMT

i’ll keep your dreams, you pay attention for me, as strange as it seems, i’d rather dissolve than have you ignore me

Moshi Moshi - Tiger Jaws

and I’m not imagining how you give me the shivers, standing up to your waste in your river // Hey angel, I think your halo has a screw loose, ‘cause you dropped me like a brick off the rooftop of your high school

Caroline, Please Kill Me - Coma Cinema

caroline, Your eyes are dead like outer space, and I know that I am boring, I can read it on your face, 'caroline, please kill me’ said my spirit to your mind, I will hang out in your feelings until the end of time

Combat Baby - Metric

they try to kick it, their feet fall asleep, I want to be wrong but, No one here wants to fight me like you do

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prompt; He still has a sketchbook full of drawings of Caroline and she finds it - thank you x

Okay, so this thing got crazy (12K and not done!) as my things unfortunately do sometimes that snowballed from a silly idea about Klaus and Caroline being total trolls and breaking into each other’s places. It includes a couple of my inbox prompts but this is the only one in this first chunk. There’s a little bit of side Kolenzo alluded to (apparently I can literally ship Enzo with everyone).

Why Can’t I Get (Part One)

If only her mother could see her now. Liz Forbes would have a lot to say seeing Caroline silently creeping through a darkened estate, dressed in sleek black clothes. She cringed thinking about the disappointed face she would have surely been on the receiving end of if her mother were still alive.

The breaking and entering wasn’t even the worst part. It was the fact that Caroline was doing it in the company of two vampires who were pretty firmly the ‘bad’ kind. Plus, they were completely unapologetic about it, took great pleasure in mayhem and the whole eating people thing.

Enzo had an excuse, mourning Bonnie as he was. They might have separated years and years ago, once it became clear that Bonnie wanted a little human normalcy, a career, maybe a husband and a couple of kids. Not things she could have with Enzo. He’d loved her even if he’d accepted her choice and Bonnie’s death, at the ripe old age of 87, followed quickly by Damon (and Stefan) taking the cure to become human had been a lot for him to deal with. When he’d shown up on her doorway, single duffle bag in hand, Caroline had immediately directed him to her second bedroom. And then she’d fished out her very best bourbon.

Healthy? Probably not. Good thing they didn’t have to worry about their livers deteriorating. As far as coping mechanisms went it seemed like vampires were limited to booze and violence and Caroline thought alcohol was the better option. Enzo was game to try though he soon got restless and Caroline had rolled with it, decided she didn’t mind tearing up the tentative roots she’d set down in Toronto. They’d grabbed the first available flight, had ended up in Italy.

That explained Enzo. Kol was just… Kol. He liked to say he was celebrating his return to the living but he’d been back for like eight decades now. How much celebrating could he actually do?

Stupid question, Caroline knew. Kol loved a good party, and himself, with an intensity that was something to marvel at.

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