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Stefan and Damon’s respective reactions to Elena’s “death” (like I’ll say it again, we know she isn’t actually dead) shows the ultimate difference between Stelena and Delena and one of the distinctions of why I ship SE over DE. Damon thinks he’s killed Elena and he gives up, he resigns himself to the fact that he probably won’t care about anyone else again, he’s going through his “death wish” whatever and self-punishes (I guess) by killing people and waiting to be killed because life has no purpose without Elena. But Elena’s death gives Stefan purpose, gives him the motivation to kill Julian, to avenge her “death.” He cries and beats the shit out of his steering wheel and then he’s like OK let’s go fuck this dude up. NOW. It may not bring Elena back but he still has to DO something for her. And Elena was the same way. Stefan is missing, she spends the entire summer looking for him, tracking down every lead. Silas has Stefan somewhere, she leaves school because she HAS to find him. Damon dies, she resorts to witchy herbs to hallucinate him and relies on Stefan to do the legwork of actually finding him and then she compels her memories of him away. Even when Damon breaks up with Elena, Bonnie says, “So that’s it, you’re just giving up?” and Elena legit shrugs her shoulders, resigned to the fact. With Stefan, she yells at him to not walk away, she pleads with him to stay in Mystic Falls, she goes to his house, like Stefan and Elena do not inspire the need to give up in each other, they inspire one another to purpose.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a quality Steroline fan video. I’ve been listening to “Something Beauitful” by needtobreathe on repeat for weeks. Lucky me, someone in our fandom also thought it was a great Steroline song. :)

FEELS overload because of these two beautiful cupcakes. I still have hope for that June wedding. 


TVD 7x12 Review {SPOILERS}

So I completely forgot that today is Thursday until people were in my inboxes talking about TVD shit I had no idea about and I was like OH RIGHT IT’S THURSDAY, which also means that Scandal and HTGAWM is back on so HAHA but those links aren’t up yet so let me do this TVD review. To those who don’t like to read my complaints or my rants or my unapologetic anti-Damon/Delena opinions … you do not have to read this, it’s honestly THAT simple. Again, I write this in real-time so if I say something that isn’t correct I may have rectified my mistake further down the post. All right let’s go.

1. Watching the recap like, but really, Klaus — er, I mean Julian — just turned MF into the Fast and the Furious! Also considering that Stefan and Damon have been alive for over a hundred years, how have they not heard of the Huntress? And as one of my followers asked, is the Huntress really just Buffy?

2.  A car is driving down an empty road, I bet Damon is going to be lying in the middle of it.

3. Oh look. Damon is lying in the middle of it.

4. OK but WOW has Ian aged. And the problem with how they’re doing Damon’s freakout over the fact that he thinks he killed Elena (because let’s be honest, JP and CD would never make Damon torch Elena; Tyler was going to shoot Damon because he thought Damon would discover that Elena wasn’t in the coffin) but the problem with this freakout is that I get that they’re trying to make Damon in shock, like so in shock to the point that he can’t be turning over tables and drinking and destroying shit because he simply can’t believe he did that so he’s actually “calm” but when you do something like that, there’s a removal, like Damon’s eyes should be dead, he should be speaking monotonously, like he should be SO far removed that it’s like he’s experiencing a psychological break. What’s happening is that Damon just sounds like he doesn’t give a shit.

5. And herein lies the problem with Defan and Delena. Damon says that he can’t imagine caring about anyone ever again and to make sure that that point hits home he says “not a single solitary soul” he doesn’t even say besides my brother and that’s why Defan is not a true ship to me because Stefan would, will and has sacrificed everything for Damon and all Damon can see is Elena so how exactly did Elena make him a better person when he just gets more selfish when he’s with her? The beauty of Stelena was that loving Elena led Stefan back to loving Damon and loving Stefan led Elena back to being a supportive friend and good sister, they grew with each other and made each other better people. Delena is actually the WORST for both Damon AND Elena.

6.  Wow, Damon killed the driver and we couldn’t even see any blood splatter on the windows, guys? Jeez, are you just allergic to stakes?

7.  VERY cute that Stefan got Caroline fries for her cravings. I’ve wanted to see something like that all season. I like that they pecked each other on the lips. All the makings of a cute couple-y scene are here  but … but … but … you know, I just don’t buy them as a couple. This still felt very friendly to me. Maybe because when the baby is kicking so hard and Caroline  is in visible pain, I mean, Stefan looks concerned but I mean, rush over to her, hold her, put your hand on her stomach, say she should go to the hospital, like it still seems very half-assed and muted, which is a problem with the entire show in general but I just know that Boyfriend Stefan would’ve said more or done more or acted more if it were Elena and if the writers were DIFFERENT.

8. Matt and Penny do not have chemistry. Stop it.

9. Of course Julian doesn’t miss when he shoots an apple off a human’s head. You know what would’ve shown what a “villain” he is? If he didn’t miss and then shot the human anyway for shits and giggles. But nah, why have danger and twisted things happen, I mean, it is only a vampire show.

10. Wait, Bonnie and Enzo are supposed to end up together, right? I mean, I’m not complaining that he hasn’t been in episodes lately because who the fuck cares about Enzo but I do find it typical that the writers are less than half-assing Bonnie’s love story.

11. You need to protect them? WHY BONNIE? WHEN HAVE THEY EVER PROTECTED YOU? JFC. I need someone to get Julie Plec and Caroline Dries in a room and make them explain in detail with powerpoint and cue cards why the fuck Bonnie NEEDS to protect her ungrateful ass friends.

12. Damon’s “descent” is so terrible.

13. Can’t Stefan kiss Caroline on the forehead or something?


15. It doesn’t even look like Julian is choking Damon, it legit looks like Julian is just holding his neck. Damon isn’t even struggling to speak.

16. I’m more than upset that Bonnie is clearly a pawn to make Mary-Louise jealous.

17. And since WHEN was Bonnie so petty? Oh that’s right, she wasn’t.

18. LOL pregnant Caroline is like pregnant Bella. Julie, please NEW IDEAS.

19. So Julian and Damon are basically a poor man’s Klaus and Stefan. Got iT.

20. Here is the thing about Mystic Falls going to shit. It really doesn’t feel like it’s going to shit, I don’t see paranoia or fear or sheer terror (and I’m also kind of confused because I thought the residents were compelled to LEAVE the town) what they should have is like season 1 The Walking Dead or season 1 True Blood where there’s mass panic and Julian and his cronies are feeding off of that and terrorizing everyone. Everything is too neat. Too isolated. It doesn’t feel like the town is overrun.

21. Caroline and Valerie have more chemistry than Stefan and Caroline, which is hilarious to me.

22. See when Valerie tells Stefan that Damon decapitated one of Julian’s friends and that it seems like Damon had a death wish, we really should’ve seen Stefan be over it, like he would still go but a resigned “of course” or a sigh, like that was what they were going for but it didn’t work out, like Stefan should be visibly irritated or nihilistic or tired. In Sons of Anarchy, hey do it well with Jax and Gemma. Jax is having a fine time and his friends are like “hey, so Gemma did xyz” and Jax hangs his head and is like “Jesus CHRIST” and walks out the room

23. This fight to the death thing is actually really boring. They’re VAMPIRES. When they’re punching each other like blood splatter, broken teeth, and healing, defanging, SOMETHING.

24. And honestly, Bonnie confronting Nora that she’s using Bonnie to make Mary-Louise jealous isn’t a confrontation because Bonnie is like “go help her look for her” it’s resigned and her “I’m tired of being in the middle of it” should actually be “I know you only brought me here to make her jealous but this isn’t a game to me, the huntress is coming after my friends and I want to find her so I’m tired of being in the middle of whatever it is between you two so just go, kiss and make up so we can get back to work” *stalks off* like it’s NOT hard to give Bonnie Bennett some fucking agency.

25. I mean NONE of their shirts are even bloody but this is supposed to be a harsh brutal fight to the death?

26. This reminds me, Stefan did this WAY better when he got into bar fights and let strangers beat him up to feel pain and he would laugh and egg them on. Lol sorry Paul just surpasses Ian’s acting when he tries. Ijs. It really BOTHERS me that their shirts are hardly bloody.

27. Lol when Damon says he’s “in” and goes back to the ring I’d be like pfft fine, I’m done.

28. I bet Stefan punches Damon to knock him out so he won’t go back into the ring and that the promos lied to SErs to get their hopes up that he punched Damon over Elena.

29. Oh look Enzo magically shows up and saves Bonnie because THAT’S NOT CONVENIENT.

30. LOL JULIAN IS ACTUALLY A POOR MAN’S KLAUS. I CAN’T BE THE ONLY WHO SEES IT. “I never had a brother” and he has his friends who are like his hybrids. LMFAO.

31. So why can’t Valerie kill Julian with magic tho?

32. THEY MADE HIM DO IT. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. First of all, Stefan trying not to cry when he finds out Elena is “dead” is the MOST emotive I’ve seen Paul since he had his “Jacob” dream and I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you can see how much he cares and loves Elena in that facial expression and him punching Damon?? OMG MY STELENA FEELS.

33. They better not ruin it by making Stefan be like ‘I’m mad because you screwed yourself, Damon’ like if they make Stefan’s anger over Elena about his sadness that Damon lost Elena I will be PISSED.


35. Go the fuck AWAY Valerie.

36. I mean they sort of make Stefan’s sadness about Elena about Damon by making him say that Julian destroyed Damon but like I’m just saying, it was Elena’s death that got Stefan to say he doesn’t want be to the smart one anymore. OH MY GOD.

37. Matt and whatsherface DO NOT HAVE CHEMISTRY. But I do like that he has someone tell him that he’s brave and cute because Matt doesn’t get that a lot. But I’m also mad that Matt gets a whole new character who hasn’t wanted anyone else on the show and Bonnie gets Enzo The Irrelevant who was insanely in love with Lily or she’s a pawn for Nora and Mary-Louise. And the only person who was interested in her and intrigued by her and wanted her from the get-go was Kai so obviously he had to die.

38. Nora’s “and what if I did [like Bonnie]? She’s beautiful and smart and loyal” but she still chooses Mary-Louise sums up the entire problem with TVD and the writing of Bonnie’s character because she IS all of those things and she’s never chosen first. Ever. And if she is chosen it’s always a struggle. And the show actually insults her again by making Nora characterize these things about Bonnie but have that look of incredulity on her face like “How could I like Bonnie despite her being all these things”? Every chance the writers get to stick it to Bonnie and put her in her “place” they do it.


40. So the Huntress is actually like a Phoenix then. Ehh.

41. Lol Matt vervaining Stefan. Remember when he would drink vervain every day to build up his tolerance? OK.

42. The “three years from now” reveal isn’t a reveal so I don’t get what’s up with this music because we already saw who the Huntress was in the scene before and it’s not like she was anyone we knew from the past so I don’t care enough to have a connection to her and Damon is tied up and Stefan is apparently vervained and that isn’t an exciting revelation.

This episode was actually pretty stagnant like all of the episodes this season, I have no idea what the show is trying to accomplish, what exactly we’re leading up, what the central theme is, but at least it gave me my Stelena feels.


every pairing i love: [11/?] stefan & caroline (the vampire diaries)

“yesterday you told me you had made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life. but I made a list too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. you were by my side when i needed a friend, you made me laugh, you made me dance, you told me that i’d find love again. and i understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me. i understand if I have to wait for you. and i will. i’ll wait. and when you’re ready for me, i will be ready for you.