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Vampire Diaries season finale (forever)

There’s so much to say about the end of an era… but the one thing I wanted to point out was while everyone was walking away from the Salvatore tomb, I noticed that Caroline is now the only vampire in the group, which was a sad thought. But in one of the last scenes, Caroline gets a donation and letter form Klaus, which made me very happy. Will Klaus actually end up being her last love, as he promised her seasons ago? Are they going to incorporate Caroline into The Originals? I loved the tear-jerker ending of the Vampire Diaries where we got to see all those who were lost. The only thing that was lacking was Delena scenes. We waited so long for them to finally be together and we deserved more than what we got. Regardless, thank you for many years of entertainment, Vampire Diaries. <3

Klaus Mikealson imagine

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  S3EP21 “Caroline I’m here” I shouted through the school.

  I was on the clean up committee but i was late since my brother Damon woke me up late. I was suppose to get their at 8 but i got there ten minutes late.

“Caroline!” i shouted again hoping she would answer this time. 

  I was passing the halls when I stopped to look at Alaric’s room, he had just died the night before he was my favorite teacher, and my brothers best friend. When i turned my head to look at the classroom to see my best friend tied down to a desk. I also saw Alaric sitting in his desk.

“What’s going on” I asked walking into our classroom.

“Oh Y/n you should’ve never have shown up” Alaric said getting up.


Next thing I know I’m tied down next to Caroline.

“Right on time” Alaric said before elena walked in.

“Y/n, Caroline” she stared at us for a couple seconds before staring at Alaric.”Let them go Alaric”

“Free them yourself” he said before she ran to us.

she started to help caroline first, she was taking out the pencil out of her hand before Alaric slammed the pencil right back in.

“Stop trusting vampires!!” he screamed at her.

At this point I was missing my idiot brothers, and wondering if they were going to Show up.


  He put more vervain on the towel before putting it back in my mouth, it stinged like a bitch, by now i couldn’t controll my crying. He then started to do the same thing to Care, before he told Elena she had to kill us witch I knew she wouldn’t do.

She aimed the stake at me, but turned around backwards and tried to stab him but he caught the stake, so she grabbed the vervain and hit him in the head with it and then untied Care, and I and told us to get help.

 We ran through the hallways, i almost tripped but Klaus caught me.

“Klaus’ I gasped.

“Y/n, love. Are you okay?” 

“Yes. What are you doing here.” I asked hugging him

“Saving you, now leave, run, and hide” he said letting go of me.

“No! I won’t leave you Niklaus, his going to kill you” I said grabbing his hand.

“I’ll be fine love, now leave”

“I love you, klaus” I said before kissing him.

“I love you to. Now run!”


  I was waiting for everyone at the Gilbert house. I saw the car park, and watched as they walked up the house. 

“Where’s klaus? No one will tell me what happened to him!”




otp: Green Wing - Mac & Caroline

>> Oh right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi Mac, I’m er, I’m Caroline. You know, the one you found a bit irritating at first, but then er…well, the thing is you really, really liked me and now we’re kind of a couple. So, there you go, I’ve filled in all the gaps, let’s go to bed.

My OTP’s are like the fries at the bottom of a bag. They are very discrete but when you discover them they make you more happy than you ever thought was possible.

Wasn’t expecting a sequel to You, but when I found out there was one I HAD to pick it up. Joe is seriously twisted but Kepnes somehow manages to make you, not like him, but understand him, and even emphasize with him at times…it’s terrifyingly brilliant. You should give these books a shot, but you’ll either love it or hate it. No in-between.

So many tears...goodbye tvd

It just seemed like the waterworks could not stop. I can’t distinguish happy tears because the ending was so beautiful or sad tears because my favorite tv show is ending…..anyways, we had a good run. #goodbyetvd

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Bonenzo = you deserve better

Bonenzo to me is the idea that both Bonnie and Enzo have spent so long caring entirely too much for people who could only offer them scraps of affection.

When Bonnie was with Jeremy half the time he was just waiting and pining over some other girl. If it wasn’t Vicky it was Ana, and Bonnie was entirely devoted to him. She gave up her magic for him, she literally died for him and he basically just moved on. Don’t get me started on her friends, who only seem to need her to magically solve the day.

Enzo practically worships Damon and Caroline, and time and time again they choose each other over him.

So yeah, Bonenzo is the chance for two people who have been screwed over, misused, left out and all together left with NOTHING, to give decide that they deserve to be with someone whose going to give 100% back to them.

Things that are not okay:

Reminder that at the end of season 5 when they bring back the dead supernatural loved ones including Alaric they forgot Jenna.

Jenna was a vampire when Klaus used her to break the curse unless she had found peace or already been sucked into oblivion by the collapsing other side she would have been saveable I feel like she’s just kinda been forgotten by everyone. The writers and the characters.