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otp: Green Wing - Mac & Caroline

>> Oh right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi Mac, I’m er, I’m Caroline. You know, the one you found a bit irritating at first, but then er…well, the thing is you really, really liked me and now we’re kind of a couple. So, there you go, I’ve filled in all the gaps, let’s go to bed.

My OTP’s are like the fries at the bottom of a bag. They are very discrete but when you discover them they make you more happy than you ever thought was possible.

The Kennedy Family in Hyannis Port, Summer 1961

Bonenzo = you deserve better

Bonenzo to me is the idea that both Bonnie and Enzo have spent so long caring entirely too much for people who could only offer them scraps of affection.

When Bonnie was with Jeremy half the time he was just waiting and pining over some other girl. If it wasn’t Vicky it was Ana, and Bonnie was entirely devoted to him. She gave up her magic for him, she literally died for him and he basically just moved on. Don’t get me started on her friends, who only seem to need her to magically solve the day.

Enzo practically worships Damon and Caroline, and time and time again they choose each other over him.

So yeah, Bonenzo is the chance for two people who have been screwed over, misused, left out and all together left with NOTHING, to give decide that they deserve to be with someone whose going to give 100% back to them.


*Requested* Imagine flipping your switch after you found out your brother died, and Damon trying to get you back.

This is Part 2 from:Imagine after finding out that Damon cheated on you, you drive away, getting into a car crash

Word count: 760

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It´s been a few days since your accident, and you are trying to cope with being a vampire. The heightened emotions really are a burden in your emotional state right know, and it´s difficult to keep yourself together. You are still undecided what you are going to do with Damon. Your love for him has been magnified, but also the same thing happened to your sorrow about his cheating. The transition made things way more difficult. Your brother, Caroline and Stephen are helping you as much as they can, trying to getting you used to your new, let´s call it, ´lifestyle´.

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