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Top 5 Ships

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My first OTP! The ‘’will you go out with me, Evans’’ kind of love. Freaking soulmates!  After reading Harry Potter at age 11 I was kinda obsessed with them and when next books were realased I was always hoping for more Jily moments. 


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The purest love! Puppy love! This probably the cutest OTP I ever had. They are meant to be endgame.


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At first I was Beronica stan but after seeing their cute interactions I totally switched and joined Bughead fam. 


I shipped it since the beginning of their interactions. In my opinion they are perfect for each other. I was so mad when CW separated Klaus from Caroline. But now the last episode of TVD gives some of kind hope. 


I actually did not feel this kind emotions between them when I first read the books. But after reading fan theories and fanfictions I started shipping them. And I noticed some moments between in them when I reread the books. I still think they should be endgame and not boring Rom///ione. 

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List your top 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag others:

1. Betty Cooper - Jughead Jones III: Bughead, Riverdale

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2. Klaus Mikaelson - Caroline Forbes: Klaroline, The Vampire Diares

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3. Jonathan Byers - Nancy Wheeler (well, yeah, and Steve but Jonathan is just a precious baby and I want him to find happiness): Jancy, Stranger Things

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4. James Potter - Lily Evans: Jily, Harry Potter

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5. Noora Sætre - William (Wilhelm :P) Magnusson: Noorhelm, Skam 

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Basically, I’m a sucker for the sad, tortured, (loner), good boy at heart with a “bad boy” vide and the strong, perfectly imperfect female lead that helps him undwind all the hidden parts of his character. I like moody guys, sue me, haha! I have way more otps obviously but those were the top choices! 

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